Hillary is Broke

It’s not uncommon for any political candidate to loan their campaign money during any election but it is newsworthy when the supposed front runner in the Democrat race for the President campaign is broke. It was revealed today that Hillary Clinton had to loan her campaign five million bucks to keep going. Apparently, the donations have not kept up with the need for the campaign to spend during the run up for the Super Duper Tuesday election.

This just in from The Caucus over at the New York Times…

February 6, 2008, 3:25 pm
Clinton Lent Campaign $5 Million, Considers More
By Kate Phillips

Updated LOS ANGELES — Our colleague Patrick Healy tells us that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, facing big primaries against her rival Senator Barack Obama in places like Ohio and Texas, is weighing whether to lend her campaign money.

And in a quick update, her campaign has just confirmed that she’d already lent her coffers $5 million of her own money in late January. A just-issued statement from her camp:

The loan illustrates Senator Clinton’s commitment to this effort and to ensuring that our campaign has the resources it needs to compete and win across this nation. We have had one of our best fundraising efforts ever on the Web today and our Super Tuesday victories will only help in bringing more support for her candidacy.

More Updates: At her news conference this afternoon, Senator Clinton acknowledged the loan, saying: “I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money. That’s where I got the money. I did it because I believe very strongly in this campaign, and we had a great month fund-raising in January, broke all our records, but my opponent was able to raise more money and we intended to be competitive – and we were – and I think the results last night proved the wisdom of my investment.” - New York Times, The Caucus

If you think running for office is cheap then talk to someone who is running for a local political office in your city or town. Most political candidates pay for all of the materials needed to run a campaign out of their own pocket. Running for Dog Catcher isn’t as easy a task as it used to be. Hell, Mitt Romney must have turned his head and coughed up ten times the amount Hillary Clinton has loaned her campaign but that isn’t news because Mitt is a mega hundred millionaire and a Republican.

What the real story is behind the words in the NY Times piece is that Hillary is running for broke and pulling out all the stops to get the job done. She might pull it off but the wave of donations running into the Obama camp hit $30 million in January alone. That is the real story along with the fact that many of Obama supporters have not maxed out their contributions to the primary election or the general election campaign.

One of the problems over at the Clinton camp is that they maxed out their credit card or political supporters early in the race and you simply can not tap that well again. Which leads anyone with a political mind to wonder if the Clinton donors are of the elite in the political party and thus a pulse on who is the Clinton base. Obama on the other hand has the numbers working for him with the ten and twenty five dollar donors donating in mass over and over again.

Tim Russert did a piece on the NBC Nightly News with his magic number boards and the remaining campaign states left. Based on polling numbers today the election process between Clinton and Obama would be a tie separated by three or four delegates going into the convention. One thing he did not figure into the equation was if the Clinton campaign did not have the money to place ads on the air or pay staffers in those states.

This race is by far not over.


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7 Responses to “Hillary is Broke”

  1. steve Says:

    Just wait until Obama’s Republican Dumptruck lands in her yard!!! That 5 million will go to waste fast!!!!

    I may send Obama money to see her go down in flames early though so she doesn’t get the nod.

    I may be a Republican and hardly stand for what Obama believes in but hey… I like the guy. I think he is great and to do this to Hillary shows he’s got it.

    Al Sharpton must be totally gripping right now!!!

  2. Mat Says:

    You do realize that you just proved my point on Republican cross overs Steve? LOL!!!

    Lisa is going to have a field day with you… ROFLMAO!

    GO OBAMA!!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Haha Mat,I happen to like the guy too even more that McCain but I cannot and will not like to see the country run by one party as you can what it does and how well it worked in the 90’s.

  4. Lisa Says:

    And another point it’s probably another one of the Clinton’s stunt to say how committed she really is and how dedicsted her staffers are. But we will never hear how rich she is to use her own money like we hear about Romney. I just love the double standard.

  5. Ken Grandlund Says:

    What’s worse is that on Monday night when she appeared on Letterman she was apparently complaining about candidates who loan money to their campaigns, saying she didn’t like it when they did that.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot…just another example of how Hillary is a politician of yesterday- lies and all.

  6. steve Says:


    I am a pretty screwed up Conservative. I still defend Bush!!

    If you notice I only debate issues… not necessarily candidates and I don’t think every issue is “liberal or conservative”. I think it is right or wrong that is most important.

    If I was running a business and I need spokesman, sales manager, marketing guy… I’d hire guy like Obama even if he totally disagreed with me morally, etc. Most people search for labels for Presidents. I don’t.

    Someone has to convince me though not to vote for McCain right now not vote for him. When the balance switches I will let you know.

  7. Paul Watson Says:

    The 90’s? I seem to recall one party had control of the US rather more recently than that. I also recall you didn’t have a problem with it. Or is it just when one particular party has control at you don’t like it?

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