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Fantastic Critique of “Sicko” Criticism

I ran across a fantastic critique of the bias in the criticism of Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko. The editorial was written by James Clay Fuller, who states that he doesn’t know Moore, have never met him or corresponded with him. It’s a great read if you have a chance. This movie has really hit a nerve with lots of folks and they are speaking up. It’s about damn time too.

I’d go into more detail, but  I have to fly to work to make sure I don’t loose my benefits….

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45 Responses to “Fantastic Critique of “Sicko” Criticism”

  1. I found this article about the movie:
    Don’t shoot the messenger!
    http://www.n earch/ny-ops atedit528465 7jul07,0,388 3772.story

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  3. I’ll have to drive all the way to Gainesville or Winter Park, each more than an hour and a half from my locale, just to the see this film.  And I will.  But the point is that there are plenty opf theaters between here and those places and none of them are carrying SiCKO.  I guess the sleazy drooling Red State morons here in Ginny-Browne Waite Land just aren’t up for it.

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  5. Go ahead Jersey add to Global Warming just to see the fat slob’s movie.

  6. TosI thought you didn’t believe in global warming. 

  7. The irony is… Michael Moore’s "overweight condition" will eventually kill him prematurely with a massive heart attack or stroke and he will drain his millions to save his life or squeak out another year.  And there are 45 million that supposedly cannot even see a doctor.  The fucking irony of Hollywood has the liberal public in it’s grasp so tight it’s amazing that people as smart as Tom Baker and Jersey can figure this out on their own.  I would hate to be a sheep!  

  8. The weight issue is something Moore addresses and says he is trying to do something about. Please explain how we are sheep Steve? Please explain how we are in the thrall of "liberal Hollywood" for saying that we need a better Healthcare system? I fail to see the correlation since I’ve been screaming about healthcare for years? I also fail to see how your attack has any merit because you have not succesfully disputed one single thing that Moore said. You can’t attack the message, so once again, just like with Gore and Global Warming, you attack the messenger with petty little insults. Honestly, is the whole Republican debate cannon made up of Yo Mamma jokes? it seems to be about all you are ever able to come up with.


    Americ a needs Universal Coverage. Insurance companies are leeches. We waste to much money every single day fattening the coffers of companies who are in business to minimize loss (ie deny treatment). When will you folks admit that the market does not work here?

  9. Yeah, Tos, I thought you thought Global Warming was a myth!  WTF?
    Steve, Michael Moore, as you so sleazily point out often, is a wealthy man.  He can afford his healthcare.

  10. Universal Health Care will be a failure of epic proportions Tom.  Just look at the Public Education.  Those who choose to use it thrive.  Those who don’t fail.  So you gave a guy free health care great.  What’s to stop him from eating a twinkie when he is a 300lb diabetic?  That guy ignores his insurance provider now, what’s gonna compel him to change when it’s free.  What a brilliant idea Tom…  Keep it up.Jersey, stick it with your sleazy comments.  Michael Moore gets live and prosper off you dollar gaining all the tax benefits that Bush gave him.  Why are you pissed at the Oil company executive for being rich and not Michael Moore?  If Michael Moore is such a giving human being then why isn’t he giving all his resources to stop the problem instead making more money on exposing it.  You are calling me a sleaze?  Fuck you. Jerkoff McJones

  11. Yep Doesnt work in Canada. No wait - yes it does.

    OK it doesnt work in England. No wait - yes it does.

    Ill give you the crappy French system. Crap, wait they are better than us too.

    Maybe it doesnt work in Germany? Sorry they seem to do just fine.

    Yep please allow us to have such Epic failures. I cant wait!

    Oh and for fucks sake get over the fact Moore may make a dollar or two making films. That argument made no sense with Gore, it makes no sense with Moore, its you grasping for some kind of straw.  Attack the message Steve. Argue for the insurance companies, Please explain to us how those parasites do a good job. Please. Ill wait. Explain to me how Americas health care system is not broken and that the private for profit insurance method is the best. Quit taliing about Moore and start talking about the issue.

  12. Tom:This is not Canada, France, Germany or Great Britain.  They do not have the defense budgets we have.  In fact, we defend those countries so they have the extra funds.Why are you bringing Gore into this?  I did write an apology to Gore on this very blog the other day but since the format of this blog is whacked right now, NONE OF YOU SEEMED TO READ IT. (Except Chris)I am not going to argue for the insurance industry because I don’t pretend to know all the answers like you do.  I am arguing that my health care and my provider are fine and dandy.  Why fucking change when it works for me? 

  13. because you used the same tactic on Gore last year when you didn’t like to admit he might be right. 

    Awful swell of you to say "I got mine, screw the rest" great answer. Hope your provider doesn’t dump you as being a drain on their profits. I’d be worried if I were you.

    Your defense budget argument is irrelevant because we also SPEND more money on healthcare than they do. We have shown that we have the ability to do both, we are just not spending it in an efficient manner and Yes for the record I think the government could spent it better. Medicare sure as hell does (1-2% overhead anyone??). It’s not extra funds that they have, its better spending.

    And Steve, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But I do have some of them. This is one of those times that my answer is the right one. So there.

  14. When Moore starts manipulating the supply of his movie to up the cost of seeing it, or when Moore starts recieving corporate welfare while recording record profits, when Moore scheme’s with the government to defraud the people of the back bone of this nation (namely middleclass stability) you can compare him to Big Oil, until then it’s comparing apples to assholes.  

  15. byshop… the mere fact that Moore’s important movie is shown in a theater and not on public television (since it is the most important crisis facing this nation) is a manipulation of supply to up the cost.  Can’t refute that can you?

  16. Tom,Why don’t you go first find my Gore article here and then read it before you start talking about what I said about Gore.Hint:  Science and Technology.  I do not know what Dewey Decimal code it’s filed under but it is there. 

  17. If we have Rationed  Universal Healthcare where are the Canadians going to go for their healthcare?

  18. Rationed should have had a line through it.

  19. Also byshop, gas is a commodity.  Last I checked there ain’t a whole bunch of Michael Moore-type movies regarding health care available to market. So there is another one you can’t refute.

  20. This constant ‘attack the messenger’ BS is becoming so tiresome, as well as completely transparent. If you can argue the merits of a plan (or against the plan) then do so. Otherwise you’re just making hot air.

    It is indisputable that our for profit health care system leaves many in the cold. You either want all people to have access to good health care or you do not. Be clear and show us where your thoughts are on this. Are you a "I got mine so screw you" kind of person or an "I got mine and you should get yours too" kind of person?

  21. Gasoline is important for everyone! Give it away!

  22. Give Gasoline away? Nothing is free Tom even Universal Healthcare. You think our system is in trouble now just wait and see . The reason they didn’t adapt it in the 90’s because they realized it would bankrupt the system.
    I agree we need to overhaul the system but I think there are too many uncertaintie s regarding covering 300 million people I don’t know that Universal Healthcare will be the "Cure All" . We need to drive down costs.
    I think between this and Global Warming we are going to be living in poverty like the Venezuelans and the Cubans .

  23. "the mere fact that Moore’s important movie is shown in a theater and not on public television (since it is the most important crisis facing this nation) is a manipulation of supply to up the cost.  Can’t refute that can you?"
    To steal a line: Steve why do you hate capitalism?   
    The main issue here is that Moore is not involved with a broad internationa l effort to limit movie production so as to manipulate the cost of the finished product.    
    As far as a commodity go’s you are right, it is not. That illustrates though why your comparison of Moore to B.O. is intellectaul ly dis-honest at best.

  24. Lisa,How many times do we have to explain this? Your current system costs twice as much per person as the UK system. Twice as much, and we’re hardly efficient. Are you really saying that America is so feeble it cannot cover all its  people when the UK can at half the cost per person? Man, I didn’t know America was such so pathetic.

  25. #1 Cause of bankruptcy in the States? Medical catastrophe.  

     And TOS of course gasoline isnt free. It also isnt free to make films. or distribute them. Or to pay live in a house. Or hey pay for your health insurance because we dont have universal coverage. That was my point to Steves silly statement about more making money on the issue.

    BTW all you haters of Universal Coverage - just where the hell do you think you are going to get your coverage when you 65? Yeah, youll all be kissing the governments ass for Medicare then. That or you will just go broke. Enjoy your market economics now.

  26. Tht’s right Paul your system is so great you had to take out private insurance. What’s the matter don’t trust your healthcare system?

  27. Oh TOS, come back when you actually understand how the system works over there. 

  28. No, Tom, she’s right. In addition to the taxes and using the NHS I have voluntarly taken out private medical insurance in case I acquire a condition that the NHS isn’t best placed to treat or I need less urgent surgery, for which the private sector provides a shorter wait over here. However, for my medication and for the vast majority my health needs, I still use the NHS as over here private insurance can’t compete with the NHS system for most things. And if we were spending as much as you were, I wouldn’t need to bother.

  29. Excuse me Paul, didn’t mean to imply she was wrong that  you bought the private insurance, just her application of the logic was wrong. Sure you can buy private insurance to augment the NHS system. It’s the same as we can by suplemental insurance to augment our employer provided health care coverage to make up for a shorfall in coverage. That doesn’t mean that your base insurance isn’t used or isn’t needed (or even that it isn’t good) which is what she implies. 

  30. Tom what I said is doesn’t Paul trust his healthcare system. Obviously he doesn’t if he gets a condition that requires a good doctor.

  31. Not so, Lisa. If I get a condition that annoys the hell out of me, like irritable bowel syndrome, which is not ugent, I want to get it treated as an emergency. The NHS, which handles real emergencies, won’t do that for obvious reasons.It’s got nothing to do with ‘trusting’ the NHS, which I actually rely on for pretty much evreything. And even if it did, your system still costs twice as much, so it would make an NHS which is twice as good and I wouldn’t have to care about that. Right?

  32. So nothing to do with ‘good doctors’, of which the NHS has plenty. In fact, most of the private doctors in the UK still work in the NHS.

  33. Oh I see the government instead of the insurance companies decide what condition is more urgent.
    Well I also read that your system is rationed. People that needed dental work in ‘06 had to wait until Mar ‘07 to get work done because they surpassed the 06-07 budget.

  34. Lisa,And once again, would you mind answering the simple point: If your system is so efficient, why does it cost twice as much per person but have longer waits, a lower proportion covered and worse outcomes? Any reason at all you can think of? Until you can answer that one, three’s no point continuing. The NHS isn’t perfect. No system is. But please xplain why your system is better given the above?

  35. And are you saying that doesn’t happen in the US? All dental treatment is done even if the person can’t cover the copay or premiums? Sounds rather unlikely, doesn’t it?

  36. If I am paying for it privately or through income tax then I should be able to get treated promptly.
    I can’t say why it costs more exactly. Probably because we have millions of people not paying for any of the free services we offer or contributing to the income tax system. So they will still get it only it will cost the rest of us more.

  37. LisaIt might have escaped your notice, but we have people who don’t pay into our system either. That’s not the reason. And I’m sorry you think that people who can’t pay shouldn’t be part of the system. What would you like them to do? Crawl away and die so you’re not inconvenienc ed too much?

  38. Medicare & medicaid both run by the government last I saw.The VA system was one of the best before Bush & co started depriving it of funds( yeah we support our troops).The active armed forces medical was also run by the government last I looked. Does n’t the president go to Walter Reed Hospital when he needs medical attention? I t took my friend 2 months to see a doctor in ft myers. It took my wife three months to get an appoint with a surgeon for gastric bypass. Then there is the approval system with HMO’s that can take 1 -6 months.

  39. Chris if gastric bypass isn’t medically necessary do you think NHS will cover it at all? If the VA is any example of how the government runs healthcare I guess it’s safe to say we are in trouble. It’s also now inudated because of the war so how do you think they will take care of 300 million of us.
    Paul I don’t mind paying for people who fall on hard times. But not people here illegally and not people who have a history of not wanting to work.
    Here’s my story. I had fibroids and my doctor suggested a hysterectomy because I am done with kids. I was like yes hallelujiah! Now I didn’t need it but I was able to get it done because the chance they would come back was high and that would mean having to go back and have them removed every time. I also have a friend that had breast cancer and opted to have her ovaries removed,agai n no problem.
    Also my doctor scheduled me for surgery in September (this was in August 05) and I said how about November,aga in no problem. So maybe not everyone  ha s that option but what bothers me is never being able to have that option. It’s kind of freaking me out.

  40. And if the insurance does not consider gastric bypass a medical necessity they won’t cover it either.

  41. Yeah with 4.5% unemployemen t, we sure have a lot of people who don’t want to work. Well other than all those senior citizens who don’t work. Why the hell should I pay for their lazy asses to sit home all day? If they want medicine they should get off their asses and get a JOB!

    As far as the illegals go, nice way to mix the message? Assuming for a moment that the 12 million illegals in this country add no value ot the economy and don’t do all the jobs that we refuse to do, and don’t keep things like food prices in check so that we can afford to eat,So  we are talking about  4% of the population at most. So if we combine all the "lazy people who won’t work" with all of the illegal folks (who by and large, work their asses off) your still talking about less than 10% of the population. Considering that nearly 16% of the population lacks any healthcare, and even more lack and usable health care ( you have to be able to afford the copays etc) I’d say your worried about the lesser of to evils.


    And once again, our healthcare system is rated lower than the others, spends more money and covers less people. Why do you think you won’t have choice? My family in Canada has a choice. My family in Britain and Germany has a choice. My wife here in the states has whomeever is on her plan. Some choice.

  42. I think we need to overhaul but I don’t think we can survive the singl payer system as it was vetoed in the 90’s due to the fact it can bankrupt our system. The difference is 80% of Americans are insured. If Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore have  use the same system  then I will go along with it.

  43. Also the congress, senate, and president

  44. I agree too. I was just using them because they are the biggest advocates of it.
    Hey Chris you used to live on LI? I live here.

  45. lived in massapequa for 18 years. Then hempstead for 2, uniondale for 12 and N. massapequa for 18. Been in florida for 2 years.

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