The Latino Vote

Being Latino in America today is exactly identical to being Irish at the turn of the century in 1900. You are here, you are there and damn it you Latino’s are everywhere. Much like the Irish immigrants or just having an Irish last name more or less had you looked down upon from the 1870’s on into the 1930’s. It comes with the turf when the established society looks at anyone not like them as a threat to the status quo. This is the 1970’s and into 2008 and we have an election dilemma on our hands. Does the Latino community have a say in the next election? Yes they do but then again they are not the only people voting.

When it comes to politics and running for President we find out that the Latino community does not have full faith in Barack Obama and the vote in that community is split amongst him and Hillary Clinton. No kidding! The vote is split amongst all Democrats be you Polish, English, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, or even Irish descent. Pick a land your ancestors came from and if you vote in the Democrat primary then your families vote is split.

This election process isn’t about just the Latino vote. This election is about Americans and that is the end of it. You can be a Latino with pride just as a stupid Mick like me can be proud of my heritage but our nation is American at heart. That includes all of those sons of biscuit eaters that can not stand to be in the same check out counter line as you or I simply because we look, speak or act different.

Over at MSNBC they have this piece on the Latino vote is the supposed key to the election of Hillary or Obama…

For Clinton, Latino vote could swing the deal
But Obama is pushing hard: ‘As Latinos get to know me, we do better’
MSNBC and NBC News
updated 8:06 a.m. ET, Fri., Feb. 8, 2008

For decades, much has been said about the potential power of Latino voters, but rarely has their impact lived up to expectations.This year is different, according to political analysts and leaders of Latino activist organizations. While many Latinos like and admire both of the leading Democratic candidates for president, these authorities say, their years-long connection to former President Bill Clinton could deliver the party’s nomination to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.The problem is not with Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, said respected Latino political analysts, who rejected as a too-easy stereotype the suggestion that Latino voters would not vote for Obama because he is a black man.“That is an argument without foundation,” said Angelo Falcón, president of the National Institute for Latino Policy.

Falcón and others pointed to several indicators of Obama’s popularity among Latinos, noting the large and enthusiastic crowds he attracted in Latino neighborhoods in the days leading up to the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses and pointing out that he won among Latinos in the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3.

Obama, meanwhile, points to polling trends that show his popularity among Latinos rising over time, saying, “As Latinos get to know me, we do better.” - MSNBC

There is no “Me” in the Constitution but there is a “We” in there at the beginning. As in We the people in order to form a more perfect nation… At no point does it say we the English descendants, or we the German descendants, or we the Latino descendants. It’s about we the people and that is why we vote for President every four years. We the people, all of the people vote to confirm or deny the current political lot that our nation is in. This election result is just not a Latino controlled matter. It is an American election.

How MSNBC decided to think that anyone that is not Latino vote will not matter is beyond me. Frankly, if the post said the same about the Irish deciding that Hillary would win the vote I would be just as pissed. So should you.

In my house, I voted for Obama, my wife voted for Clinton. For MSNBC records that would be one Irish American vote and one Polish American vote. That is division right here in my own home so the MSNBC story is very inaccurate in my opinion. For some odd reason I felt that the MSNBC post was leaning way to much on the precedent of Bill Clinton and thus Hillary Clinton deserved the Latino vote. Are we voting for the next President or the former President’s wife simply because she has a wedding band?

If Latino’s look at the candidates and the division is the same way as every other ancestral driven American community then they are stuck in the same boat as the rest of us. Split and making up their minds when they actually vote.


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  1. steve Says:

    Something I want to point out here…

    A lot of people on this blog are excited about the “chance” to vote and the “power” of electing a new leader. As soon as Bush was elected (and Clinton in1992 to be fair) it was all about impeachment, impeachment and impeachment, (to which Clinton actually was).

    I step back and look at this and think, “Is my life so unimportant that I worry about who our leader is?” In four years it would take a lot for a President to screw up badly and in 8 we sort of seal our fate with the second term but it too has and end, eventually. No President is so powerful to change the Constitution or in fact, impact your life so negatively (except if we started the draft) in general terms, that I believe, we are safe as long as we play by the rules. Bush isn’t re-seizing power in 2009. In fact, I bet he doesn’t even want it!

    It isn’t a current President that creates the health care mess or the social security mess or the civil rights mess and so on… and I also find it hard that there is some savior out there to enhance the American way greatly. There are only a handful of Presidents who did so anyway… Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Reagan, etc.

    I like the side of history we’re on though. A war hero, an African American and a woman (albeit the wrong woman) running for President. It is absolutely amazing… The next 4 years could be interesting…

    Yes… I do take medication! :)

  2. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    No President is so powerful to change the Constitution

    I don’t know. FDR did a pretty good job of changing Constitution. What? The Supreme Court says what we want to do is unconstitutional? No problem…we’ll just add five or so new seats to the Court and pack it with those who will say otherwise. Simple. Didn’t happen, of course, but then, it didn’t have to. The threat of court packing scared the hell out of the existing Court and the justices pretty much just fell in line, just to preserve any semblance of their own relevance. Wish to argue that he changed the Constitution for the better? Fine. But he changed the Constitution just as surely as if he’d called a constitutional convention and then dictated the changes he wanted…without changing a word of the text. It was brilliant. It was frightening.

  3. manapp99 Says:

    Whereas the Latino vote will play a bigger role in the election process in this and in the future. The more cucial voting block in the Democrat nomination is going to be the super delegates. It is looking like the 796 Dem elites are likely to be the deciders here. What will it say to the voters who have come out for the Dem primaries if it comes down to a handful of elite delegates to determine the outcome. What if Obama wins the little man vote barely and the supers give the nomination to Clinton. Why do the Dems allow a few Washington insiders to have these super powered votes anyway. Do they not trust the people to elect the “right” candidate? Is this a failsafe that lets the unwashed masses a voice but lets the real pros decide if the people screw up and back the wrong person?
    Then there is the issue of Florida and Michigan. What are they going to do to insure that every vote counts and yet exclude 1.7 million voters in Florida and 600,000 Michiganders?

    These obstacles plus the possibility of having the nomination process go to the convention in late August could dampen turnout and cost the Dems the election.

    So it is not the Latino vote that in question as much as the liberal elite vote. IMO

  4. Lisa Says:

    Here’s something to chew on. If the Latino vote was going to the republicans the left would be calling for immigration reform.
    Just like they are abandoning the black vote for the Latino vote knowing that it would be double the amount of the black vote. It just sounds all too typical to me.

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