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Sexual Abuse on Children by a Priest… Again?

Prominent Jesuit Is Target of New Federal Charges

Published: November 3, 2007

A prominent Jesuit priest accused of sexually victimizing teenage boys who were his valets as he traveled the world leading Roman Catholic spiritual retreats was taken into federal custody yesterday in Chicago.

The priest, the Rev. Donald J. McGuire, was charged by the federal authorities with traveling to Switzerland and Austria to engage in sexual conduct with a minor. Father McGuire was convicted last year of sexually abusing two high school students on trips to Wisconsin.


Victims’ lawyers released documents this week that showed that as far back as 1969 parents had contacted Jesuit officials to report that Father McGuire was behaving in sexually incorrect ways with their sons.

The order also received complaint letters from parents in 1993, 1994, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

In that time, Father McGuire traveled alone with teenagers as young as 13, usually sharing a room and often a bed, according to the affidavit unsealed yesterday.

The actions continued despite orders from his Jesuit superiors in the Chicago Province in 1991 instructing Father McGuire not to travel on overnight trips “with any boy or girl under the age of 18 and, preferably, even under the age of 21.”

(Snip) My words and not the Times… So the Catholic Church leaders knew the creep was a problem but still let him loose on the parish children? I’m guessing the Jesuit superiors are hoping to cover their sorry asses with a strongly worded letter rather than calling 911?

Sometimes after the abuse, he would perform the rite of absolution. One of the reported victims said the first time Father McGuire molested him was at confession, when he was 9. The parents had considered it an honor when the prominent priest mentored their sons.

The boy who reportedly traveled with Father McGuire to Switzerland and Austria roomed with him in a Jesuit residence in Evanston, Ill., in 1999, starting at age 13, and stayed until 2003.

That was one year after the Catholic bishops of the United States declared that all priests credibly accused of abuse should be removed from ministry service. - New York Times

The right of Absolution? For the child? Yet another sick minded SOB priest that raped young boys.

What the hell is the deal with my Catholic Church? Who in their right mind would allow a “Known” sex offender against children to still have contact with children? Direct report senior officials in the church should be tried right next to this SOB and given the same damn sentence. This is a crime against humanity in the most disgusting form and it angers me so much that it has rocked my faith in the church to the point of wanting to leave it.

Yes, I mean leave the church that has shown me the world of Jesus Christ and that we all are our brothers keeper. How can I go to my church and look any priest in the face without thinking if this man of God is also a pedophile in disguise? What is going through his mind as my children are taking the body of Christ? I can not rely on or trust the Bishop’s or the Cardinal’s to clean up their act and cast out the sex offenders any more than I could trust a known serial killer not to kill… again!

What I see as a serious problem with the brotherhood that is the priesthood of the Catholic Church is that they take care of their own no matter what wrongs they have committed. In their minds, it seems better to hide a known criminal amongst themselves than report the criminal to the authorities. After all they are all looking out for the greater good of the Catholic Church. With the criminal priest on the lamb for one or more sexual crimes against children they have knowingly farmed them out to other dioceses to start all over again for decades. Who the hell do these people think they are? Wearing that collar does not absolve you from being a sinner at any level of the church and if you knowingly hide someone that has sexually abused children then you are just as guilty.

If the United States government or for that matter states and local law enforcement looked at the Catholic Church as just another corporation then they would have seized all the records of the Bishop’s (Vice President’ s) and Cardinal’s  (CEO’s) within the church and shut this sexual predator pedophilia syndicate down years ago.

I’m disgusted as a practicing Catholic. If my church does not see this as a long running problem then I can not participate in this church in the same ways as I have in the past. If I can see it in the press then so can the Pope. If he looks the other way still, then somebody needs to call Saint Peter and tell him about the going out of business sale.

My suggestions to parents thinking that their child may have been sexually abused by anyone in any church. Call the police first and then call your District Attorney General’s office. Then call a lawyer. Insist on an arrest no matter who the accused is.

Calling the church or the abusers boss in circumstance s of sexual abuse against your child is like swatting at the rain. The drops are still going to come down and get your feet wet.


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