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Boycott Beijing Olympics?

Eight members from the party that promotes and condones torture now want the United States to boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijing because of China’s human rights record. As if that isn’t calling the kettle black.

The resolution, HR 610, says that a boycott should occur unless China takes steps on human rights, foreign policy, and the Darfur conflict. Hmmmm…

China is not exactly a global model for human rights, but to their credit, they don’t pretend to be. They do what they do without apology, without remorse, and without worrying about being ostracized. That doesn’t make it right. It just makes it China. Any progress China makes in human rights is at China’s pace. I’m not condoning China’s practices in any way, but do these folks really think that boycotting the Olympics is going to make any difference? Do they think any other country would boycott the Olympics just on our say so? Give me a break.

And what about those claims about human rights, foreign policy, and Darfur? What about US human rights records during the reign of Bush? What about Bush foreign policy? What has the US done in Darfur? The GOP hasn’t a foot to stand on, and frankly, this legislation is absurd.

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7 Responses to “Boycott Beijing Olympics?”

  1. Eight members from the party that promotes and condones torture…

    Show me exactly where any member from any party promotes and condones torture. Don’t show me any “news” reports, or your spin; I want you to point to the exact legislation.

    What has the US done in Darfur?

    What do you want the U.S. to do? Declare war on China? The Chinese government has been allowing the Sudanese government to be as belligerent about the genocide they’re committing by being a partner in buying Sudanese oil, which gives the Sudanese government the funds to continue its genocide. Or do you believe, as many conservative s do, that it is high time to restructure the UN in our (the U.S., that is) own image? China is using the current structure of the UN to block any credible threat to the Sudanese government for oil. Who is the imperialist now?

  2. What kind of idiotic would join a UNITED NATIONS that is made in OUR image? It’s the fuckin’ UNITED NATIONS - not the United States!


  3. Right. The one that is allowing genocide to be committed by the Sudanese government.

  4. SteveIL,
    Given the US completely ignored the UN regarding Iraq, why are you upset that China’s learned the lesson of that: That the UN can be ignored with impunity if you’re powerful enough?
    How will your United States Nations addess China? Will it boycott China’s goods? Invade? Give 48 hours notice and then bomb Beijing (which seems to be your solution to most foreign policy issues)? In other words, why wouldn’t it be equally ineffective?

  5. Given the US completely ignored the UN regarding Iraq, why are you upset that China’s learned the lesson of that: That the UN can be ignored with impunity if you’re powerful enough?

    Apples and oranges. The fair comparison would have been China is doing the same with the regards to Sudan as those who were helping enrich Saddam (and allow him to persecute his own people) in the Oil-for-Food scandal. That would include the governments of France (under Chirac), Germany (under Schroeder), and Russia, and possibly China, along with some verminous filth in the UN (Kofi Annan, Benon Savant, Mark Malloch-Brow n, etc.). We didn’t invade those countries, did we? But Oil-for-Food is gone. I do have a solution, but few here will agree with me. We have enough air power now to destroy Sudan’s military, oil-producin g capabilities  , and their infrastructu re, and do so by minimizing civilian casualties, and continue to do so until they surrender. The Sudanese will then have something better to do than committing genocide, like rebuilding their country. It might also mean that we somehow placate the Chinese government figuring out a way to sell them U.S. oil (no, I don’t like it either), even if it means drilling (which I do like). I know those politicians who are advocating some kind of response, especially the Democrats along with Bush and the State Department, will dismiss this out of hand. Yet, if you want to end the genocide, then extremely harsh measures must be taken or any lesser actions will be seen for what it is: nothing.

  6. WSteveIL, so what? Why can’t WE do something? And make your goofy mind! Do you want a strong UN, or do you feel that a strong UN would undermine our sovereignty?   Make up your friggin’ mind! You can’t just bait ‘n switch forever!


  7. WOW– boycotting is a way to take a stand and the stand is justifiable and it is about time too. No Human Rights. No Beijing Olympics. Get into some reading to make your head spin and then you will wonder why the press has been so slow to report and the public so slow to act. Then maybe take a stand and join the Human Rights Torch Relay
    http:organha rvestinvesti
    http://cipfg .org/en/news  /588.html

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