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CNN Live Democratic Debate

The fire is in the air and the candidates are no longer being absolute friends and playmates anymore. Two words, About TIME!

This is a rambling typing so forgive my typing errors and grammar. I had to kick the kids off of Disney for kids to get to CNN and missed the first thirty or so minutes.

Denis Kucinich slammed John Edwards on the China tainted products being shipped into the USA with the fact that Edwards is a trial lawyer and should know what liability is.

Obama fired one over the bow with a fact of what the Japanese do to have trade with China, they send inspectors to China before the products ship. We should do the same.

Hillary doused the question on the so called “Boys Club” issue with her campaign for President pointing out that it has been the achievements of woman in her lifetime that have made it possible for a Latino, an African American and a woman to be able to run for President.

Biden blew his top with the fact that none of the people on the stage know that the WTO agreement with China has the enforcement written into the agreement to shut China down till they clean up their act. He is calling to shut down the agreement today!

Edwards pointed out the fact that we do not need to elect or replace a corrupt corporate Republican government with a corrupt Democrat government.

Richardson blew the Nuclear waste and not in my back yard issue off the table with the fact that we need to stop giving incentives to oil, coal and nuclear energy corporations and change our nation to renewable energy incentives.

Audience / Questions

Biden called for Bush impeachment on the lack of a full vote from Congress to go to war in Iraq.

Edwards wants to stop the Bush, Cheney Neocons with stopping the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He was the only one that stated God bless you and your mother for your service to the questioner.

It’s Bill Richardson birthday, pointed out by a questioner. He would pull out all of the private contractors and our troops within the year. War in Iraq has bled our military and he would renew the GI Bill. New VA health care card for veterans care anywhere not just at VA hospitals and including mental health care. Mental health care for our troops does not get the coverage they need.

Harassment of immigrants. Edwards wants to review Patriot act and racial profiling. Close Guantanamo, and no more torture as President. Restoring respect for America.

Kucinich on the patriot act… I did not vote for it because I actually read it! He slammed all of the opponents on flip flopping on everything from Iraq to Nafta and the border. Richardson called him on the carpet that he is just a Governor.

Biden voted against funding Gitmo. Called for closing it three years ago. What are the other candidates going to do to change things now.

Mexican border… Richardson, deals with immigration locally. Two years ago declared a border emergency and is against the fence. Secure the border, detection equipment, employer prosecution. Mexico needs to give jobs to your people and stop handing out maps to the easiest place to cross the border.

Chris Dodd, Spanish… have no freaking clue what he said to the questioner. Oath of office is not about giving up rights.

Baby boomers retirement. Pensions and many will not have them. Social Security and Medicaid. Protecting Social Security

Obama, not raising age requirement is the way to go or failing to adjust the income cap is wrong, Warren Buffet pays less in tax and higher income needs to be looked at. Medicare… Premiums up 78% under bush, health care for all.

Clinton raising tax on higher income levels to fund Social Security and Medicare and she fuddled against it. Crisis with healthcare and Medicare. Fiscal responsibility is the way to go. Bipartisan commission to look at the entire issue. Not for lifting the cap on higher income. Trillion dollar tax increase if that is the route taken.

Obama slammed her on the top six percent of income earners paying into Social Security and Medicare. Hillary went back to Reagan and Tip O’Neil on bipartisan committees to solve the Social Security and Medicare problem back in 1983. Double speak and avoid the question.

Dodd on the Supreme Court… Against anyone that would even think of overturning Roe Vs Wade.

Biden, enough proffesors on the Supreme court bench. Wants real people on the SCOTUS bench. Wants someone with real life experience and not

Would you support abortion? Richardson, yes, Kucinich, great divide in our country, we need a healer in the White House? Clinton, privacy is inbedded in the constitution. Yes! Kudos to Biden on this issue from Hillary. Slammed Bush. Obama, What makes a good justice, outsider and poor vunerable, wants an outsider. Edwards, for privacy, back bone in judges and respects that courage and wants that in SCOTUS.

Middle East divided electorate, what message can unite our country?

Obama blah blah blah not answering. Restoring Habius Corpus?
Clinton… Working together, looking for common ground. There is differences but we can work together. Smart people can get involved and get back to being Americans again.

Biden… Gain respect with the truth. Repbulicans think this war and our policy stinks. Loyalty to bush is key. Republicans are afraid to take on Bush.

Richardson… Diplomacy and negotiations and talk to the world Syria and Iran and repair the last eight years.

End of the Debate… Man this was great but it sucked.

It was clearly evident that Hillary Clinton was the go to candidate by CNN and Wolf Blitzer. Obama was next and the rest of the field including John Edwards were second class candidates according to how the debate aired.

You could see that Biden, Richardson, Kucinich were pissed off that they were cut off time and time again because Hillary or Barack had the next question.

I do have to say that Kucinich impressed the crap out of me with his performance and you could actually see the passion and the reason why he does not want to be the soft candidate. Biden was cut off every single time he spoke and so was Richardson.

While Hillary was allowed to run on and on and so was Barack, anyone else was coldly cutoff. I would have liked to hear more from Biden and Richardson. Kucinich had the guts to call them all on the carpet for not having the ability to stick to a position and live with it.


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