Fox News: Tool of The Devil, Tool Of The Right

News? You be the judge:

“Icky?” Karl Rove is a happy man every time he has lunch with Rupert Murdoch.

9 Responses to “Fox News: Tool of The Devil, Tool Of The Right”

  1. Lisa Says:

    What’s the matter WS,is it really that the virus is spreading or that the virus is exposed?
    The only reason the other media outlets are talking about it is because they are defending it.. As a matter of fact today Chris Mathews was showing not what Reverend Wright says but what Pastor Hagee says who by the way who is not McCain’s pastor.
    Aren’t you glad only right wingers watch Fox? Imagine if they had as many outlets as the left has?

  2. Dusty Says:

    Wright is retired for Christs sake Lisa. And continue to watch the clips without any context..that way your sure to get the wrong idea.

    Also Weathervane McCain asked for Hagee’s endorsement. He wants Hagee in his court.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Context Dusty? Let’s compare the Rush Limbaugh statement about the phony soldier when you guys were proven wrong tiome and time again about that story and how it was taken out of context. The left does it all the time.
    I don’t like being blamed for slavery when I wasn’t even around. Why balme America? Do you blame Germany or Hilter for the holocaust? Do you blame Pol Pot or Cambodia? Do you blame Stalin or Russia?
    Let’s blame the rich white democrat plantation owners,the Europeans and Africa for slavery for a friggin change.
    How about people complain about their ancestors that were killed in the civil war to free slaves? Where is their appreciation?

  4. Dusty Says:

    Our nation is run by the Rich White Folks who own the Corporations..or their best friends Bush and Cheney..where is the lie in that statement?

    The shit Fox Noise pushes isn’t patriotism..its nationalism..the same crap Hitler pushed on the residents of Germany.

  5. Lisa Says:

    No the crap that Hilter pushed on Germany was that similar to what any socialist cnadidate will do. Saying that they need them and having the crowd cheering in a frenzy over every word even if they make no sense in what they are saying.

  6. Dusty Says:

    Bullshit Lisa, carrying on ad nauseum about whether Obama wears a fucking flag pin in his label is nationalism at its best.

    Is that actual news? Hell no..hence it’s nothing more than nationalism.

  7. windspike Says:


    I’m not clear on any point you are trying to make here. I think you are not clear on your historical analysis and the comparative analysis with today’s current geopolitical climate.

    The infrastructure for our country was flawed, and is flawed. That’s why the founding fathers built in a method for changing it by adding amendments to the Constitution. Who is blaming you for slavery? The fact remains that slavery was perpetrated, and those who descend from slaves don’t operate on the same playing field as you do. I’m not going to get into a complex discussion with you because your arguments tend to border on knee jerk reactions rather than plausible and well defined reasoning.

    I’ll just recommend two books to you by the same author. I fully expect that you will not bother to check these out of the library and read them, but shoot, that won’t stop me from trying. Cornel West wrote “Race Matters” a long while back. It’s a great book and reaches down the throat of racism in ways that are too complex for us to disect here. His follow up “Democracy Matters” is an awesome sequel and does great justice to place modern democracy within the context of the complex historical picture.

    Of course, your hero as a President is the most intelligently simple person you can wrap a flag around. so, I don’t expect you to venture out of your own small sphere to read some material that you may grow or be challenged by.

    But I dare you to read them….no I double dog dare you to read them. Then come back and let’s have a dialog about race and democracy. Perhaps you will have something more interesting to add to the discourse.

  8. Dusty Says:

    Why don’t you try watching Wrights entire speech and then see how it comes out? You just watch the MSM’s 10 sec clip and pass judgment.

    As an Anglo..your the one all hung up on slavery. I believe most people have moved forward from that era into the modern era where racism still exists only more subtly.

  9. Dusty Says:

    Evidently LIsa, your missing Windy’s entire point here..did you actually watch the video? How is attacking Obama’s patriotism news for the love of Gawd? On that level it’s nationalism and if you don’t get it, your not as smart as I figured you are.

    The Fox talking heads call Obama supporters hysterical..thats fucking ridiculous.

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