Educating our Illegal Immigrants

Higher education even at a state run college is one step up on the ladder of life for all individuals. All of the life long benefits of that college education will allow any person the ability to make a few more dollars per year because the person invested in themselves first. They become a valuable asset to any company that would hire them. Should this same thought process apply to illegal immigrants though?

Apparently, Governor Deval Patrick thinks it should and he is testing the waters of the corner office in Boston to see if he can authorize reduced tuition for state residents to illegal immigrants.

In-state tuition divisivePatrick favors illegals break

BOSTON— Gov. Deval L. Patrick said yesterday he’s looking into whether he can skirt the state Legislature by unilaterally allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state collegesPatrick’s revelation touched off strong reaction on Beacon Hill, where House lawmakers two years ago defied Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, D-Boston, and defeated a bill that would let those immigrant students pay the same rate as their high school classmates.

“We have had some legal research done to see whether it’s possible to address that question without legislation,” the Democratic governor told an audience of education and business leaders. “The answer to that is by no means clear.”

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Opposition to the tuition break is rooted in the larger ideological issue of how to address illegal immigration. Opponents say the state shouldn’t be making it easier for undocumented students, who could take higher paying jobs from legal residents.“I’m amazed that he wants to be the sole person responsible for implementation of the wrong policy for Massachusetts,” said state House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones Jr., R-North Reading. “The public will be rightly incensed.”

Jones said he hasn’t researched whether the governor can grant the tuition breaks.

“We provide the free public education K-through-12 for these students,” he said. “We’ve already done quite a bit for these students. By doing this, we would add incentives for people to come here. Illegal immigrants do pretty well finding out where the best places for them to go are.” – Worcester Telegram

Hold the INS deportation bus! This kid is going to UMASS and has a get out of jail card. This kid is going to Fitchburg State, these two are going to Worcester State and those sixty three are all enrolled in Quinsigamond State College. Sorry Mr. Bus driver but that seems to be about everyone on the bus. Carry on sir!

I’m as liberal as they come but even I have my blood boiling over this buffoonery by Governor Patrick. As a parent of five daughters I worry about how the hell I am going to put all of them through college and yet the resources to keep tuition rates down are going to be spent on illegal immigrants? Besides that little scenario it concerns me that this will set a precedent for anyone that wants to come to Massachusetts illegally to have state citizenship recognized by the state which would then toss the legality of all illegal immigrants’ status into the courts.

Granting reduced resident status tuition to illegal immigrants is tantamount to slapping all of the residents of the state in the face. Especially, those that have come here legally from all around the world that has faced the gauntlet of legally immigrating and is in the process of earning their citizenship. Why should someone that broke into this state and this country get a reduced resident tuition rate? Our tax dollars from our jobs and the money we spend as legal residents help to pay the costs of some of the best state colleges in this nation and this proposal by the Governor is a giveaway to legitimate criminals.

I’m Liberal but I’m not stupid. Governor Deval Patrick should put this idea in the draw and never let it see the light of day again. He needs to be realistic and know that the education of all legal residents in the Bay State should always supersede the rights of anyone here illegally. Besides the fact that the reduced rate tuition education could find the benefactor on a bus back to the nation they came from if they are ever found by INS or the proper authorities. Then again are they not going after employers who hire illegal immigrants? Bad idea Deval, real bad!


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  1. steve Says:

    My father was a WWII refugee from Germany and I couldn’t get one measly scholarship to pay for some books… I know what you are saying…

    The Tuba worked out nice for me! :)

  2. Jersey McJones Says:

    The problem is the profiteering of the hifgher education system, not whether “illegals” (usuallly the children of “illegals” who are here of choice of their own) should get in-state tuition breaks and such.


  3. Alex Says:

    How is allowing the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition harming your children who will also be paying in-state tuition, Matt? Children of illegal immigrants, living within the state that they are going to attend college in, are indeed eligible for in-state tuition because they are residents – aren’t they? The tuition rate is not “reduced,” merely resident tuition.

    Steve, what does your inability to not obtain scholarships have to do with allowing a child of an illegal immigrant to pay resident tuition to attend a University? The former has nothing to do with the latter, unless Gov. Patrick is advocating giving grant or scholarship funds to children of illegal immigrants. My understanding is that said children will merely be allowed to attend a college or University in the state they are a resident in at the in-state tuition rate. This does not preclude you from receiving a scholarship, Steve, nor your children, Matt?

    Indeed, how does this impact you at all, Matt or Steve – save for the ideological debate regarding illegal immigration?

  4. steve Says:

    Um… Alex.. It effected me when I would see Hmong students pretty much walk through college without paying and admittedly not pay while they drove fancy cars because the money was all there for them. Granted their legal status unknown and of course that doesn’t relate to Mat’s article. However I saw them get advantages on my way through my four years. I was blessed with some music talent so playing the tuba and baritone horn made it easier for me. All I had in high school other than that was a 3.7 gpa and 700 Math score on the SAT. By my neanderthal style of writing you all obviously could tell where my Verbal side of the SAT was. I took my foreign language though, excelled in Math and did what I had to do. But I didn’t see no first generation WWII German refugee scholarship out there. Wouldn’t we want to cater to the people that come here from war torn areas as refugees or as “legal” citizens or even “legal” student visas? Maybe the Hmong students had that going for them being they were from Cambodia or Vietnam but c’mon here Alex, what are you thinking?

    (Weird me and Mat sort of on the same side of an argument :) )

  5. Lisa Says:

    Mat don’t forget 5 weddings too. Good luck to you.

  6. Alex Says:


    Gov. Patrick is simply arguing that children of illegal immigrants should be able to attend a college or University as a resident – paying in-state tuition; something that is not denied to you or your children if it is allowed for children of illegal immigrants. The issue you are speaking of, i.e., financial aid availability for minority or foreign students, is separate. Again, the latter is not impacted by the former. To claim that allowing children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition is an act of “catering to them,” is erroneous. Allowing children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition does not preclude another, such as you Steve, or Matt’s children, from also paying in-state tuition.

    So, I don’t understand your claims about the Hmong student body receiving financial benefits that you didn’t as it doesn’t relate to the issue Gov. Patrick has raised.

  7. Jersey McJones Says:

    I’m with Alex. And on top of that, shouldn’t we encourage any and all people here in the states to get as much education as they can? It benefits all of us!


  8. Lisa Says:

    So Jersey does that mean illegal imigrants will now get the high paying jobs Americans won’t do?

  9. Alex Says:


    How does your statement follow from JMJ’s statement?

  10. Lisa Says:

    Alex I can’t believe you need an explanation but I will try:


  11. Alex Says:

    So, we have gone from Gov. Patrick arguing that children of illegal immigration should receive in-state tuition, to allowing said children resident benefits decreased the amount of funding Steve received (and Matt’s children will receive), to if we educate illegal immigrants then quota’s will be instituted in the job market.

    This line of reasoning leaves me silent.

  12. Matthew O'Keefe Says:

    Alex silent is a first in my memory…LOL! Who loves ya Alex but the post was about residents of the state verses illegal immigrants in higher education.

    Would you be willing to give up your slot in college for an illegal immigrant? Umm, this could effect you too my friend because of the simple fact that most colleges only have so much room for each class and you know that to be a fact. You also know that once a class is booked then everyone else has to pick another class. What if half the students in that class that you desired were here as illegal immigrants? Should they get priority over Alex simply because you were born and breed here? Bad metaphor but it fits… I think?

    This issue goes back again and again to the federal government and fixing the damn problem of illegal immigration. When a Governor is fighting for the rights of non citizens in America and handing out what amounts to instant tax breaks then the system is broken or do you disagree? Can I apply for a refund as a life long legal resident if the class is full and my daughters can’t get into it?

    Volley for serve Alex!

  13. Matthew O'Keefe Says:

    Steve and Lisa I would put you on the invite to the weddings but right now it comes down to a ladder from Home Depot that I had a coupon on and a rental car from Ugly Duckiling. Then there is the Mapquest directions to Canada but that is another story for another post.

  14. steve Says:


    My school had a price for an in-state resident student, an out of state student and an over seas student. (God bless my Spanish roommate… he was the shit) This price was almost 10K higher for the foreign student. Tuition for me was 14.5K my freshman year up to 16.3K my senior year. It’s like 30K to go there now.

    If an illegal brings their family to california… sets up residency at an apartment their kid goes to my school at the in-state price because they live in-state. Yet they are foreigners here illegally. This scenario is totally happening. and there is a slew of scholarships available for these people under the guise of 1st generation college student funds, etc. I think this is what Mat is referring too.


    I drink good wine! And I like to share!


  15. Alex Says:

    Fair enough guy’s. I understand your concerns Matt and Steve.

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