Kevin Martin: Douchebag of the Year

We knew exactly how it was going to happen, and it happened exactly that way. The FCC — oblivious to millions of letters, phone calls and e-mails begging them not to — has gone ahead and voted in favor of greater media consolidation. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin thinks there’s been too much diversity in the media. His solution is to have just two or three megalomaniacs controlling everything we read and listen to. (I thought they already did.)

Kevin Martin you’re a flaming douchebag. You’re a motherfucking son of a whore who should have been shot at birth. Eat shit and choke on it. Hope you get an AIDS needle in your Christmas stocking.

As you’ve probably guessed, Heartattackfuck and his dopey sockpuppet are standing firmly behind Kevin Martin’s plan to strangle the media.

Twenty-six senators — Republicans and Democrats — had already written to Martin, warning that they would “immediately move legislation that will revoke and nullify the proposed rule.” These twenty-six senators include several powerful Republicans and all four Democratic presidential contenders. This issue needs to be front and center in the 2008 election. If you listen to the radio, watch TV or follow the news, this FCC action affects YOU.

This is a bipartisan issue. Several rightwing Christian organizations and the National Rifle Association, plus a lot of liberal and non-political groups, are bitterly opposed to the FCC’s attempts to strangle competition and diversity.

Bush has already threatened to veto any bill that attempts to override the FCC’s decision. Congress must be willing to attach this FCC override as an amendment to every — EVERY — bill they send to Bush.

And now, a public service message: Beware of Child Molesters!

2 Responses to “Kevin Martin: Douchebag of the Year”

  1. steve Says:

    Here I thought he was a Sacramento King…

  2. rube cretin Says:

    tom.. . please, it is the season. suggest you read the Rude Pundit for a few days to get detailed instructions on how to get things off your chest. you have all the makings of a professional. seriously, the propaganda machine is roaring and about to get louder if something is not done to turn down the volume. i agree this is awful, and the terrible thing about it is that there will be another one next week which will remove this one from the headlines. i sometimes think we have a new Water….something every week and the public is becoming numb to these dastardly acts. look forward to your future rants on this subject.

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