Democrat Election Over Kill

With all the hype over the election it makes one wonder who the real person is that is actually the candidate for President of the United States of America. I can picture John McCain red faced with anger in a doubting mode just before bed forgetting where he put his glasses only to have his lovely wife point out that they are on the tip of his nose. Hillary, upon getting ready for bed would kick all of the campaign staff off the Clinton couches and out of the kitchen so she could get the 3:00 AM call from Bill at yet another undisclosed location. Barack would be rolling into bed as the stars were perfectly aligned, the sound of choirs from heaven above singing and just as he kissed Michelle good night she punches him solidly in the arm demanding that he shut the damn motivational tapes off and go to bed like a normal person.All of the candidates claim to be what is best for America and yet each has their own faults. While John McCain takes a walk as the duly elected next candidate from the Republican Party he is not the next President. He might as well be if the two candidates on the Democrat side keep up the daily slams of one another. He said, she said, is bull and the only one that wins in that kind of debate between Obama and Clinton is McCain.

I have been in constant contact with some very interesting friends and bloggers that write about politics all the time and this election is unique in a generation or more time span. Not since the primaries of Bobby Kennedy have the Democrats been so active with such a passion for politics that we are all in fact wearing our heart and soul candidate for President on our sleeves. Our choice of candidate no matter who it is can be and is the only hope for change in America. We are a political party so desperate for change that the actual process of selecting the one candidate to represent our political party could be our undoing. While we tear the candidates down in comments on blogs we in fact tear one another down in the process. Who benefits from that other than the one true candidate from the right, Senator John McCain.

If you do not know what Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama stand for then you have not listened. If you know one then you know the other and the end result is a Presidency based on change. Neither is George Bush and that is honestly clear. If you love W then by all means vote for more of the same in John McCain. If you want a new America not owned by special interest where the future is just a little bit brighter than a ten thousand year war in the Middle East then vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Pick a damn issue and they are close enough on those issues to be brother and sister arguing over who did the dishes the last time. As a voter you should not care who did the dishes last but care if you have a clean plate to start your meal off with.

If there is one more debate, Obama and Clinton should not bash one another over the issues but concentrate on what McCain will not do for the people. Other than his commitment to continue to send our sons and daughters off to fight in a land that would not recognize freedom even if it was stuffed down their throats. Isn’t that what Hillary and Barack are both running against anyway?

The people are voting in such large numbers because they do not want George Bush policies anymore. Concentrate on that and you win the election.


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  1. themomcat Says:

    You are so absolutely on spot. If Clinton and Obama don’t stop the BS bashing of each other, we will have another 4 years of Republican Destruction of the Constitution and our way of life. They need to go into a room and not come out until they have come to a consensus. They are so close in agreement on so many issues that they need to put the egos at the door and remember who they are fighting to represent. Their supporters could take a break as well, a moratorium on the sexist and racist rhetoric would be a welcome respite.

  2. manapp99 Says:

    Night after night playing out on all the national news outlets is the reminder that the party that can’t even run a national primary wants to convince voters that theirs should be the party trusted to run the country.
    Here the hapless Dems are trying to figure out how to deal with the renegade states of Florida and Michigan while trying to convince voters that they know best how to deal with Iran and North Korea.

    Who would have thought that Hillary Clinton would become the GOP’s best friend in the 08 elections. Must be one of those devious Bush, Cheney and Rove plots.

  3. Mary Ellen Says:

    Hi, I came here via Windspike , nice blog!

    Ok, I agreed with you on this entire post up to this point….

    If there is one more debate, Obama and Clinton should not bash one another over the issues but concentrate on what McCain will not do for the people

    The reason for the debates is to point out the differences in candidates in order to make a choice. It’s not the time to debate John McCain,that will come in the national election and there will be plenty of time for that. There has been a lot of misinformation regarding Hillary and Obama and the only way to clear that up is to hear it from their own mouths. That said, the way the debates are run is another problem. This game of “gotcha” by the news media or whatever news organization that is running the debate doesn’t help. The YouTube debates were a bust, too, because only the questions chosen by CNN were the one’s that made it in the debate…the talking snowman was stupid–cute, but stupid. I like to have intelligent questions put forth, not cutesy. The diamonds or pearls question to Hillary was another example of sexist stupidity…we can thank CNN for that one.

    Other than that…I agree with everything else!

    Thanks for listening! ;-)

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