The Madness of King George

Our F*ck Up-in-Chief likes to portray himself as a bold leader who keeps his head while all around him lose theirs. That’s true enough as far as it goes. He’s certainly bold - although brazen might be a better word - and he does steadfastly keep his head. The only problem is that it’s empty.

More than once, people have wondered about the cranial pea he keeps rolling around. First he was criticized for living in a bubble and then conservative pundits like Joe Scarborough began to wonder aloud if he was stupid. Even Nelson Mandella posited that he “couldn’t think correctly” and several foreign ministers have remarked on their low esteem for the boob.

I’m currently reading Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, by psychologist Justin Frank. In the book, Frank does a little forensic psychology to see if he can determine just why the president seems so bat-shit crazy. Frank definitely has an anti-Bush point of view so I take what he says with a grain of salt. However, many of the things he discusses in the book match up well with known events and continue to surface four years after Frank wrote the book.

The Psychotic Break Begins
Now five years along in Iraq, I used to think his reassurances that Iraq was going swimmingly were just the rants of a craven politician angling for better poll numbers. Now I wonder if those weren’t the first clear signs that he wasn’t just disingenuous, he was literally in the throes of a psychotic break.

He’s still very reassuring about Iraq. To hear him tell it, everything is under control and Iraq has become a verdant, peaceful country - despite the fact that the Big Dick’s visit coincided with incoming fire during another of his secret visits. A plethora of admirals and generals have told the emperor he has no clothes - including the 4-star Commander of US Central Command who opted to “retire” rather than put up with the loon. But speaking reality to a psychotic is like talking to a tree stump.

His delusional behavior continues apace. To him mortgage foreclosures, bank and investment firm failures, and $4 per gallon gasoline just mean the economy is having a little rough patch. Even St. Greenspan - he of the 90’s “irrational exuberance” - says the economy is at its worst since WWII. Perhaps he’ll take to speaking about George as equally “irrational”.

Lil’ Bush Thinks He’s the Messiah
Lil’ Bush is a messianic man who can’t admit failure and has zero human empathy. He can make jokes about people dying with the same aplomb as giving Angela Merkel an unwanted back rub. He has the psychotic’s ability to seem perfectly rational on one level while being quite mad on another.

My grandmother, mother, and sister were all schizophrenics, so I have more than a passing acquaintance with psychosis. I understand how psychotics can go for years without treatment by simply appearing lucid when the situation calls for it. The difference these people show as they cross back and forth between lucidity and madness is quite amazing. Even close family and acquaintances chalk up their strange behavior to “quirkiness” for many years, delaying the inevitable commitment hearing that will eventually come. Mental illness is no laughing matter in a private family, but it’s catastrophic when it overtakes the Leader of the Free WorldTM. When the president lashes out against the invisible evils that haunt him he does it with a heavily armed fist. When he refuses to acknowledge the import of events, people lives are ruined. Just ask a Katrina victim about how sane George seemed as he flew by and watched the destruction from his leather-padded seat.

The world once watched Britney Spears with a smirk as she transformed herself from a vapid pop princess into a full-fledged bipolar sufferer, but most of us aren’t laughing now. Instead, we look on the poor girl with pity for the behaviors she can’t control and the damage she’s done to her family and career. When a president drops over the edge of sanity, the world shudders - even if we do mask it through a million jokes. Just as Britney had to be controlled to prevent more damage, George is no different. It’s time for someone to step in and say enough is enough.

It’s time to end the madness of King George.


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2 Responses to “The Madness of King George”

  1. Liberal Jarhead Says:

    Excellent book - everything the author says, he backs up with solid, objective evidence, and it’s all based on sound and long-accepted psychological practice. If Bush had been born to an ordinary family instead of the one he got, he might - on the one hand - be less screwed up, because his parents were pretty bad as parents (the book goes into it, talking about situations such as when, when he was seven or so, his little sister died of leukemia and they never bothered to tell him she was sick until after the funeral, which they skipped to play golf instead); on the other hand, he’d never have gotten away with many, many actions, the consequences of which have been deflected or buried due to family influence.

    Just as we expect the public to be informed of the president’s physical health, we have a right to be kept up to date on his or her mental health.

  2. rube cretin Says:

    wonder what this says about the mental stability of a population that has elected him to the highest office in the land twice.?

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