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Bring Us the Head of Alberto Gonzales

Ineptitude is a genetic trait in the Bush administrati on. Their only competency is infiltrating the government with the world’s largest assembly of cretins, pinheads, and cronies. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect they aren’t Republicans at all. Their governmental sabotage is so thorough, it’s hard to believe they’re anything less than a pin-striped, wingtip-wear ing band of anarchists intent of blowing up anything remotely governmental .

But as bad as the Apple Dumpling Gang is, they’re being aided by the pusillanimou s pussies in Congress. Alberto Gonzales’ credibility has evaporated. Even though he long ago gave up trying to keep his stories straight and his job performance marginal, Congress repeatedly questions the amnesiac, gets the same answers, and does…nothing .

Most of America fails to see how offering this nincompoop a national stage with which to embarrass himself does any good for anyone. The Administrati on has plenty of other tragicomedie s to wallow in, Congress looks equally inept, and the citizenry watches from the sidelines as what few remaining shreds of a just and competent legal system float away like scraps of the Constitution in a Katrina-like maelstrom.

Let’s face it, the man is either the Einstein of doodieheads  (which I’m not counting out mind you) or someone who incessantly lies like Laura Bush’s hand-selecte d rug on the Oval Office floor. Either way, it’s long past the time when his jig should be up.

So listen up Congress. Come out of your hidey holes. Drop that lobbyist’s free-range rubber chicken leg. Take a lead from the Conservative ’s favorite book, the Bible. Read the story about John the Baptist and take some action.

Bring us the head of Alberto Gonzales.

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9 Responses to “Bring Us the Head of Alberto Gonzales”

  1. Ineptitude in the governme nt? Noooooooooo. Come on, is this news to you? When was it not so? The more we count on government, especially when they are as far from Main Street America as the Feds are, the more we will be disappointed . The amazing thing is that many here want to turn even more power over to them. Like health care, deciding what radio programing we can listen to and more redistributi on of wealth.

  2. Are liberals that bitter? Thank goodness for Conyers who’s main goal in life is to try and impeach all republican presidents.

  3. I don’t disagree there is ineptitude in government, but having worked in both the public and private sectors I don’t think the private sector is any better. Exhibit 1 is healthcare, which I think I hosed beyond belief by private companies.
    And just for the record, I agree the government shouldn’t be telling people what they should listen to or redistribute wealth. There are lots of things I think the government should stay out of, abortion rights for example.
    However, this post was about the ineptitude of one person and that person has been called inept or worse by people across the political spectrum. Don’t try to change the subject to wealth distribution and radio programming instead of addressing the fact Gonzales is inept, which you interestingl y didn’t say anything about.
    I’m not bitter, I’m pissed that a boob is in charge of the justice system…and liberals aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Even though I can’t recall a single thing Ashcroft did that I agreed with, I’d happily hand the office back to him if it meant Gonzo would leave.
    As far as impeachment goes, (you and manapp really like to change the subject to something not even discussed in the topic) it is the legal remedy provided to check the actions of an executive who endagners the country. Clearly Conyers, and many other people think Bush is a good candidate in the same way many conservative s thought Clinton was a good candidate.
    If you’re in congress you are there to carry out the wishes of your constituency and that is what Conyers is doing…the same as Henry Hyde did with Clinton. That’s how democracies work.

  4. But I really think they are all just in a power struggle and they will do anything to get. Both Parties are guilty I agree. What I don’t like is democrats want the power and going under the guise that’s what the Amrican people want.

  5. Democrats aren’t behaving any differently than Republicans have in the same circumstance s. Still, that doesn’t make it right.
    As for the American people, that’s driven by the way they vote and the way the politicians percieve their desires. You could make a reasonable argument on the available evidence that they are moving in the direction of impeachment, but not yet convincingly enough for a serious effort to happen.
    That might change shortly, it all depends on who brings power to bear and how influential they are. A movement in opinion may or may not agree with either of us a given time, but that’s independent of party or individual politicians.

  6. W

  7. Gonzales being or not being a boob is irrelevant. He serves at the pleasure of the President the same as Reno did for Clinton. The GOP attack dogs went after Reno the same way Conyers and Leahy are going after Gonzales. For political gain. I condemn both parties for this practice. Where as I do not personally mind the congress getting nothing done, I just wish they wouldn’t waste so much of our money. Why not just stay home or go on the many political talk shows.
    This fight between the congress and AG’s office is the mirror image of the GOP and Reno in the 90’s. Here is Leahy on the GOP demanding an independent counsel from the AG On the Clinton/Gore campaign fund raising.
    "Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.), the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, defended Reno and accused Republicans of trying to "politicize the independent counsel law."
    "The attorney general has followed the law," Leahy said in a statement, "while the [Republican] majority in Congress has abused it by attempting to bully her into the decision they want. Their letter to the attorney general attempted to dictate a conclusion. Now some are intent on drenching this issue in more political bathwater by threatening to haul the attorney general before partisan hearings."
    He added, "It is ironic and it is harmful for Republicans in Congress to go to such extreme lengths to politicize the independent counsel law, which was intended to insulate these decisions from politics."
    No previous attorney general has faced a similar onslaught, according to Philip B. Heymann, a professor at Harvard Law School who served as deputy attorney general early in the Clinton administrati on. "There has never been anything quite like this in the history of the independent counsel statute," he said.
    The article is here:
    http://wwwww w.washington srv/politics  /special/ca mpfin/storie s/renocounse l.htm

  8. manapp,

    The only thing I can agree with in your comment is that both parties do these things.  

    How you can say that Gonzo being a boob is irrelevant is beyond me. He does serve at the pleasure of the President but  BOTH of them serve at the pleasure of the people.

    Gonzo has caused real, grevious damage, even many Republicans agree on that. If he is that damaging he deserves to be investigated and impeached if sufficient evidence is found. That’s isn’t partisan, that is how the Constitution spells it out. If not, there wouldn’t be any provision for investigatio n or impeachment.

    Following your logic, it would be perfectly OK for an AG to search your home without a warrant and then be immune from investigatio n or impeachment simply because one boob, the president, refuses to fire another boob, the AG.

  9. Poobah says:
    "Following your logic, it would be perfectly OK for an AG to search your home without a warrant and then be immune from investigatio n n or impeachment simply because one boob, the president, refuses to fire another boob, the AG."
    Clearly you did NOT follow my logic. If you AG were search my home without a warrant the recourse would be in the courts, not congress. The AG cannot be impeached he can only be fired by the President. The president cannot be impeached for being an alleged "boob" The only thing the congress can do here is grandstand and they are doing just that. The same as the GOP did in the 90’s. The difference is that you see the current AG’s actions as worse than Reno’s. The GOP would and did see just the opposite. The fact is that it just doesn’t matter legally what the congress thinks of the AG. If they think that he has done something illegal they can sue him. Precedent shows that if they do so they will lose. This is nothing but a dog and pony show by the Dems and as the quotes from the 90’s show, they know it. They pointed it out.

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