The number of Americans who believe Saddam was responsible for 9/11 increased according to the latest polls

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  1. SteveIL Says:

    Pathetic, dude, you and the guy you linked to.  So what you’re saying is that if the President mentions 9/11, Iraq, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein in the same speech, your contention is that he is trying to tie Saddam to 9/11.  Uh-huh.  This from a guy who blames "Don’t ask, don’t tell" on Republicans even though the law was created when Democrats had control of both Houses of Congress and was signed into law by a Democratic President.  Then you try to say polling in America is showing an increasing number of Americans believe Saddam caused 9/11, yet a link showing this is conspicuously lacking.  And if one ever bothered to actually read Bush’s (or any other American politican’s) speeches, it is clear Bush never said Saddam called 9/11.  Yet the contention that Bush is doing this is being made by media people who are, by a 9 to 1 advantage, Democratic Party operatives, and are politically motivated to see only Democrats run the federal government in a one-party (Democrat) state.  Not only that, these contentions are being made by people who belong to a party who increasingly believe Bush knew or caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and are using their positions as media people to present this as well.  (See, it helps if you put in the links.)  I would recommend you go back and write posts on items you can understand, like Danish traffic control.  You clearly can’t handle writing about politics.

  2. Steve O Says:

    You still don’t get the jist of this site do you? It’s all about discussion and based on your response, it worked. Thanks for coming in!

  3. SteveIL Says:

    What gist?  That leftists are master bullshit artists?  I got that part years ago.  The part that when leftists are asked tough questions they don’t answer them?  I got that part as well.  It’s not that leftists discuss; they divide, smear, and obfuscate.  I got that as well.  I do understand what leftists are about.  You’re welcome.

  4. admin Says:

    Oh SteveIL- STFU

  5. tos Says:

    Americans also believe everytime we have heavy rain or a drought that the world is coming to an end.,0,5917626.story?page=2
    They even believe all republicans are racist.
    Amazing what people will believe if they hear it enough.
    Interesting story in our local paper written by a hispanic community activist.

  6. Jersey McJones Says:

    Conservatives tend to be more racist than liberals, Tos, and since the GOP is home to more conservatives than the DP these days, they are therefore more racist.  Only an idiot wouldn’t get that.
    SteveIL, it’s basic and well understood psychology - when you mention the same things in the same context over and over, even if you don’t directly link them, they become linked in the mind of the listener.  Only an idiot wouldn’t know that.
    I think the problem here, STeveIL and Tos, is that neither of you are educated.

  7. emmet Says:

    SteveO wrote,"It’s all about discussion"
    SteveO, you discuss nothing but bullshit
    and Jersey, you’re the last person that should be talking about being educated!  Or should I say in your case "edubicated".  

  8. tos Says:

    Yeah Jersey the definition of educated in your mind is only to the liberal agenda.

  9. tos Says:

    Racist only because dems say so. How many democrats live in minority areas? They are the ones who want to keep minorities down the same way they do in socialist countries only they want to add us to that list as well.

  10. SteveIL Says:

    Leftists whine incessantly, especially through their operatives in the American MSM, about how the "rich are getting richer" and the "poor are getting poorer", even when the facts indicate otherwise.  The only thing leftists have done is to make more poor people by truly destroying the middle class.

  11. steve Says:

    Tos has a point.  How many of you libs are white?  How many of you have parents that are immigrants?  You guys are the only ones that make race an actual issue.  It was southern Democrats that segregated this country… Senator Byrd!!!  C’mon…

  12. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    I would much prefer a link to the actual speech. Let me read and decide for myself whether anything Bush said reinforces the notion that Saddam had anything whatsoever to do with 9/11. I’ll go out on a limb and say that he didn’t and place a $10 bet that I’m right, payable to anyone who can show me where, in the actual text of the speech, Bush said that he did. Any takers?

  13. Jersey McJones Says:

    Now, now Emmet, you know I’m no idiot.
    Tos, my definition of educated is simply ‘intellectually well-rounded.’  And you can not refute my point about racism.  Yes, more Dems live in ethnically mixed neighborhoods than do Republicans (look at a demographic map).  And so, what you are really saying is that you think minorites are all morons being suckered by the Democrats and Liberals, which means that you are a racist, too, further proving my point.
    SteveIL, now I know you have trouble with honesty, but can you prove "the facts indicate otherwise" that the "the "rich are getting richer" and the "poor are getting poorer"," as I’ve seen no data confirming that.
    Steve, Senator Byrd is no longer a member of the KKK.  You, on the other hand, I wonder about…  After all, you too are saying that you think that minorities must all be fools, this time in believing that racism is an "issue," and are being suckered by the "Left."  Again, you prove my point. 

  14. tos Says:

    Right Steve and they keep us segregated with their blaming of everything on racism and republicans. They won’t be happy until they have control of everything so every stupid bill they want will pass no matter what. Talk about overreach of power. That’s all they want is the power they act like they give a damn but I am sure most of them live their lives like most of us just trying to survive.

  15. tos Says:

    Jersey-The dems are a bunch of phonies with their two Americas. They are all smoke and mirrors. Why do you think Republicans have to get the religious right on theirside? Because the dems have the minorites on their side. Why I still have no idea. 40 years in control of congress and they are still in the same boat. Oh yeah the dems really care. What do you want give them all a $20,000 a year welfare raise? Because I have never heard of any other plan the dems have except telling them it’s all Bush’s fault. geez Louise!

  16. SteveIL Says:

    Craig, the link to Bush’s speech is in the link Steve O provided in the post, and here.  I did read it.  My guess is that Steve O read it as well and knows that Bush didn’t blame Saddam for 9/11, nor ever has.  Considering Steve O provided no links to any of the polls, he’s just blowing smoke.  Jersey, go find the information yourself, you’re so damned "educated".  By the way Jersey, you’re the only person I’ve ever read on this blog that has flung racial epithets against blacks.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  17. Jersey McJones Says:

    Tos, you’re from LI right?  If you live in LI and you can’t see the Two Americas right there around you, then you really are an idiot.

  18. emmet Says:

    I know of NO ONE, I mean NO ONE who believes Saddam was responsible for 9/11!!!  I’m talking about from 9/11/2001 - 07/26/2007!!!  So, whatever dumb as poll Mr.SteveO is referring to I’d like to see it.  And, if the poll truly exists than I want to know who these dumb as M.F’s are and what there education level is!  My 10 year old daughter knows Saddam wasn’t responsible for 9/11.  Like I’ve always said, "you can take your polls and shove them up your asses!"   Oh, wasn’t Gore ahead in the polls?   Oh, wasn’t Kerry ahead in the polls?  Fuck the polls!  That’s why you dumb ass liberals lose your asses so much.  Why?  Because y’all have POLLS up your asses!

  19. tos Says:

    Jersey-there are more than 2 Americas on LI the rich who pay alot of property tax,us who pay alot but not as much and the rest who get to benefit from it.

  20. Jersey McJones Says:

    Emmet, about a year or so ago I was speaking with a young person I know.  Getting a little older and more curious now, he asked me about what I thought about the war in Iraq.  Setting the scene, I brought up 9/11, he interjected, "Yeah, Iraq was involved with that, right?"  Someone had told him that Iraq had something to do with 9/11.  I disabused him of the thought.  The sleazy cons used 9/11 to invade Iraq, and people did, and some still do, believe that somehow Iraq and 9/11 were connected because of that.
    Tos, LI is a prime example of the two Americas.  When you see the disparity between communities, sometimes within just blocks of each other, you truly see the difference.  Take a drive up the Sands Point and Kings Point peninsulas.  Turn right, and you’re in Rich-Town.  Turn left, Poor-Town.  The visceral stratification of wealth on Long Island is the perfect example of the Two Americas phenomenon in action.  Now, I know you think that somehow the rich all deserve to be rich and the poor all deserve to be poor and that there’s no room for excuses, so I’m not going to try to deal with the "why" with you.  But at least you can see with your own Long Islander eyes the fact there there really are Two Americas out there.

  21. SteveIL Says:

    Jersey, put the Karl Marx playbook away.  It is so obvious, so wrong, and so stupid.

  22. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    it’s basic and well understood p sychology - when you mention the same
    things in the same context over and over, even if you don’t directly
    link them, they become linked in the mind of the listener.

    I take the point. So what should Bush do, or not do? Should he never mention the fact that we are fighting Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq because people will get the wrong Idea? Is it incumbent upon him to specifically preface every mention of Al Qaeda and 9/11 in a speech in which he also talks about Iraq, something to the effect of "Of course, Iraq had no operational ties to the attacks on 9/11"? And, since we are fighting Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq, and therefore it is illogical not to mention that fact, is Bush really responsible for people linking what he never actually directly links? And how is it that, in spite of this "basic and well understood psychology", somehow many of us have failed to succumb to it

  23. tos Says:

    You know what Jersey I could care less. There are people that have a hunbdred times more than me and it’s their right to have it. What should they do,give it up to please you?
    I don’t say people deserve to be poor but they don’t deserve to have what others work so hard for. And not to mention alot of them move here strictly because they know they can get free medical,rent subdisies and free school,oh and if they want they can get get methadone and food stamps. So although they amy be poor they can still get these services and it’s white people too. I know a few that take advantage of the benefits.
    If you ever drive through a poor neighborhood there are about 3 or four entrances and the driveways are like parking lots. So you have 3 or families living under one property tax. And nothing is done about because in true democrat fashion that’s where the votes are.
    Oh but it’s because they care. Real sincere!

  24. tos Says:

    Oh and for the record most of the rich people on LI are liberal especially in the Hamptons it’s just that they don’t want any minorities in their neighborhoods.

  25. SteveIL Says:

    It’s not that Bush is trying to link Saddam with 9/11, it is that the leftists are trying to present it in such a way that makes it look Bush is doing so.  Look who dishonestly does the cherry-picked highlighting: leftists.  Then they attribute it to Bush.  And they’ve been doing this for years, especially in the media, where Democrats have a 9-1 advantage and keep endlessly repeating their rhetoric trying to convince the American people its true.  Dishonest propaganda at its finest.

  26. Jersey McJones Says:

    "Should he never mention the fact that we are fighting Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq because people will get the wrong Idea?"
    It’s too late for that.  Just the same, only 1 in 195 fighters detained in Iraq are foreign, so to say that "we are fight Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq" is a pretty ommissive observation.
    "Is it incumbent upon him to specifically preface every mention of Al Qaeda and 9/11 in a speech in which he also talks about Iraq, something to the effect of "Of course, Iraq had no operational ties to the attacks on 9/11"?"
    Again, too late.  He should never have started the connection in the first place.  It was incumbent on him to do that prior to this misbegotten war.
    "And, since we are fighting Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq,…"
    Al Qaeda represents a miniscule number of fighters we are battling in Iraq.  I think he should just leave Al Qaeda references out of speeches about Iraq.
    "You know what Jersey I could care less."
    I know, Tos.  That’s why you’re a conservative.  And that’s why conservatives are malignantly useless.
    And I do know Long Island, Tos, so please don’t make insipid statements like that.  Long Island, in general,  is quite Red.
    "It’s not that Bush is trying to link Saddam with 9/11, it is that the leftists are trying to present it in such a way that makes it look Bush is doing so."
    If that were true then why do most Bush supporters think Iraq had something to do with 9/11 and terrorism against America in general?

  27. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    Jersey, so if Iraqis fight with Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq, the fact that they are Iraqis somehow negates the fact that they are fighting with and for Al Qaeda? That hardly seems logical. And I don’t get the "Too late" shtick. We are, in fact, fighting Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq. It’s silly to suggest that he never should have started mentioning that fact. By the way, in this speech, he does a pretty good job of defending his talk about whether Al Qaeda in Iraq IS Al Qaeda. They are. I guess we’ll just have to disagree on this matter. 

  28. tos Says:

    Of course you misunderstand about I could care less. I was saying I could care less if someone has alot more than me. Like if our taxes go up its more of a deal for us but if the millionaires taxes go up it does’n't affect them the same way.
    I’m not going to condemn someone for being rich.

  29. SteveIL Says:

    Jersey, you just repeated Steve O.  Typical unoriginal pathetic leftist drivel.  Go back to reading Marx.

  30. Jersey McJones Says:

    Craig, I do not believe tat Al Qaeda is a major player in Iraq.  If anything, they want us to stay for fear that a strong Shi-a state would wipe them out.  That’s why the usual Al Qaeda M.O. - big bangs for as little bucks as possible, so to speak.  If we did leave, I don’t think Al Qaeda would last a month in Iraq.
    Tos, no one is condemning anybody in that context.  But know this, for money to have any real value, there can only be so much of it in circulation, and therefore if someone has too much many people will have too little.  Now, I’m not proposing, in this context, how to deal with that, but, like the "Two Americas," it is a fact of life.
    SteveIL, your testes are stuck in your abdomen again.  Better stand up and jump up and down a bit.

  31. SteveIL Says:

    Jersey, your "analysis" of Al Qaeda is, at best, underwhelming.  At worst, it shows you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.  Kind of like your comebacks at me.

  32. tos Says:

    Jersey when rich people are spending 20k and more for property taxes it is getting circulated into medicaid for the poor,school for the poor,food stamps for the poor because a percentage of our property taxes goes into the social welfare program on top of what the federal govenment takes. Also alot of poor people move to LI from South American countries to benefit from the system. They weren’t always here.

  33. steve Says:

    Tos… Those sleazy cons with their big houses paying all of those property taxes.  Those bastards!  They have no right!

  34. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title The number of Americans who believe Saddam was responsible for 9/11 increased according to the latest polls. Thanks for informative article

  35. Jersey McJones Says:

    Tos, I don’t think you understand what property taxes are for.  And if those rich people didn’t HIRE those immigrants to mow their lawns, build their homes, do their dishes, mop their floor, and even raise their friggin’ little brats, you wouldn’t have anything to complain about here.

  36. tos Says:

    Real nice Jersey "little brats."
    I know what property taxes are for but included in those are school taxes so I lump them all in together.  

  37. Jersey McJones Says:

    No, no, Tos, actually, when you think about it, those property taxes do serve to subsidize all those other things.  So, I suppose you did have a broader point there. 
    Being the product of a nanny-less family, yes, those nanny-reared rich kids are all "brats" to me.

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