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Majority of Americans against wiretapping

From m we have a new poll: By a 73%-22% margin, Americans overwhelming ly oppose George Bush’s efforts to wiretap Americans’ phone calls and emails without a search warrant, according to a m telephone poll of 1,006 adults conducted by ICR.


This is the first national poll since September 2006 asking Americans about warrantless wiretapping of Americans, which has been ignored by corporate media polls despite headline coverage. m has also conducted several polls about impeachment, another topic corporate media pollsters refuse to touch because of opposition from the Bush Administrati on. The question asked whether respondents approved or disapproved:



President Bush wants the power to wiretap the phone calls and emails of Americans without a search warrant from a judge.


The writeup goes on to say the Dem’s will revisit this in the fall..right. .of course they will.

















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14 Responses to “Majority of Americans against wiretapping”

  1. Now if this poll were actually about what is really going on, that would be terrific.

  2. It is FreeperBoy. No one wants our government wiretapping at will..except the Freeperfolks like you.

  3. Before al the smear about it the majority of Americans didn’t mind either way, Now they think someone is actually listening to them everytime they make a call.

  4. Care to rewrite that comment Tos? It makes very little sense.

  5. I thought it was pretty cut and dry. Before the liberals aka Chris Mathews,Keit h Olberman,Bil l Maher started spewing about the loss of civil liberties and Bush listening in on your phone calls the majority of Americans weren’t concerned about wiretapping now they hear all the BS about the taking away of the faux civil liberties and government intrusion they actually believe someone is sitting there actually listening to them on the phone when that is so not what is happening.
    Similar to what STeveIL said in his comment.

  6. Sorry, but I think your full of bat guano on that one just like SteveIL. Millions of Americans went off when the NYT broke the story..btw.. they HELD the story until AFTER THE PRESIDENTIAL much for FreeperBoy’s theory about MSM being so damn librul!

    You evidently listen to the idiots as well. Chrissy Matthews is farther from left than anyone this side of Tucker Carlson. Do you actually watch his show or just run your piehole about him? I watch it daily.

  7. I can’t watch him because his spitting and drooling .Yes he is so far from left,not.
    He’s so far from left? Is that why he spent weeks upon weeks abut the Valerie Plame story? He can’t even pronounce CIA,he’s was so anxious to see Bush get his that he kept saying CI and leaving off the “A”. Of course we never heard him say anything about Armitage when it came out. I guess if that’s what you call far from left I guess it must be.

  8. don’t watch the show yet you are an expert on Chrissy Matthews? LMFAO..get out..your the one drooling here, if you don’t watch the show and yet have the nads to tell me what he does and what kind of guests he has on….your delusional as well.

  9. Wait..I just figured out why FreeperBoy hates the media and calls them all librul..he can’t find any supporting articles that back his neocon pov! He isn’t reading the write(right) folks..I can lead him to several well-read neocons.. :) makes sense right?? I mean, right..forge t it :P

  10. I got this same report in an e-mail from the Democrats and thought, well, no shit. Of course people don’t want to be illegally wiretapped, by the government or anyone else. After all, the fact that the government needs a warrant is a constitution al issue, and by and large, American’s like their Bill of Rights.

    Whether or not my phone was ever tapped is not the relevant issue at all. That anyone’s could be tapped contrary to law is the issue. That’s why so many are against this practice.

    But go ahead, neo-cons, and give up your rights. Us wackie lefties will fight for your protections too.

  11. Yeah, what Ken said…

    “Liberty is more important than anything else, yet some people would block out the sun to prevent the growth of weeds” - Ingersoll

  12. Mathews ahs more Liberal Allegiance.

  13. Here is a poll from Rasmussen that says something different:

    http://www.r asmussenrepo ic_content/p olitics/59_s ay_intercept ing_phone_ca lls_from_for eign_suspect s_makes_usa_ safer

    First paragraph

    “Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters believe that allowing the government to intercept phone calls from terrorist suspects makes America safer. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 26% disagree while 15% are not sure.”

    This tidbit as well:

    “Overall, 34% of American adults say that our legal system worries too much about individual rights at the expense of national security. A slightly smaller number of adults (27%) say there is too much concern for national security at the expense of individual liberties. Twenty-nine percent (29%) say that the current balance is about right. Those results are little changed from last fall.”

    A lot depends on what question you ask. This assertion for instance:

    “President Bush wants the power to wiretap the phone calls and emails of Americans without a search warrant from a judge.”

    is misleading. There is no effort to wiretap without a warrant calls inside America. There is the desire to tap calls that are outside of the US but go through switches inside the US to another location outside the US. The switch through the US was a technology loophole that favored the bad guys. The other area of contention is the desire to tap calls to the US from known terrorists outside the US. There has never been a problem with the US tapping calls stricltly outside the US.

    The poll you cite from the DEM site is a push poll. You know the same thing they discredit Rove for using in the elections.

  14. Its your opinion that it’s a push poll me where your poll isn’t one with a question such as:

    “Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters believe that allowing the government to intercept phone calls from terrorist suspects makes America safer”

    It says nothing about warrantless spying on Americans..i t says intercept calls FROM terrorists.

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