This is a rambling of the events in the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Austin Texas. Please forgive any spelling errors and grammar. This is a play by play of the event that starts about roughly fifteen minutes into it. In this report there are some infrences from my own memory of the broadcast. This is the second time that I have tried this so let me know what you think…


Obama: We don’t need an economist to tell the American people that our economy is busted and people are struggling. Our economy must be a priority of the next President. Cutting tax breaks for companies that outsource American jobs, giving a middle class tax break. Seniors making less than $50,000 should not have to pay any taxes. How do we get it done with the dominance of special interest?

Hillary: End the tax code loopholes. The wealthy have had their special interest President for the last eight years, it’s time for you. I want a trade prosecutor. Foreclosure crisis needs a 90 day moratorium. Freeze interest rates for five years. Clean green jobs with a $5 billion dollar investment. Infrastructure rebuilt creating thousands of jobs. Ending the war on scientist from Bush. Fund the future of an innovation nation.

A question on Immigration and stopping the raids on illegal immigrants

Hillary: All for stopping the raids, against the reality of parents taken away and children coming home to nothing. Failure of the immigration system is the problem. Cracking down on employers of illegalls. Fed help for border towns and cities to deal with the burdens on the system.
Obama: Immigration is a political football. Tone down the rhetoric and hate crimes against Hispanics. Border security and cracking down on employers. Policy change to fix the immigration system but the back of the line is where illegal immigrants must go. Years of delays have made the problem worse. Fines and higher fees for immigrating legally have become exorbitant and do not make sense. Improve our relationship with Mexico to ensure jobs in Mexico. Bush has no outreach to immigration policy.

Finish it or kill it?
Hillary: We both voted for it. There is a smart way and a dumb way on border security and Bush just does not get it. There are places where a a physical barriers works and does not. Bush does not listen to the people on the borders. Technology innovation is the way to go. There are limited places where a fence will work like cutting through the middle of one of the colleges in Texas.

Obama: Agrees with Hillary. Bush is not good at listening to the people most affected by the border problem. Better border patrol and deal with the problem. Deporting 12 million people is not the answer. 12 million people are living in the shadows. Reform of immigration is important. Fight for the Dream Act which does not penalize the children of illegal immigrants born here from and eductation.


This was a question on the English language only issue where as 120 million people will be of Hispanic decent in the next ten years…

Hillary: Learning another language is important. I do not speak another language. We have a common language but she is against a common language? Against English only in hospitals, court rooms and public places in government.

Obama: Everyone needs to learn English. All children should be learning a second language. It’s an opportunity to learn and communicate across language barriers.


The question was posed and stated in the terms of “Where’s the Beef” of Wendy’s hamburger fame. Texas logo “All hat and no cattle”.

Hillary: I have a lot in common with Obama and we both have run vigorous campaigns. We have differences and 35 years of experience. No accomplishments from Obama where actions speak louder than just words.

Obama: I provided tax reform, ethics reform, transparency in government, veterans meals paid for at Walter Reid. On getting real comments from Clinton camp. Voters are not delusional and every major newspaper in Texas has endorsed me. Let’s focus on the solutions and end the bickering. This isn’t just about policy as much as it is about inspiring people. Beyond racial and religion differences. I’m running for the people and not for more of the same.


Obama: Governor Deval Patrick is a national chairman of my campaign. Speaking to the people is something I have done for two years. Deval Patrick gave me the lines and said that I should use them. This is silly season. Some of my speeches are pretty good. $4000 credit for college, change the tax code, end the war in Iraq. Let’s not tear each other down but lift up the people.

Hillary: Your own words? Lifting words? (Crowd booed) Elequent health care with 15 million people left out. We need a moratorium of foreclosure.

Obama interupts with: That will not work with entrenched opposition.

Hillary: I did healthcare when it was not popular.

Obama: My medical plan is not as good but politics has changed that. Cutting cost and prevention, bureaucracy, stats on plans and blah blah blah on specifics. Leaving 15 million out is simply not true. I credit Senator Clinton on her work in health care but the closed doors discussion ended her efforts. We need to change the politics of health care or we will be both here in four years discussing it no matter who is elected.


Hillary: Demands more time on healthcare. Obama Plan mandates fines and penalties against parents that do not inure children.

Obama: The mandate is on you. What works in Massachusetts has the poorest 20% fined for not having healthcare.

Hillary: Health care is important and the people have this as the number on issue. Your plan fines parents for not having healthcare for children.

Obama: My plan is affordable and parents that do not provide it are not being responsible parents.


Hillary: I’ve been to 80 countries fighting for woman’s rights. We face change in Cuba’s leadership. I support Kosovo and I’m more prepared on day one.

Obama: I would not be running for President if I could not be commander in chief. I will act against those that would harm America. Military needs to be prepared and armed to do the job. Bush has had poor planning. Using the military wisely. I did not vote for the war in Iraq. Our military is over stretched. We have to many eggs in the basket of Musharif and that is wrong.


Hillary: Iraq government needs to make changes. Their purpose is not fulfilled. Iraq government has failed to move. I will withdraw troops in sixty days. I will not give a blank check for the Iraq War. Our military is stretched to thin. Bring our troops home and Iraq owns their future.

Obama: Fort Hood troops pushed AlQuida out of Baghdad. McCain was wrong first and still wrong. $3.7 billion a week in the Iraq war. Iran is the biggest benefactor of this war. We need veteran care after service. Homeless veterans? $12 billion a month spent in Iraq with McCain saying he will keep us there for 100 years. McCain embraces George Bush with more of the same politics.


Obama asked about $90 million in ear marks

Obama: Not true. The funds were for Google for government where all bids and awards are listed. More disclosure and transparency. I’m out in the open of government spending.

Hillary was asked about her $393 million in ear marks

Hillary: Obama supported the Bush tax cuts. Bush deficit is $400 billion this year. I’m for back to fiscal responsibility. Expire the tax cuts for the rich. Middle class tax cuts, ending the Bush no bid contracts. I’ve just published my new economic blue print.


Hillary: We will win!

Obama: Primaries and Caucuses count. It’s the will of the voters. We need to have the government listening to them. There is a brick wall of government that can not be overcome. We need to knock down those barriers of government. We face a higher purpose and want our government back.


Obama: My trajectory of life. My single mom raising me alone with my grandparent from age two. Mistakes of course as a young man. But I’ve worked to bring people together and the American people just deserve better.

Hillary: I’ve lived crisis in my life. People already know that. They ask me how do I do it? With prayer and more. I have been through nothing compared to what America is facing. Kicks she has taken, faith and upbringing gets her up in the morning. I’m honored to be with Barack Obama. This election is about the American people. (huge applause)

That was the end of the debate. Who actually had one up on the other is not up to me to decide. I’m sure you can catch a CNN rebroadcast somewhere.

I apologize for all the typo’s and grammar errors. I was working from notes watching the debate. The full transcript is in the CNN picture link above. I’ll be curious myself how accurate I was.


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    Il give ‘em this they can sure talk the talk.

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    Geez… Is Obama a right leaning centrist? Holy crap!

    If parents don’t insure their kids it’s irresponsible parenting with his health plan?

    Hell fucking yeah! I love this guy… that is the difference between these candidates… One is a hope and a dream and the other is trying to be accountable and responsible.

    Beat this b*tch dammit!!

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    […] Untitled This is a rambling of the events in the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Austin Texas. Please forgive any spelling errors and grammar. This is a play by play of the event that starts about roughly fifteen minutes into it. In this report there are some infrences from my own memory of the broadcast. This is the second time that I have tried this so let me know what you think ECONOMY Obama: We dont need an economist to tell the American people that our economy is busted a No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI Leave a comment Line and paragraph breaks automatic, e-mail address never displayed, HTML allowed: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> […]

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