Apparently it’s not all that difficult to get fiction published as autobiography

Most recently, Love and Consequences, the “autobiography” of Margaret Seltzer, writing under the name of Margaret B. Jones, was exposed as fiction.

This only a few days after Misha Defonseca’s “autobiographical” Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years was exposed as an alternative account to her actual life experiences. Producing alternate biographies in order to shield one from facing one’s actual past is probably quite common; publishing them as actual history is a no-no.

Several years ago, James Frey rose to fame when Oprah Winfrey touted his A Million Little Pieces and then fell to infamy when it was discovered that many of those pieces were pure inventions.

I’m thinking of writing my memoirs of my life raised by Venusians on the peaks of mount Kilimanjaro. I think Oprah will love it!

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