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Where did the gun come from?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

The folks at Bring It On! were good enough to invite me to write about our mission to rid the streets of crime guns by asking Where did the gun come from? after every shooting.

The recent execution-style shooting of 4 college students in Newark  makes it more important than ever that we track crime guns back to the source, cut off the supply and stop the shootings.

We need to ask Where did the gun come from? after every shooting to identify the people who supply guns to criminals, youth and terrorists.

Did you know most shootings are committed by people under the age of 25 who acquired their guns illegally? 5 out of 6 guns recovered in crime were obtained through illegal means. (Braga & Pierce, 2005). If we cut off the supply of guns to criminals, we can save lives.

We’re NOT trying to take guns away from lawful citizens. We want to break down the system of illegal trafficking that provides guns to dangerous people. We hope you’ll weigh in with your suggestions and experiences.

Where do you think criminals get their guns?