More Bush Assaults on the Environment

George W. Bush is already known for having more contempt for the environment than any previous president. He makes Ronald Reagan look like a starry-eyed hippie gazing at a redwood forest. It’s probably redundant to even talk about his latest assaults on wildlife. It’s like saying David Duke is a racist, or Grover Norquist hates people who work for a living.

But every time you think Bush couldn’t possibly do anything else to the environment — couldn’t possibly become any more of a douchebag — he does.

Bush has singlehandedly overturned a federal court ruling. I didn’t know he was a judge. Did you? A federal court had ruled that the U.S. Navy has to follow certain precautions so that their high-power sonar equipment doesn’t damage marine life. Bush said Nuh Uh.

We’re fighting a War on Tur; we don’t have time to get all touchy-feely about whales and porpoises. An al Qaeda submarine might sneak past the U.S. Navy and stage another 9/11 attack. Uh, that word again was: 9/11.

Also, Bush’s Interior Department has abandoned efforts to save the few remaining Jaguars in southern New Mexico and Arizona. If any of these areas near the U.S.-Mexican border were designated as critical habitat for Jaguars, it might jeopardize our brand spankin’ new border fence. And we need that border fence. We’ve got hordes of dark-skinned savages pouring into our country from Mexico and you’re getting all maudlin over a few Jaguars?

We have 367 more days of this asshole stenching up the White House. (Or if you’re in the military, that’s 366 and a wakeup.) Whoever takes his place has to be an improvement.

2 Responses to “More Bush Assaults on the Environment”

  1. rube cretin Says:

    “Until mankind can extend the circle of his compassion to include all living things, he will never, himself, know peace.”
    ~ Albert Schweitzer ~

    To paraphrase a line from “Twelve Feet Under.” When Bush and his minions die they will be shoveling shit in hell. (To bad there ain’t no hell.)

  2. Liberal Jarhead Says:

    One major source of this problem in our culture is the traditional view in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam that humanity is different from the rest of the world and that the world is here for our use rather than that we are part of the world. When we consider something as our property, we owe nothing to it and feel free to do with it as we wish - if we choose to treat it with compassion, as most of us do our pets, we see that as a choice that we could have made otherwise. The fact that people used to see women as the property of men, and children as the property of their parents, is what made it possible for people to consider it acceptable to abuse those fellow humans; that is our culture’s attitude now toward everything non-human. It is also why fundamentalists are so threatened by the overwhelming evidence that we evolved and are animals (such as the fact that we and chimps have over 99% of the same DNA); if they admit that they are part of creation rather than its lords, they will be forced to see much of their behavior as immoral. The truth becomes very uncomfortable and inconvenient, so they block it out.

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