SAT Time: Freedom of religion is to Saudi Arabia as …

Freedom of speech is to _____________________.

Ok, time’s up. Put down your pencils. The correct answer is: Southwestern Community College in Red Oak, Iowa.

Okay. The college administration claims that the professor was not fired because of this incident but declines to say what the true firing offence is. My guess is, the students threatened to withdraw from the college over the incident meaning that the college would lose out on tuition and other incomes and decided that it would be cheaper to find a lecturer in Western Civilization who wouldn’t shatter his students’ opinions about the Bible but they can’t very well tell reporters that. And, truth be told, I don’t know if that’s the case or whether the college has some other, legitimate ground for firing the prof. For the sake of warding off a costly law suit for wrongful termination filed by the ACLU, they’d better or this could be pretty costly, too and they’ll wind up having to hire the guy back again anyway.

I just see no way that this can end well.

Look. Students can believe whatever they want about the Bible or anything else and if this were a Bible College or Seminary that teaches that the creation and Adam and Eve portions of Genesis are literally true, then they could probably fire a proffessor for teaching his students, future teachers and preachers, that they aren’t but professors at a non-religion-affiliated community college do not have to believe or teach any particular interpretation of the Bible and students who cannot handle alternate points of view ought not be pandered to.

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  1. Jersey McJones Says:

    I’m a card carying member of the ACLU, and you can bet your @$$ I’ll be writing them about this.


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