Politics, Voting or Not Voting

With the up and coming election for President of these here United but divided United States of America there is a lack of enthusiasm in some circles to not even care to vote. Part of that lack of interest in the election process is the responsibility of the current occupant of the office to some degree. The Decider in Chief, that ran on the principal of being a uniter and not a divider, became a total isolationist within his political party post 9/11. As long as he was happy the Congress was let loose on the people with full Republican brutality on the middle and lower classes of America.

Prosperity in America is more smoke and mirrors than reality. If the politics of our government is to protect and defend only the interest of the corporations and the top 5% of income earners then we have a bigger problem than we all think. If running for the highest office in the land is sponsored by corporations and industries that expect the return on their investment then we have a much larger problem. Political donations for most industries have a higher return than any other investment opportunity in America if the legislation they want is passed.

If our government leaders think that America should be the world police and intervene in the sovereignty of other nations with military force at the drop of a hat then we have and even bigger and larger problem. If you support all of our sons and daughters in our nations military then our political leaders need to know that use of our military is always a last resort. America is not or was not founded on nation building on foreign soil by force.

When you hear someone tell you that their vote does not count you need to remind them who is in the White House now and why he and his party is counting on them not to vote. When they tell you that they are just one vote you need to let them know that by not voting they are enabling the corporate take over of our society and government because they are counting on them to not vote. When they tell you that their vote is meaningless when the big picture is considered then I dare you to ask them if a child’s life is worthy of their vote? What if that child is only eighteen or nineteen years old and serving in Iraq or Afghanistan in our nations military. When you hear them reply that the government does not care about the poor, make sure you tell them that they are absolutely right because the poorest amongst us do not vote! Being poor does not make you absolved of your government’s actions if you do not vote. When the people fail to vote, then the parties that get the vote will walk all over you unencumbered. Not my cup of tea and thus I vote in every election.

Given all the aspects of each political party you can come to several conclusions but one thing is certain, the Democrat Party was not the one that sold the war in Iraq to the American people under a cloak of shame. Democrat’s didn’t sell out the seniors prescription subsidy program by letting the Pharmaceutical industry write the legislation for the government. Democrat’s didn’t write the No Child Left Behind legislation and then did not fund it. Democrat’s are not the ones that handed Haliburton no bid contracts for the Iraq War and then watched as that same corporation moved its corporate headquarters out of the United States of America. I’m not leaving the Democrat’s out of all blame but the price of gasoline was not $3 a gallon when they had control of the House and Senate.

When you find yourself losing your home you can not lay the blame on the Democrat’s because even today the Bush administration stated that they do not think it is a real crisis as yet. Over at Reuters they have this little hidden nugget on the news wires…

White House: too soon to discuss subprime loan plan
Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:43pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Friday said it was “premature” to discuss possible new steps to address the mortgage crisis and declined to comment on reports that officials are working on a deal with lenders to freeze interest rates on some loans.

“It’s premature to talk about those discussions at this point,” White House spokesman Scott Stanzel told reporters, when pressed on whether the administration is working on a new initiative regarding the mortgage market.

Stanzel said that administration officials “certainly have been working in close consultation with the private sector and with the industry to look at ways in which we can help people keep their homes.”

In August, the Bush administration announced a series of initiatives aimed at preventing homeowners from defaulting on risky mortgages. Those included a tax-relief proposal to make it easier for some homeowners to refinance their home loans.

Economists have become increasingly concerned about the impact of the mortgage crisis, centered on subprime loans extended to riskier borrowers, on the broader U.S. economy. - Reuters

They have some band aide programs but if you don’t qualify now because of the credit crunch on the middle and lower class then you better call a mover or some friends with a pick up. The red carpet of the White House and the Republican party does not venture further than the top 5% of income earners. If you are in that club then good for you, if you are not, then you better vote or consider yourself damned, screwed and tattooed by any future Republican lead government in America.

At least there is one thing that both political parties have in common . The top three of each party does not care about the middle and lower class because they can count on the majority of us to simply not vote. Big mistake on their part but then again they have the big bucks to sell the ones that do vote the sound bite that just might get their vote. Shiny object over hear on the boob tube while they throw them and you under the bus over there to corporate America.

I’m dumbfounded that the leaders from each political party are the leaders for the highest office in the land. Republican’s have Giuliani that is a Catholic, divorced several times, cheated on his wife in the lead that knowingly used his NYPD for a taxi service for his mistress.

Followed by a close second former Governor that has a larger collection of Flip Flops than Senator John Kerry. I personally think that Kerry had a yard sale and Mitt Romney bought the entire collection.
Then we have the angry Senator from Arizona. He’s a time bomb of anger issues that the White House is not the place to hand the football to him. Television debates don’t lie and McCain was blood boiling mad at Ron Paul and Mitt Romney over torture and Iraq. He needs therapy.

Democrats are no better…

Hillary Clinton does actually believe that she will be the next President of the United States. I find that arrogant. Number one rule of politics is that you can have a ton of money for your campaign but if the people do not think you are sincere then you lose. Canned speeches based on political polls is where and what she is all about and many people have opinions on many issues that are not popular but are still Democrat at heart. It might have worked for Bill but it isn’t working for her this time around.

Barack Obama is a political star but he does not play well to the moderates of the Democrat party. Rather than being himself where he would excel he is fashioning himself as a me too Democrat. Running in the shadow of Hillary is not him and he either does not get what the people want to hear or his political campaign advisors are leading him down the wrong road. In most of the debates he was upstaged with the right answers to the questions posed to all of the candidates. Personally, I do not think that some of the answers he gave were really from his gut. Given a few more years experience in Washington he would have my vote in a heart beat. You can see that he is over his head in this election.

John Edwards is a great politician that has mastered the double speak of politics. Ask him a direct question and you will always walk away with a dazed and confused look. Nice hair though! Four hundred dollar haircuts does not sell you as a man of the poor and middle class. Two America’s, yup and he proved that fact with his haircut.

That is my round up, one thing that I believe very important to all Americans regardless of political belief, you need to vote! Otherwise the limousines will pass you by and the people living the life of luxury will always benefit when you simply do not care to vote. Rise up and take your government back by voting. No matter what party you believe in you need to look at your lot in life and ask yourself if this person is worthy of your vote? Then look again who isn’t the top three and be amazed at the favors they will not owe to the maxed out donors of the campaigns. It’s your country and it is not sponsored by corporation ABC. VOTE!


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12 Responses to “Politics, Voting or Not Voting”

  1. me Says:

    I, too, lack much enthusiasm for the candidates in the upcoming presidential election. Personally, I don’t have a problem with McCain’s anger over torture; he was the one man standing on that stage that had actually been tortured. It is the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill that sinks him as a candidate. That and his age but mostly the bill, which I think unconstitutional in part, regardless of what the SCOTUS says. I have too much respect for the first amendment and McCain has too little.

  2. steve Says:

    I beg to differ Craig… A vote for Hillary is a vote for Armageddon. So you better pick someone…

  3. me Says:


    I didn’t say I wouldn’t vote. I will. I’m just saying that I’m not thrilled with any of the choices…and you better get set for Armageddon because I don’t see anyone beating Hillary.

  4. Jersey McJones Says:

    “A vote for Hillary is a vote for Armageddon.”

    Was that you in that road-flare suit at the Clinton camapign the other day, Steve?

    Whacko. The loony Right has really gone off the deep-end with all this Hilsteria.


  5. Lisa Says:

    I don’t think Steve was referring to that suicide bomber Jersey.

    And there is no looney right,only Looney Left. It just sounds better.

  6. me Says:


    have you forgotten or have you never run across Sandy? Trust me, there is a loony Right. Not as euphonious, I grant you, without the alliteration.

  7. Lisa Says:

    No kidding Craig. I was just being facetious,

  8. Lisa Says:

    But now that I think about it I think Sandy was someone in disguise just trying to rally up the masses.

  9. PsiStar Says:

    I was most amused to see Hilary blaming Wall Street for the subprime loan fiasco. Does no one remember that it was the Clinton administration in the late 1990’s that threatened to bring civil rights suits against the major banks if they did not make more loans to minorities. So the banks lowered their credit-worthiness criteria for all applicants and the subprime loan fiasco was born as a result of Clinton’s interference with the economy.

  10. Jersey McJones Says:

    PsiStzar, you are a racist. You are saying that the only way minorities can get loans is for the lenders to lower or circumnavigate credit standards. You are a racist. Many, many studies have shown that there is rampant institutional and anecdotal racist boundaries, placed by people like you, that are biased against minorites for no other reason than there race. Yet you trot out this racist, scummy, stupid, sleazy, creepy, slovenly pseudo-theory that the credit crisis was born of Hillary Clinton’s powerless threat to take action against people like you. You are the worst sort of sleaze - a prototypical sleazy con bait ‘n switch artist and a blatant racist. God drop dead and do the world a favor, will ya’.

    Meanwhile, the sleazy, crooked, racist cons that you must adore, turned a blind eye and allowed mass unregulated lending that could easily have been averted, and now we taxpayers, as usual, have to pay for the irresponsibility of the stupid, sleazy, corrupt cons.

    You are one stupid sob if you think you’re fooling anyone. Enjoy your taxes going down the drain, moron.


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