tes post to see if spamming assholes have hacked our site

You piece of dung spamm sucking assholes

2 Responses to “tes post to see if spamming assholes have hacked our site”

  1. Craig R. Harmon Says:

    ’sup? The only problem I noticed recently was that my most recent post in National showed up with comments and pings turned off rather than, as is usually the case, turned on by default. When I noticed it, I went back and edited the post, turning on those two options and it seems to be fine now.

    What problems have you noticed?

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Craig Your post on Guess which Party and LJ’s post right before that had somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 porn links embedded into the actual post itself (not a comment, but in the post). This coincides with our ISP telling us that we are killing the server and they are ready to turn us off. We are taking emergency measures to stop it form happening again and streamline the design so we have less of an attack surface. Or course we are also working our full time jobs too :)