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Huckabee Preacher or President?

Don’t get me wrong because for the most part I think Mike Huckabee is probably one of the more genuine candidates over on the Republican side of the election. His sense of humor is realisticall y enough suited to him when it comes to the non stop religious questions thrown at him. Being a Republican candidate for President you pretty much need to be wearing your religion on your sleeve and if you are not then you better be explaining yourself. Which brings me to the thought process of why Mike Huckabee is not giving a JFK speech like Mitt Romney did just a few days ago? After all, Mitt is only a Mormon faith member, he was never a religious leader of his flock like Mike Huckabee was.

Is Mike Huckabee not concerned about all the people of the Jewish faith that just might also be a Republican. How about all them Catholic Republican s like Bill O‘Reilly? Skip the Catholic’s  , we gave up on Bill O’Reilly when he signed his pact with the devil but don’t tell anyone. Everyone knows that being a Catholic and a Republican too is like taking scuba diving lessons by jumping out of a plane at ten thousand feet, those two things just do not go together.

Is it possible for a preacher to go from the religious pulpit to the Presidential podium? Granted Huckabee was Governor of Arkansas but that is in the midst of the bible belt and in those states having the right religion can be the gold card of politics.

Over at MotherJones. com they have this very interesting read on just this subject…

Huckabee Hides His Full Gospel? Washington Dispatch: Is Mike Huckabee the presidential candidate shunning Mike Huckabee the preacher? Before entering politics, he was a pastor at two Baptist churches. Now his campaign tells Mother Jones it won’t make his sermons available to the media and the public.By David Corn and Jonathan Stein
December 10, 2007
Now that he has his moment in the political spotlight, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee does not want his days at the pulpit to be scrutinized.

As Huckabee has surged to the front of the Republican pack in Iowa, his religious views have drawn media and voter attention. After all, Huckabee, a former Baptist pastor, has been campaigning as a “Christian leader.” But he has vacillated on how far to interject faith into politics. At an early debate, he indicated he does not believe in evolution, but at a more recent debate, when he was asked by Wolf Blitzer if the creation of the Earth occurred six thousand years ago and only took six days, as stated in the Old Testament, Huckabee said, “I don’t know. I wasn’t there.” During a question-and -answer session with students at fundamentali st Liberty University last month, he asserted that his rise in the polls has an explanation that is “beyond human” and is due to the power of his supporters’ prayers. Afterward, he backtracked slightly, adding, “I’m saying that when people pray, things happen…. I’m not saying that God wants me to be elected.” (At a victory rally held after Huckabee won a 1993 special election for lieutenant governor, Huckabee told his supporters that he had only won because God had intervened, according to the Texarkana Gazette.) - MotherJones. com

It perplexes me why the topic of religion is so heavily debated among the Republican s in the race for the Presidency and it never ends. Fractures in the political party of the current President are rampant from state to state and it will not end until the last vote is cast. If the thinking behind the votes cast is solely based on a candidates religious belief then the voters do not see what politics is really all about. Being President is not about what God you believe in or how many times you attend services. It’s about making decisions for the greater good of all of our people. Current President exception. There are decisions to be made that frankly, yes religion and your personal faith can and will have a bearing on but there is also the fact that as President you have to defend the Constitution of the United States of America to the best of your abilities over any other vow you have ever taken in your life. There is no exception written into the oath that you must take once elected President of this nation. Again, current President exception.

Thou shall not kill, one of the biggies of the ten commandments is pretty relevant if you are the Commander in Chief of our nations military. Can the preacher break this commandment by using military force where many lives could be lost as President of our country to defend our people? If not, then how does he defend our nation and prove that America is not to be messed with by all the little dictators that think they are the next toughest kid on the block? Could he direct the CIA to find and kill terrorist leaders around the world that are intent on the ultimate destruction of America? Could Huckabee put the bible down to make these kind of decisions and live with it or not?

There is a large difference between a Sunday sermon and the highest political office in the land. Sermons are easy enough, running a nation is not about words and phrases that can roll off the tongue. It’s about actions that President’ s have to take and in some instances it runs counter to whatever religion you have under your belt. Once more the current President exception.


Originally posted at Papamoka Straight Talk

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2 Responses to “Huckabee Preacher or President?”

  1. The reason Huckabee isn’t giving the Kennedy/Romn ey speech is simple: Baptist presidents are old had. Just within memory there’s been Carter and Clinton. Baptists have no pope that they are expected to swear loyalty and obedience to and Baptists are mainstream Protestant, respectable, Evangelical, fundamentali st so he’s an easy choice for all the Evangelicals . Since, to my knowledge, we’ve never had a Jewish president, Jews are used to voting for Christians for president and since Jews vote overwhelming ly Democrat, Huckabee isn’t and doesn’t have to be overly concerned about what Jews think of him. Given that they’ve voted two Democrat Baptists for president in recent decades, it’s definitely a non issue.

    I think you’re missing something. Really the only ones for whom the president’s religion is a big deal are the Evangelical Protestants and Huckabee’s got a lock on them. The rest really could care less.

    As for his sermons, what makes anyone think any of his sermons are available to be read. None of mine are. Mostly, I preached from a bare outline. An outline that was not kept for posterity. Since I never repeated sermons, there was no point. Of course, some preachers do print out full texts of their sermons and some keep all their old sermons but I never did.

    As for why religion is debated among Republicans, in part it has to do with the liberal media that run most of the debates. They tend to have a very stereotypica l notion of what a Republican is: redneck, not to bright, sheeple who hate brown skinned people and go to Church. Beyond that, the nuance of their understandin g of Republicans sort of breaks down so we get questions about candidates’ religious convictions.

    Of course, it is true also that Evangelicals have wielded a pretty large amount of power within the party and, as I said, they are really about the only ones for whom the religion of the nations’ leaders is of any great importance. Since the Democrats became the party of pro choice on abortion and human embryo destroying stem cell research, the Republican party is really the only place for most Evangelicals to go in the all important presidential election because he’s the one that appoints judges to the bench. Since liberals protected abortionists via the courts, the courts are the only way for the Evangelicals to fight back. Which is to say that the religious debate isn’t all due to liberal media’s abject ignorance of Evangelicals . It’s also due to Evangelicals ’ seriousness about protecting the unborn among the human race.

    Then again, although there are the remnant few fairly conservative Democrats, the Kos Kids have pretty much driven them right out of the party. Where’s a conservative Democrat to go? It starts with an ‘R’. Well, us conservative s tend to believe in God, tend to believe that morality and faith go hand-in-hand . We tend to believe that faith steadies a person under pressure. We tend to believe in preserving the tried and true and to my knowledge, there’s never been anything but theists that have ever been elected to the office of president and we tend to believe that that’s an important element in God’s blessings upon our nation.

    Now mind you, I’m explaining here, not arguing that the above is Truth, with a capital ‘T’…only that we conservative s tend to believe these things to be true. Hence for conservative s in general, and for Evangelicals in particular, candidates’ religion cannot be ignored.

    However, I don’t think it’s accurate to depict Republicans, conservative s, or Evangelicals ’ even, as voting solely on a candidate’s religion. Every candidate running for president professes to believe in God. If faith were the sole criteria, faith would be irrelevant until someone like Romney comes along, someone whose faith is not well and deeply understand, whose faithful are looked at rather askance for their doctrines that are so different from the majority of believers, or, in 1960, a Roman Catholic, where there would be question about whether his loyalty would be to the Pope or to the Constitution .

    Well, these are my thoughts.

    Good blog post, by the way. Both thoughtful and thought provoking.

  2. Few nations have been so poor as to have but one god. Gods were made so easily, and the raw material cost so little, that generally the god market was fairly glutted and heaven crammed with these phantoms.
    Robert Green Ingersoll

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