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John Dean

I was listening to a talk by John Dean the other day. John Dean is a Goldwater Republican and a member of the Nixon administrati on. He was also the person who helped to bring down the Nixon administrati on by his truthful testimony about the abuse of power in the Nixon administrati on. John Dean should be celebrated as an American hero at some future time. He continues to be a conservative  , and he continues to find the abuse of power in government disgusting.

John Dean has now written several books criticizing the Bush administrati on. “Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush” makes the argument that the Bush administrati on has abused power in a more extreme manner than the Nixon administrati on, which was the gold standard in corruption up until the Bush administrati on took power.

In “Conservat ives Without Conscience John Dean tells us about the authoritaria n personality. The authoritaria n personality marks the type of person that is attracted to organization s like the Nazi Party. It turns out that the Republican Party is littered with people who fit this very same authoritaria n personality type. These are people who not only go along with the flow and follow their leaders without question, they believe that it is the most efficient way to accomplish what they want to get out of the party. This attraction of authoritaria n personality types to the Republican Party explains why the two major political parties operate in such different ways. The Republicans expect that they will receive commands from their leadership and carry out those orders, while Democrats continue to debate policy even after decisions have been made.

In his latest book, “Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches” John Dean goes into the damage done by the Republicans so far. So much of the destruction has taken place off the radar screen in the back offices. If the media doesn’t report on this the public doesn’t know what is happening. And, if the public doesn’t know what is happening then the public will continue to re-elect these people. And, the worst thing that has happened is that every time any aspect of this destruction comes to light the response from the perpetrators and their supports mocks the evidence and the person who presents it as if they are crazy loonies wearing tin foil hats and claims the apocalypse is around the corner. This in itself is quite ironic when we consider who makes these claims and echoes them through the blogosphere.

John Dean lays out a frightening case for how two groups of extremists have hijacked the Republican Party and proceeded to hijack the US government. These people operate on authoritaria n principles of control, that frighteningl y enough many people actually desire. The leaders of the Republican Party desire the ease in which goals can be accomplished when everyone follows the orders of the leadership. This is why it was so easy for the President to get his legislation through congress without any debate. And, the president never felt impelled to use his veto much until the Democrats began to question his authority.

The pessimistic view of this is that the Republicans will not give up easily. If they manage to take control again they will continue to press for more and more authoritaria n rule until they feel some push back. If the public remains oblivious and apathetic we will continue to lose our freedoms and liberty. And as we lose freedom and liberty it will become more difficult to win them back. If anyone doubts the resolve of these people just look at the case of Christine Comer, the former director of science in Texas. She was fired after she forwarded an e-mail message on a talk about evolution and creationism. Even the way is which her supervisors characterize the “firing” as a “resignati on” is a re-writing of the facts. Ms. Comer had no intention of leaving her post, as I heard her interview on NPR.

When authoritaria n personalitie s don’t get what they want they continue to push the envelope, game the system and eventually cheat the system. These people already know that there is only one correct solution and all the others are invalid. A mind set like this assures destruction of society as we know it. Either the authoritaria ns win and change society, or they lose and war breaks out with those who disagree with them.

We are currently in a hopeful moment where the Democrats have been able to put some breaks to the destruction the Republicans have begun. However, if these people win again the destruction will continue. John Dean offers some clues in his books as to how we should battle back against, not Republicans, but the personality of these authoritaria ns.

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Don’t forget what Stephen Colbert said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

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  1. Good post. I never miss Dean when he’s on Countdown.

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