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The End of the American Republic

After gaining more authority for warrantless surveillance  , Dear Leader is proposing even more extra-consti tutional powers for the Executive Branch.  Between Signing Statements and little Judiciary or Congressiona l Oversight of his “anti-terror ” activities, Dear Leader is practically a Dictator.  When will Congress Impeach this man and his Administrati on?  How much more power can Dear Leader grab under this “unitary executive” bullshit?  Why do the American People allow this?  

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14 Responses to “The End of the American Republic”

  1. Impeach/Out of Iraq GENERAL STRIKE SEPT.11th

    Buy nothing - do nothing! Bring this country to a standstill!

    Pass it on. Post a sign.

  2. What an amusing post. At least Congress recognizes, somewhat reluctantly, that there’s a war on.

  3. Oh please. The only reason this passed was that the Democrat leadership was afraid that dopey voters would think they were “soft on terror” and managed to gather enough votes to pass it.

    At war???

    With what? A tactic???


  4. Hear Hear JMcJ!

    In the immortal words of JC:
    “What does it profit a [man] country to gain the world, but lose its soul?”

  5. I see. Just because the war isn’t being waged by the narrow and myopic definition that leftists want to define it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I agree that the “War on Terror” name is dumb, but that’s semantics. And Paul, what does that quote have anything to do with this? Who is actually looking to gain the world, other than the Islamofascis ts?

  6. yet oddly, we fought and won WWII without any of these draconian powers handed over to the executive. are we “winning” in iraq? was there a problem with the Constitution  ? you war cheerleaders  (got a uniform, there, steveIL?) really amuse me, you’re all such trembling cowards when someone starts yelling “terra!” your only response seems to be, sniveling, “please, take away more of my rights! protect me, i’m so afraid!”

  7. Anyone who thinks that Islamofascis ts can take over the world is an paranoid, ignorant idiot. But, of course, these are the same idiots who thought the “commies” were going to take us over, or that the “Godless secular liberals” have real power in America, and so on. Not a bright bunch.


  8. Chicagodyke says:

    “yet oddly, we fought and won WWII without any of these draconian powers handed over to the executive. ”

    Tell that to the Japanese/Ame ricans that were locked up for no other crime than being Japanese in America at the wrong time.

    The Dems have no core values other than to do what they calculate will give them the greatest political gain. The FISA rules they passed gave the executive branch greater power than they even requested. They knew that the left fringe would howl but that the center is what is needed to win elections. They threw the wingers under the bus on this one in a calculated move to get the least amount of grief from those that vote. They are aware that winning seats against the opposing power is easier in a midterm election when fewer people vote. The next election will require they move to the center as the turnout will be larger and the moderates will swamp the voice of the extremes.

  9. Chicagodyke appears to be a typical leftist toady incapable of rational thought. Thanks Manapp99 for pointing out the truly draconian done to Japanese-Ame ricans by the FDR administrati on.

  10. I will go to my grave disagreeing with what happened to the Japanese Americans during WWII, it was against everything this country was founded on; much like your so-called “unitary executive”…. really just another word for Dictator.

    Just because MOST people think somehting is right doesn’t make it so… Just because MOST people are too apathetic to care is why Dear Leader is allowed to become our Dictator…

  11. Not to mention that the whole idea behind our political system is a concept called (now you may remember this from gradeschool and highschool, maybe not), “checks and balances”. Currently there is no check on the Executive branch…

  12. But Paul there are checks on the executive branch and the check just made legal all the things the left has been bitching about regards warrantless wire taps. The congress has publicly decried what they just made legal. All for what they deem to be the best political position for them to take. This is not now nor has it ever been about doing the work of the constituents . It is all about power. This is an “in your face” move by the Dems. They are saying we don’t care if you don’t like what we are doing so long as you dislike the GOP more.

  13. Paul, there is “no check on the Executive Branch” in your opinion only, but not as far as the law or the Constitution are concerned. The recent ACLU v. NSA ruling overturned the District Court saying rightly that the plaintiffs in the case lacked standing. The updated FISA Congress just passed reaffirmed it in the statutes, only because the Constitution had already allowed it in Article II, Section 2. Besides, this particular law has a term of six months when it has to be brought up again (which they will pass again).

    Manapp99 is right again. This is a case of the Democrats saying one thing and doing another (especially since even a Democratic President will have to continue the fight against the Islamists after Bush is out of office, and will need all the tools he/she can get) and telling you to take because they say the right things. Simply for votes and power.

  14. manapp & SteveIL,

    Yes, you are right, the Dems dropped the ball on this one really, really hard… The Congress has given the shop away :-(

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