Dropping Aqua Dot

Ooh, the pretty colors, man. It’s gotten to the point that even Bush feels he has to pay lip service to the abysmal quality of goods flooding the American marketplace from China. Today’s darling is Aqua Dots.

Australian scientists say a chemical coating on the beads, when ingested, metabolizes into the so-called date-rape drug gamma hydroxy butyrate. When eaten, the compound - made from common and easily available ingredients - can induce unconsciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death. — CBS

Well, Yay!. Be the first to roofie your own kid. Pedophiles must be stocking up.

I think this Christmas, our kids are going to lift up the poor with some community service. Piles of cheaply made crap is not the reason for the season. I sure as hell don’t feel like spending my cash on Chinese made toys. Maybe if enough people close their wallets this season, retailers will feel the bitch slap and start buying smarter.

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  1. DizzyDezzi Says:

    I just had a chat with my littlest darling (aged 5 3/4 years), this morning, while she was jumping up and down begging for a mechanical pony. I sat her down and explained in no uncertain terms, that nowadays, toys aren’t made like they used to be, they are made with parts that will hurt you and parts that will make you sick and maybe kill you. I reminded her that Mommy and Daddy love her enough not to buy things that will hurt her and since we can’t be sure what toys are good and what toys are bad, we will find other things that she can feel safe playing with (like books or video games or music). She kind of sulked when she walked away…but, then, she’s only 5 3/4.

  2. Morgan Says:

    Trying to figure out what you can do? Check out NotInMyCart.org

  3. Lisa Says:


  4. Lisa Says:

    This was distributed by a Canadian Company . So now I guess we have to pay attention to what we get from Canada too.

  5. Jet Netwal Says:

    Diz, more power to you. It’s hard to disappoint them, the the alternative really sucks.

    Morgan, that’s a good link. Having the recalls listed with pictures is very helpful.

    Lisa, the recall was initiated by the Canadian company, and they are replacing the defective toys with good ones. At least consumers aren’t left holding the bag, like they are with some of these issues. The manufacturer in China faces a fine of $12,000. Not a typo. I don’t see how to make a dent it this other than refusing to buy the crap.

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