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Fiscally Conservative?

Just one short question emerges for me about this recent budget proposal from the Whitehouse’s current batch of Republicans who vociferously proclaim to be fiscally conservative .

President Bush on Monday submitted a $3.1-trillio n budget for the next fiscal year that reflected his strategy for dealing with a costly war and a troubled economy: substantiall y boost military expenditures  , rein in domestic spending — including for Medicare — and more than double the deficit.

Indeed, where is the fiscal responsibili ty here? I wrote this thought in a prior post: “I’m…just suggesting that there is nothing fiscally conservative about the current batch of “conservat ives” in the White House.”

Craig, one of the regular commentators over here at bio had this to sum up in response to a prior post and it fits well here.

Absolutely true. The first clue that this would be a problem was Bush’s claim to represent compassionat e conservatism . For “compassiona te”, read “when someone is hurting, it’s the government’s job to do something about it.” While Bush’s actual record is rather dubious about whether he is a consistent compassionat e conservative  , he is certainly a big government (if such a thing is not an oxymoron) conservative and, thus, the largest expansion of any government social welfare program in decades, Medicare Part D, “No Child Left Behind”, expansion of public funding of “Faith-Based ” programs, and the Terry Schiavo affair.

If President Clinton declared that the era of big government was dead, it has clearly been revived by President Bush in a sort of Frankenstein ian fusion of liberal ideas with conservative sensibilitie s (read tax-cuts). If liberals are often painted as tax and spend happy, Bush appears to be tax-cut and spend happy. The worst of both worlds.

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7 Responses to “Fiscally Conservative?”

  1. Hey, that’s me!

  2. The question I have for you Windspike is who are you arguing with? Who have you heard defend the GOP for it’s fiscal conservativi sm over the last 7 years? This has been a major conflict between the fiscally conservative republican voters and the GOP in washington.
    This is why the Dems took the congress in 06 as the GOP faithful stayed home and did not vote as a protest to the massive spending.
    It is similar to the LIbs not getting what they thought they bargained for in 06. You don’t hear many libs defending the current crop of Dems in congress either.
    The sad truth is that there is no one you can vote for that will not continue to take increasingly larger shares of the peoples money and buying bridges to nowhere.
    So the reaction to your post is DUH. Do you think anyone is surprised?
    As long as we look to the federal government to “solve our problems” we can expect them to take larger and larger portions of the GDP. All those free programs get expensive.

  3. Man, as usual, you ask for solutions yet provide none. I thought Craig’s statement was rather insightful. The prior post was designed to generate solutions, and again, you remain true to form: no solutions offered, but a diatribe against the left, of which you classify large swaths of people unnecessaril y.

    I’m not arguing. I’m making a point. That’s different. If you don’t like the argument, make a reasonable attempt at refuting my claims. But, in the end, it seems as though you and I are in agreement. The current batch of folks in charge are not cutting the mustard. This is why I’m voting anti-incumbe nt all the way around this year. The more different a person looks and feels, the more apt I am to vote for that person.

    As to the solutions, I don’t think the answer is to give people 800 dollar rebates so they can buy more cheep crap at Walmart who sold all the manufacturin g gigs to China. Really, and another solution would be to stop hemorrhaging money to our two new welfare states Iraq and Afghanistan.

    What are your solutions for reducing the debt and reigning in spending? Cut social security? What about W’s Medicare Drug Benefit? Why wouldn’t you cut that first instead as it is overly complex and too complicated?

    I don’t expect the “government” to provide solutions. I expect our representati ves to do the job they are hired to do. You give people a pass, and that has lead us where? Down a deep dark pit of despair that will have us raising new taxes for generations to come. For what?

  4. Windspike are you talking about raising taxes to the levels of the Carter or the Clinton administrati on?
    Th deficit is going down because of the tax cuts. Tax increases slow down the economy something like they did with the dot com bust.

  5. Lisa,

    You are going to have to necessarily provide some serious documentatio n of your claims.

    Th deficit is going down because of the tax cuts.

    How does that happen?

    Tax increases slow down the economy something like they did with the dot com bust

    Huh? Why did the Fed lower interest rates to stimulate a sagging economy if the tax cuts were spurring growth?

    Your logic is missing. If you are going to make these claims, you better be ready to prove them and defend them. I only posed a question. I didn’t say we need to raise taxes, but some thing need be done to reduce the deficit (doubling under GW this next year alone). Deficits are just taxes deferred and the interest alone on the debt will be enormous. How are we going to sustain that?

  6. My question is how is taxing corporations more and taking more of people’s income help the economy?
    You know the democrats will raise taxes regardless of the current state of affairs but will they use it to pay down the debt or use it to expand wasteful programs which I know you are so against….NOW .

  7. Wind, I have often referenced government waste, fraud and corruption. The obvious solution is to get the government out of the business of social engineering and back into maintaining the military, borders and infrastructu re. The spending level of government at all levels indicates that they have gone to far with their elitist atitudes. Theirs is the view that they know better what is good for us, and don’t trust us to spend our own money wisely. We have to quit, as voters, encouraging them with our crys for government fixes to our problems. Such as government run health, education and welfare programs.

    You bring up W’s medicare part D program. I agree that this should not have been enacted. This was one of the things conservative s disagreed with Bush on. This was one Democrat type ideas that made conservative s unhappy with Bush.

    I am not picking on Dems alone on this. I have often mentioned the bridge to nowhere in my anti government rants. You are correct in saying that the GOP congress were big spenders and Bush did not pull out the veto pen when he should have. I wish a more libertian person were in the mix but we have what we have. I will vote for McCain this year not because he represents how I think the government should be run but because he has many times talked about reining in congressiona l spending and cutting back on pork. The other side is falling all over themselves with the wonderful new government programs they intend to inact. Remember Hillary saying “I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.”
    That is true, we can’t.

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