Texas and Ohio Debate Cook Off

Hillary Clinton is running for the exits with her latest political strategy of attacking the new and improved Teflon Don Obama. Barack Obama will gain no ground on attacking the American version of the Iron Lady Prime Minister Thatcher that is Hillary Clinton. In the political cook book of Presidential politics there are way too many cooks in the kitchen and in that respect to0 many people in both campaigns tossing everything they have into the pot. When the original recipe called for boiling some water, adding plans to change America, debate plans, and simmer and allow public opinion to decide. Clinton and Obama are adding one too many Emeril-eske Bam’s (No offense Emeril) to this recipe! The end result is that the political dogs may sleep well with a full belly, the rest of us will be reaching for the Pepto Bismol or Alka Seltzer.

What you get with all of those unnecessary Emeril-eske Bam’s (Sorry Emeril) is fodder for the McCain political machine to pick up and run with come the general election. Just a note of interest, Karl Rove is in fact a political donor to the John McCain for President campaign. Don’t kid yourself, if a woman or a black man wins the nomination for President that the Republican war machine with its tap on hundreds of millions of corporate dollars will not pull any punches to get their man elected to the White House. When both of these Democrats are making Healthcare, Education, ending the war in Iraq and Energy consumption the base of their platform then that is the call to arms for Republican big business donors. That is the Republican pocket book in the nutshell. Do not pass Go, do not collect $2oo Billion dollars.

Having watched one clip after another it has been already decided by the main stream media that Hillary Clinton is done. I was not shocked to see it on many of the networks at how they all posed Senator Clinton in a negative light. MSNBC and Chris Matthews pretty much made toast of Senator Clinton. Keith Olberman continued the bashing relentlessly. With her message at most of her campaign stops more or less telling voters that Barack Obama is not the second coming of JFK or Jesus Christ and in doing so she lost some appeal to moderate voters. Attacking the issues is fine and good politics, attacking your opponent on the fact that he is a better public speaker comes off shallow and resentful. “The sky will open up, the celestial choir will begin to sing”… not getting it Hillary, not buying it. That was the MSNBC spin.

On February 26th, MSNBC is hosting the debate in Ohio with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is the Iron Chef debate where one of them is in the cook off of their life and the other has the latest Teflon pan set that pretty much tosses the sticky stuff out of the pan and at the opposing Chef. Hopefully, the viewers and voters will get to see a real debate on the issues and not another damn love fest.

What would ultimately be best for the Democrat Party is that both candidates of course debate their plans but stipulate the differences with their own plans and what Senator John McCain does not have to offer? Sell that and the Democrat political base will not be lost in the food fight of who can bake a better damn Health Care roast! Now that is a Papamoka Bam! (Sorry Emeril)


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  2. Brian (Herman in hiding) Says:

    My politics tastes a little bitter this morning. I should try the new “Apathy” flavor, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Seriously how can anyone compete against this:


  4. minitru92 Says:

    Its too bad they’ve been kicking the crap out of each other to see who’s going to be on top because they could have been a great and unbeatable ticket together.

  5. Craig R. Harmon Says:


    By doing as the 18th-19th century historical critics of the Bible have done: (a) suggest that it was not the Red Sea that Obama lead his people across out of Egypt but the much smaller Sea of Reeds, thus diminishing the impressiveness of Obama’s feat; (b) suggest that, since it was the smaller Sea of Reeds, it was nothing more than a strong wind that dried up the river rather than anything miraculous that Obama had done. In short, subject every bit of Obamania to extreme Cartesian skepticismstrip away everything miraculous and supernatural from Obama, leaving nothing but the proposition: “Obama cogitat ergo est” = “Obama thinks, therefore he is”. An Obama that only knows that he exists because he thinks he exists will not be so hard to beat in November. :-)

  6. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    We might even suggest that Obama never existed at all, that these myths were the creation of oral story-tellers, many generations later than the time in which their stories were set, and that the myth of Obama parting the sea were expropriated by the Democratic priesthood class in order to control the people’s hearts and minds to vote against their own interests to maintain and extend the priesthood’s power within society.

  7. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    Hey, it seems to have worked for the biblical critics, it could work for the Republicans! ;-)

  8. Lisa Says:

    Wow Craig thanks for putting that into prospective.

  9. Liberal Jarhead Says:

    But what are Clinton or the Republicans to do about Obama walking on the moon, finding a cure for cancer, catering a campaign rally with a couple of cheese and cracker spreads and two-liter bottles of diet soda, or curing Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh of paranoid psychosis?

    I must say that lately Clinton’s campaign seems to be channeling the spirit of Karl Rove, but both Obama and McCain are staying much more civil, respectful, and issues-focused. I hope that if, as looks likely, it ends up with Obama and McCain contesting for the office in the general election, that they keep it that way.

  10. Craig R. Harmon Says:


  11. Mat Says:

    I loved that picture Lisa!!! Roflol!!!

  12. Dusty Says:

    Herm, is that you dear? When you gonna blog again???

  13. Lisa Says:

    You loved it really Mat?

  14. Mat Says:

    I thought it picked up the exubrance and hysteria of what Hillary just can not get passed Lisa. I was laughing my butt off when I saw it.

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