Hey GOPers- If A Democrat President Raises Your Taxes, You Only Have Bush To Blame

If I have to listen to another Republican complain about how a new Democratic president is just going to raise their taxes and increase the size of government I might just put my foot right up their ass. After all, it’s precisely because of the Republican party, the Republican Congress, and an asshat of a Republican president that our next national leader may indeed have to raise taxes. Somebody has to clean up the country after it’s been crapped on for 8 years.

Consider that when Bush took office the federal government had a budget surplus, and despite way too many pork barrel projects, earmarks were much lower than they are now. But then came a series of tax cuts, an increase in federally mandated spending programs, an unnecessary war, a couple of tax rebate give-aways, and unprecedented borrowing to finance the largest expansion in the federal government in over 50 years. The surplus disappeared. The spending didn’t.

Republicans like to pretend that the only thing Democrats care about is “Big Brother” government. Hah! Bush has presided over the biggest “Big Brother” expansion ever. Republicans think that only Democrats expand the size of government. Hah! Bush has added more government jobs to the federal payroll than probably any other president since FDR. Republicans like to pretend the Democrats will take all your tax dollars and waste them on untested and ineffective social programs that ultimately hurt people more than they help them. Can anyone say No Child Left Behind???

The fact is that Republicans aren’t alone in disliking taxes. Democrats don’t much like them either. But where Democrats can accept the fact that it takes taxes to run government, Republicans only seem to think that taxes are evil.

Here it is kids…no matter who takes over as next president, we are going to have to see a serious reversal in domestic funding policy. That likely means higher taxes and lower spending. Hopefully the next president will get us out of Iraq which would save a serious amount of change. but it won’t be enough, especially in the short term. Especially when our government (both Dems & Reps) think it is wiser to borrow another $150 billion they don’t have┬áto hand out to citizens so they will rush out and spend it. This is an economic stimulus plan? For what? A month? Gee Mr. President (and all the rest of you in Congress), what kind of stimulus plan will we get when that $600 bucks is all gone? Do they really think that peopl e are going to have extra money all the time now that the government sent them a check for a few hundred bucks? The only thing this plan stimulates is the Chinese manufacturing industry and the banks- for about a month.

Of course, in our brave new world, most people don’t give two seconds thought to government finances, just so long as their special interests are being funded.

Fiscal prudence means that not everyone gets everything all of the time. Fiscal malfeasance means that some people get everything they want, most get a bone thrown to them, and behind the scenes the red tape is stacked higher than the Sears Tower.

Well boys and girls, federal spending affects us all, and when you turn over the federal purse to a bunch of failed businessmen and drunken sailors, somebody eventually has to pay. That somebody will be all of us when the next administration gets to town.

So for all of you whining GOPers who are so upset that a Democrat in the White House will raise your taxes, shut up already. YOUR guy put us all in this situation to begin with. Just because he’ll be out of office when the bills come due doesn’t make it any less his fault. If you want to complain, send a letter to Bush. But quit whining to me about it.

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  1. Windspike Says:

    Well boys and girls, federal spending affects us all, and when you turn over the federal purse to a bunch of failed businessmen and drunken sailors, somebody eventually has to pay. That somebody will be all of us when the next administration gets to town

    Well, that about sums it up Ken. I’ve been singing the same tune for a great long while, but haven’t put it as succinctly. The fact remains that billions of dollars borrowed per month for the Iraq “freedom spreading experiment,” generations to come will be suffering from the poor decisions of the W, Rove and Co. His little war on terror is ratcheting up a debt almost as big as W’s hat. Unfortunately, when it comes time to collect, we will find Georgie will be unable to pay up as he is all hat and no cattle. Our Grand children’s Grand Children will be forced into higher taxes to pay back our foreign debt holders for this mess.

  2. Mike Volpe Says:

    I won’t argue that the Reps spent too much, however there is absolutely no reason that taxes have to go up, and you proclamation that they will because of Bush is pure nonsense. First, revenues have increased and were the highest in history in 2005 because of the tax cuts. Second, the deficit continued to shrink while the war continued. Third, wars always produced deficits and those deficits are almost always paid by issuing bonds, like they have now. They are almost never paid by raising taxes. Raising taxes almost never solves anything anyway because it almost always leads to a contraction of the economy which itself reduces government revenue.

    While your points about spending and expansion of government are fair, it is totally ridiculous to make the leap to say that will cause the government to raise taxes. It won’t. The government will raise taxes only if it wants to.

  3. rube cretin Says:

    ken…thanks for expressing your thoughts with such passion and honesty. only problem i have with your piece is that it understates the problems before us. the next four years are going to be transformational indeed. many are now beginning to realize there ain’t going to be a technological quick fix. additionally, our unique capitalistic system which privatizes profits and externalizes risk and costs is beginning to be recognized for the sham that it is.

  4. steve Says:


    If you guys would quit spending on money on saving trees, health care and other wasteful bull shit like, education and let us fight wars and drive big ole hurkin’ SUV’s… There’d be no need for a federal income tax. ;)


    Can you please tell me why a company cannot make profits? Secondly, one thing that is unique in our form of capitalism is that we allow our companies to be publicly owned. I personally invest and own shares in a few companies. I invest in companies that give me dividends. Dividends are derived from the profit made in the company and are given to the share holders. I have choice… I can keep that money, or reinvest. Third, how does a company externalize risk? That perplexes me… Every company has labor laws, city laws, state laws, regulations and stipulations to follow to simply be in business and all kinds of taxes and expenditures and insurance policies to needed to just protect their right to be in business. And they need to study trends of consumers to stay fresh and be in business longterm or they lose to a competitor. All of that is external risk? C’mon…. And finally, costs? How does a company externalize costs? I am sure you are going right to India and talking about loss of American jobs (when unemployment is historically low in this country). What about raw material costs to make their widgets they sell? Transportation? Health Care costs paid by the employer… Are all of those going down? What about building costs when the company needs to expand or shrink to a smaller building? What about supply shortages? All of these are costs that a business incurs to stay in business. No one helps a business float (except maybe the Airlines) when costs jump.

    I am so lost that you said what you did

  5. rube cretin Says:

    steve i was not suggesting a company cannot make a profit. i’ve done a little investing myself. i agree that many companies are well run and provide a valuable service. However, what i am suggesting is that risks and costs have and still are being externalized in critical areas.Briefly, the housing problem being experienced today, which may take our whole economy down was a risk free, high profit scheme. the folks who made the money are long gone. investors in the bundled clusters of worthless mortgages are now left with worthless crap. where was the risk to the morgage brokers, investment banks and others. watch for a government funded program to clean up the mess. been done before, will happen again.

    the externalizing of costs is one of the classic techniques of business. think about pollution of air and water. loss of wetlands. downstream flooding. habitat loss, etc.
    guess you missed that lecture in economics 101.

  6. steve Says:

    Actually… we didn’t talk about this shit in Economics 101.

    We ran a scenario in Org Behavior and my team won. Me, the CEO, bought out two competitors when times got tough… I saved my capital… they didn’t… Sucks to be them!!!

  7. rube cretin Says:

    “Society is like a stew. If you don’t keep it stirred up you get a lot of scum on the top.” -Edward Abbey

  8. steve Says:

    Rube… do you subscribe to “quote of the day” or something? Come up with your own stuff. Makes you seem more human.

  9. BYOC Says:

    The 800 pound elephant ass butt of this joke is that the Bush admninistration was able to give tax breaks in the face of a half trillion dolloar war only because they have borrowed literal tons of money from foriegn nations. Borrow means that some one will have to pay back this debt with interest and wheres that money going to have to come from … you guesed it …taxes, whats left of social security and probably part of every ones private retirement and savings too. So bend over and get ready regardless of your political stripes.

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