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The Joker-in-Chief

Master of MirthThat George Dubya fella sure is one jolly joker. His winning personality always shines through with a funny quip or a Norm Crosby-style verbal gaffe - all strictly scripted of course. Ask him about the chances of Vladimir Putin staying in power past the end of his term and let the hilarity ensue:

Reporter: Mr. President, following up on Vladimir Putin for a moment, he said recently that next year, when he has to step down according to the constitution  , as the president, he may become prime minister; in effect keeping power and dashing any hopes for a genuine democratic transition there …

Bush: I’ve been planning that myself.

Damn that’s a scream! That’s as funny as his quips about his job being so much easier if he was only a dictator.

Ahhhh, good times … good times (said drying tears - unclear whether they’re from mirth or dread - from my eyes).

Did he really mean it? Probably not. But the really unfunny thing is that he’s created a climate where people don’t find quite the sense of irony as they might have if say, St. Ronny of Reagan said it. The gentle jibes don’t come across as jokes when played against the backdrop of his real actions, which are clearly, no joke.

I don’t feel offended by what he said. He says lots of stupid things and this is far from the worst. But while I’m chuckling under my breath, I’m watching him like a hawk because the beady eyes, incessant grin, and corn pone good ol’ boyism doesn’t hide the fact that’s he’s freedom’s menace. So Mr. President, all kidding aside, joke as much as you like. But remember, the vast majority of Americans aren’t in such a rib-tickling  , knee-slappin g mood these days. They don’t like you. They don’t respect you. They don’t trust you.

And that, sir, is no joke at all.

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6 Responses to “The Joker-in-Chief”

  1. Oh c’mon… Bill Clinton is trying to seize power now running his thoroughbred of a wife out in the race now… Surprised none of you Democrats “wanting a change” aren’t grasping onto that one… just some lame duck with a last day of January 20th 2009. Give it a rest!

  2. steve,
    Let me just check I’ve got this right. We can’t complain about George Bush because he won’t be President in 15 months time, but is still the President now, but you can complain about Bill Clinton who isn’t President now, won’t be President in the future and hasn’t been President for 7 years. Would that sum it up fairly well?

  3. Shut it you Limey bastard!!! Go complain before Parliament to your “Prime Minister” … j/k

    No seriously, do you think that Ms. Clinton would have the capability and the popularity to run for President without Bill at her side. Hell no… Bill casts a big shadow… Surprised no one sees it. The loyal Democrats cannot see that Ms. Clinton took a bunch of money from the medical industry to quiet her health plan during Bill’s reign either. Yet here see is talking all about free health care plans again. I wonder which way she’ll flip next. Clinton is not the change this country seeks.

  4. steve,
    As you know, I was joking as much as you were. And you’ve got a point. But would Georgie have been a good choice without his family (he’s a bad enough choice with them, after all)?

  5. If you would have watched or read the entire news conference you would have had your fears allayed by this last question and answer:

    “Q Will you be disappointed if he stays in power after you’re gone?

    THE PRESIDENT: I have no idea what he’s going to do. He — I asked him when I saw him in Australia, I tried to get it out of him, who’s going to be his successor, what he intends to do, and he was wily. He wouldn’t tip his hand. I’ll tip mine: I’m going to finish — I’m going to work hard to the finish. I’m going to sprint to the finish line, and then you’ll find me in Crawford…. ”

    Pretty clear about his intentions. Of course reading the whole thing wouldn’t allow for nearly as much tempest in your teapot.

  6. wait till that awol moron gets back to that dustbowl he calls a ranch in crawford. in less than 24 hours after 1-20-09, he’ll be drunk and playing with chain saws. laura the pill head will be too fucked up to even call 911.

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