Got Cancer Amigo? Your Gonna Die!

I’m of the strongest opinion that our nations immigration policy is not only broken but the damn thing has been in the trash bin for twenty years and nobody will tie up the damn bag and take it to the curb for pick up. George Bush’s style of governing (State side) is to push back the broken policy systems in the federal government for almost everything back onto the states. From education to immigration he has pushed back and stuffed down the throats of the states every federally mandated law but his check is never in the mail to back it up.

It will take years for our nation’s FEDERAL Government to develop an immigration policy that actually works and until they do the states will be forced fed and pay for that broken policy and that is not right. From guarding the borders to the expensive emergency room medical care of illegal immigrants, Bush isn’t paying for it so the States or private business will have too! I’m just guessing that this is the conservative in Bush trying to (wink, wink) save the peoples hard earned tax dollars.

Over at the New York Times they have the latest on Bush pretending to be a conservative by knuckling down on Chemo Medicaid payments to the hospitals that treat illegal immigrants in the emergency room with cancer. His check isn’t going to clear on this one due to a stop payment order by the President…

Rule Limits Emergency Care for Immigrants

Published: September 22, 2007

The federal government has told New York State health officials that chemotherapy, which had been covered for illegal immigrants under a government-financed program for emergency medical care, does not qualify for coverage. The decision sets the stage for a battle between the state and federal governments over how medical emergencies are defined.

The change comes amid a fierce national debate on providing medical care to immigrants, with New York State officials and critics saying this latest move is one more indication of the Bush administration’s efforts to exclude the uninsured from public health services.

Snip Si Casa

In the wake of stricter federal rules, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and 20 other states have extended full Medicaid coverage, using only state money, to some immigrants who do not qualify for federal aid. Under federal law, proof of citizenship is required for full Medicaid coverage, but not for emergency coverage.

But some states with growing immigrant populations, like Georgia and Arizona, have themselves moved to limit coverage under emergency Medicaid, leading to intense opposition from immigrant health advocates. - New York Times

I have to back up on this story for a bit but I’ll get back into it. I promise. If President Bush and the Congress had taken care of the border problem and passed legislation that made sense, then the “Trickle down” effect of illegal immigrants would not have to be pushed back on the states. Instead, we have every single state trying to stop the flow of the Rio Grande with paper towels. If President Bush and the Congress paid a little bit more attention about what is going on at home rather than trying to save the Middle East then their popularity might be higher than a rats ass.

Back to the post… I just get a thought and the fingers type.

Every single person that goes to medical school to become a doctor takes an oath. It isn’t like the one President Bush took where he can define the Constitution and twist it to see how it fits him today. Nope, doctors take an oath to always care for the patient as best they can and to save lives. It isn’t the Hypolitcal oath. I’m thinking the oath that doctors take somehow is above any oath Prescident (misspelled on purpose) Bush took as President.

Our nation has an immigration policy problem. Our Congress and our President think that the states can pay the sins of our lost federal government. They can not and should not have to.

Illegal immigration is a serious issue and as much as I am a Democrat, I want my nation and its borders secured. Stop the problem where it begins and fix the policies that will effect the people already here. There is no magic wand or enough busses to send all of the illegal immigrants back. We more or less own them as a people because our federal government refused to legislate on the issue of immigration. This failure is owned by both sides of the political aisle.

What I see as a result of this President and the Congress failure to act on immigration is the prosecution of some doctor or nurse somewhere in America for failing to perform their duties to save a human life because a green card or legal citizen document was not presented at the emergency room. For all I know it has already happened.


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25 Responses to “Got Cancer Amigo? Your Gonna Die!”

  1. Dusty Says:

    Wow, that was an excellent rant. And I learned something from it to boot!

    Didn’t SCOTUS rule that anyone is entitled to use the emergency rooms?

  2. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    They should go to Cuba. Michael Moore could make another movie about how great Cuba’s and everyone else’s health-care system is and he could take all the illegal aliens with him. Most of them, being from Mexico, already sort of speak the language there and, hey, the US health-care system sucks, right…I mean, why would they want to get their health-care here when it’s free everywhere else.

    And honestly…Castro’s not that bad…well, that’s what I hear, anyway.

  3. Dusty Says:

    Sure they could Craig..and you could join them ok?

  4. Craig R. Harmon Says:


    Hey, I’m there. I’m thinking of moving to Canada, anyway, if Hillary doesn’t get elected in ‘08!

  5. Matthew O'Keefe Says:

    I believe SCOTUS did rule that way but they did not stipulate who had to pay for it though! Great point Dusty.

    Your killin’ me Craig…LOL!

  6. SteveIL Says:

    Yes, the SCOTUS did make a ruling regarding emergency care. I don’t know the case.

    Back to the post.

    What a load of claptrap. Don’t state governments have the ability to provide their own revenues to programs they want in place, such as providing the funds for the long-term medical care of illegal immigrants? And if New York state wants to do this, can’t the state government cut spending somewhere else to pay for this, or gouge more out of their own taxpayers? I mean, the people of New York elected the politicians who have decided the state government should provide this “service”, not anybody from any of the other 49 states. How is it they get all huffy when the federal government decides that chemotherapy, which has not been defined by the various levels of government as being the equal of emergency care (as stated in the article), is not covered by their end of Medicaid, which is an amalgamation of tax dollars from people in all 50 states? I mean, I don’t get to choose the New York state politicians who want to implement this policy; why should I be upset that they can’t use federal dollars, of which my money is included, for just anything they want? The people of Illinois have enough trouble of their own with a governor and general assembly who are at odds as to whether or not to enact an overreaching health care system and how to fund it.

    This is a New York problem; if the state government wants to provide their illegal aliens with all kinds of health coverage, then they can get the money from out of their own revenues, or figure out how to bring in more revenue from their own residents to cover it.

  7. Debalee Says:

    Excellent response, SteveIL. Your analysis is of the problem is exactly right. Let the 12-20 illegal aliens move to New York State to get free chemotherapy. In the meantime is anyone else outraged at Mexico’s abdication of its responsibility to its own people? Why is no one in the pro-amnesty ranks talking about this? Mexico could be as prosperous as South Korea, a country whose lower class has risen to become a vibrant middle and upper middle class in only thirty years. Instead Mexico encourages in many different ways the diaspora of its best workers to El Norte so that the greedy ruling class can keep stuffing wealth in their overseas bank accounts.

  8. Juan Says:

    Yes, SCOTUS ruled that federally-funded hospitals have to offer everyone emergency care. That means if an illegal alien chops his finger off in the kitchen, they have to help him, even if he can’t pay and has no insurance. That doesn’t mean they need to give him a six month course of chemotherapy if he is diagnosed with cancer. A lot of chemo is given once a week, or once every two weeks, etc. It’s a scheduled treatment for a serious illness, not an unscheduled emergency.

    Let the alien get his first chemo treatment at a U.S. hospital along with a plane ticket back to where he came from to get the rest of the course of treatment, once he’s stabilized.

  9. Jersey McJones Says:

    Anyone who would deny a fellow human being chemo-therapy for cancer is a piece of shit who should rot in hell forever.


  10. Jersey McJones Says:

    Oh, and “Juan,” you should have a special place in that hell.


  11. Matthew O'Keefe Says:


    Back off of the personal attack. Let’s discuss the issue and point out a difference of opinioin.

    Thank you Juan for your comment and thank you Jersey for yours. Discuss the issues my friends.

    BIO is about the issues first and opinions from all corners of the world are welcome here. Otherwise we are just pompous asses on a soap box.

  12. SteveIL Says:

    Thanks, Debalee. There aren’t enough people, especially the elected politicians on both sides of the aisle, who have the guts hold the feet of the people in the Mexican government to the fire for continuing to allow Mexico fall into such further disarray. Everything “liberals” claim is going on in the U.S., the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, etc., etc., etc., has been and is going on in Mexico today, and nobody takes the Mexican government to task for this.

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  14. Jersey McJones Says:

    Matt, I meant it. That sort of human indifference should not be tolerated by anyone. To tolerate intolerance is to love hate or to laugh at tragedy. It’s sickeningly contradictory and moronic.


  15. SteveIL Says:


    It’s not that people are indifferent to the suffering of others. In this case, it’s a matter of who should be burdened to pay for the services that the New York state government wants to provide. If the people in New York that elected those officials don’t mind putting out more for funding these programs, more power to them. But since I don’t get to elect these officials in New York state, why should more of my tax dollars, through the federal portion of Medicaid, go for long-term care?

    Let me ask you this. My wife is going for surgery in a couple of weeks (not looking for sympathy, and the surgery is not life threatening). I have insurance, and it will cover the majority of all that needs to be done. However, it will still place a financial burden on us after she is done (nothing we can’t recover from). Now, if I ask you to pay for my end of it, and you don’t, does that mean you are indifferent to what we (especially my wife) is going through? No.

  16. Dusty Says:

    You can paint the issue however you like SteveIL, but the author of this post is looking at the issue from the angle that the US, and folks of your ilk, only give a shit about the money and denying immigrants as much as possible…even though they work here and pay taxes.

    Immigrants are the new scapegoat here in America and its disgusting. Your so arrogant about the money part of the issue,, just like the neocons are that bleat about immigrants draining America and its pathetic. You ignore the basic fact that immigrants pay millions in taxes they can not recoup through traditional methods, like filing a tax return. They pay property taxes and sales taxes as well. They contribute SteveIL, but don’t let that fact get in the way of your rant.

    Hospitals pay for the care of millions of Americans but your ok with that? To separate this along the lines of money and who pays for the immigrants care is a spin job by the right.

    I don’t have insurance, so I am part of the 50 million that has to rely on ER’s for my health care if I get really sick.

    Human indifference to pain and suffering is part of the rightwingers signature and its disgusting on every level. Its all about money for you rightwingers..forget the less fortunate or those needing compassionate care.

    Thats some cold-hearted bullshit.

  17. SteveIL Says:

    Excuse me Dusty, but I’m talking illegal immigrants, not immigrants. Don’t even THINK about twisting this into something it isn’t. This post was about ILLEGAL immigrants.

    Besides, if you actually bothered to read my comment, you will note that I don’t have a problem if the New York state government wants to expand its budget for these medical services. The people of New York elected the members of the government to do this (I’m not allowed to vote for any state official in New York state since I am not a resident of that state). They then should be the ones who pay for the lion’s share of paying for this service, and if it means the state officials have to further gouge their citizens, that’s their problem. They made the choice, they have to pay for it. What part of that don’t you get? Or is your definition of “choice” only extend to abortion?

    Human indifference to pain and suffering is part of the rightwingers signature and its disgusting on every level. Its all about money for you rightwingers ..forget the less fortunate or those needing compassionat e care.

    That’s a joke. You all get all indignant with the cost of waging a legal and authorized war, and compaining about the U.S. trying to help a nation stand on its own two feet without being brutalized by a tyrannical regime, which is beneficial to the U.S., and you say “rightwingers” only are concerned with money? What does it say about you with your indifference to U.S. security and the less fortunate around the world and within the U.S.? What rampant hypocrisy.

  18. Dusty Says:

    This post is about compassion for people that are sick and suffering…and you folks want to make it about money.

    The war is horrible both as a killing machine and a money pit. Figures you would toss the war into this.

    Oh, and by all means call me a terrorist sympathizer and weak on security..its part and parcel of the neocons vocabulary;.

  19. SteveIL Says:

    Is the word “choice”, in the lexicon of the (far removed from) reality-based community, only to be used in context with abortion? What part of my comment didn’t you understand? People in my state, along with Americans in 48 other states, don’t get to elect state officials anywhere in New York state, the people who want to provide the state government to pay for this medical service. It is the people of New York state who are authorized to make this choice, and it is the people of New York state who have to pay for the consequences of this choice.

  20. Jersey McJones Says:

    SteveIL, if you were a visitor in my home, and you were hurt, I’d help you. I wouldn’t kick you out the door and say, “Good luck, sick-boy!” Now, you could say, “What if I was in your home illegally?” If you’re on my property, and you’re hurt, and you haven’t done anything wrong to me, then I’d still help you. No human being is “illegal” in and of themself. Since it is the fault of the NATION and NOT the STATE that the “illegals” are here, it shuld be the nation’s responsibility to pick up their tab when necessary.


  21. SteveIL Says:

    Jersey said:

    Now, you could say, “What if I was in your home illegally?” If you’re on my property, and you’re hurt, and you haven’t done anything wrong to me,…

    Let me stop you right there. If I am in your house illegally, then I have done something wrong to you; it’s called breaking and entering. Whether or not I do anything further, I have still gotten into your house illegally. Whether you try to help me out first if I’m are hurt, or whether you call 9-1-1 and get the cops to handle the situation (and decide whether or not you would press charges), that is your call. The illegal act was of me entering your house illegally. I would also imagine that you wouldn’t want you or your homeowners insurance company to be liable for me hurting myself as this could raise your insurance premiums if you felt compassion and filed a claim. I may not be “illegal”, but me being in your house without your permission makes my act illegal.

    Since it is the fault of the NATION and NOT the STATE that the “illegals” are here, it shuld be the nation’s responsibili ty to pick up their tab when necessary.

    Now, with this statement, I think we can come to some common ground. The Supreme Court has ruled that anybody who may be an illegal alien must be treated for an emergency until stable in any public or private hospital (as someone mentioned earlier, I don’t think the ruling covers who pays for it; my guess is that either the hospital eats the cost, or the state or federal government has to cover the cost). Fine. But if further treatment is needed for the illegal alien, then the government of a nation is responsible for picking up the illegal alien’s tab: the government of the illegal alien’s home country.

  22. Jersey McJones Says:

    SteveIL, if I leave your door wide open with a big sign saying “c’mon in and work” and my son hires the person who entered my home to tend my garden then it seems to me that I have forfeited my claim of “breaking and entering.”

    We should treat them as we would treat our own. Anything less is shamefully inhumane, especially if the country we would return them to can not treat them as well as us, and more especially if our government supports the regime that is not taking care of it’s people or making things worse for the people of that country, as we have done countless times. We have acted without the best interest of the very people who come here to work. We dump our cheap agro on Mexico, thanks to NAFTA, and sure enough 70% of the agro workers here in the states are here illegally. We imposed our will on the people of Guatamala and sure enough it is the most crime-ridden nation on Earth, and sure enough they are exporting that crime to the US. We have a huge demand for illicit drugs, and sure enough many illegals come here to smuggle them in. It goes on and on. As I dais above, you can’t accuse a perons of B&E if you invited them into your home.


  23. SteveIL Says:

    Jersey, I originally was going to say that you were reaching with the most recent comment. But after thinking about it a minute, I thought, no, this could happen.

    OK. In your hypothetical situation, my hypothetical kid leaves the door open and invites someone to work on my hypothetical garden. So what do I do? I can tell you one thing; no matter the outcome, the kid will be punished and I would thank the guy working on the garden and not invite him back. Now, if the guy working on the garden gets hurt, I’m obviously liable because my kid was the one who allowed the man in in the first place. Again, I would punish the kid, probably figuring out a way he’d be financially impacted (paying the deductible, paying the difference if the premium increases, something like that).

    Thinking a little further, your analogy really has nothing to do with health insurance. When it comes to somebody injuring themselves at my house, it is my homeowners policy that covers that aspect of the visitor getting better, not my health insurance. You may be thinking I’m picking nits, but there is a big difference, in my opinion.


    We should treat them as we would treat our own. Anything less is shamefully inhumane, especially if the country we would return them to can not treat them as well as us, and more especially if our government supports the regime that is not taking care of it’s people or making things worse for the people of that country, as we have done countless times.

    Based on that, then why do we continue to support Mexico? Of course I think we should, but not in the way things are now (NAFTA, for example, should be modified). Just like so many believe the U.S. shouldn’t be the world’s policeman (and I’m not one to disagree with that notion), the U.S. shouldn’t be the world’s hospital. Again, the problem is two-fold; the Mexican government is a corrupt mess encouraging people to emigrate to the U.S. illegally, and politicians here want the illegal aliens here for a variety of reasons (Wall Street Republicans, Nanny-state Democrats). And we still don’t hear our politicians with a tough reply when the pieces of shit in the Mexican government who dare to chastise American policy on enforcing the border.

    Maybe the policy of the U.S. government should be something that has companies hiring illegals, then those companies take care of those people financially, including health care (call it a modification of the modified Hillary-care). You will see an end of the hiring of illegals since the whole point of hiring illegals is to keep payroll low; if these companies have to pay for everything else, those payrolls won’t be low anymore.

    Same with those local and state governments; if they want to provide this care, then their people can pay for it, since those people elected the politicians who want these programs. Which is what I said in the first place.

    See, the goal of having illegal aliens going back home shouldn’t be to implement some governmental sweep of illegals to be deported, but self-deportation. Make it financially unfeasible for illegal aliens to want to stay here. And that can be done by punishing those who want them to come in on the cheap, and making them pay for it.

    And not as fines. Giving more money to the government ends up being a general ledger item that is never enough to stop the practice.

  24. Matthew O'Keefe Says:

    I love to read the back and forth between you two! Awesome debate my friends.

    Don’t anybody dare ask Margarin or Butter? First one that does gets twenty doggy logo tail wags upside the head.

  25. SteveIL Says:


    Too late. I have two dogs. And their tails are lethal. ;-)

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