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Merry Christmas to All

Monday, December 24th, 2007

From this political liberal opinionated Irish Catholic New England Yankee Socialist snob to all of you out there that take the time to read my rants, thank you.  I probably left out a few names I’ve been called but it comes with the territory of writing political opinion.  From my five daughters and my lovely wife we wish you and all of your families the happiest times this Christmas holiday.

For all of my friends that are Atheist, Muslim, Jewish or whatever faith you choose.  Have a great Tuesday this week.  And do not set the Alarm clock!  Umm, the power is out  so nobody is open for business unless you are a police officer, fireman, or medical hospital.  Ya, that’s the ticket.  Christian’s are all at Church because Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts have threatened from beyond the grave to come back if we do not send $20,000,000 to some clown named Papamoka.  Ya, that’s it!  I kid you not, even Bill O’Reilly is going to church.  This is serious stuff! 

Well, I’m off to boobie trap the damn chimney in hopes of catching the fat bastid’ in the act.  I saw it on the internet that some of those supermarket tabloids are willing to pay $100,000 for a legitamet picture of Santa Claus.  The bonus is the $40 per pound on the reindeer meat but do not tell anyone about that please.  That is our little secret.   

Merry Christmas


Citizen Energy

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

In New England we are blessed to have a Santa on an oil fuel truck named Joe Kennedy. Yes, he is from the world famous Kennedy clan. When it comes to rock stars of charitable work then Joe Kennedy is the Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Some people have a problem with Joe Kennedy’s public charity that delivers home heating oil to many people in the New England area at huge discounts. For the life of me I can not comprehend why they have an issue with Joe Kennedy but some people just do not understand what real human kindness is. I’m thinking, Joe worked in our government, saw how polarizing it was to get anything done and just made up his own mind to just make it happen on his own.

What is the non issue of the work that this great man does is Hugo Chavez. Citgo Corporation and the government of Venezuela donates the home heating oil to Citizen Energy at undisclosed prices if not for free. I’m big on the devil in the details but if the end result is my seventy eight year old neighbor having heat then I more or less chuck the bird at the politics. Her furnace does not care or differentiate between oil at price gouging rates due to over market manipulation or something she can actually afford. The end result is a senior citizen that is warm while the temperatures dip below thirty degrees.

Joe Kennedy is a saint amongst the poor of New England for a reason, he cares. He isn’t running for any political office and frankly he never should. The work he does for the poor in my home state alone is to valuable to loose him.

That leads me to this thought, what are the Republican’s doing to help the poor in the northern parts of the United States? If you are coming up with the same results that I am you come back to just one result. Market forces are good for business and government should not interfere. Blah, blah, blah. What the interpretation of that is simply put. Screw the poor! Their personal portfolio of oil stocks has doubled in the last eight years. Making money is more important than caring for a neighbor or someone you never will meet. The very poor do not exactly associate in the same circles with people making even $50,000 plus per year.

With home heating oil at record prices this winter, in his own way, Joe Kennedy and Citizen Energy rescue a people much in need. They are not contributing dollars to any political campaign but Joe hears their voices anyway. Home heating for the poor amongst us will never be on the Republican Party radar.

One thing that the Republican’s forget is that many of the soldiers that have died in Iraq and in the Republican lead War on Terror have left family behind here in New England if not in the rest of the country. What happens to them after the burial of their husband? They seek public assistance! They have no choice. That ranks them with the worst people of the political opinion of the Republican Party. And yet being Republican is manipulated to be pro military. That works as long as your are not killed in action.

After the pictures are taken with all of the political so called leaders paying their respects, the family still grieving is left at the door of the forgotten. Supporting the troops ends right after the photo Op when it comes to any Republican politician. What happens to the kids and wife left behind is not of any concern to them if the speech went well. Do not look for the answers over at the Republican Party. They believe that you must make your own way and be damned if your life is up ended just because your husband and father of so many children was killed in service to our nation. You must help yourself and not be a burden on the taxpayers of our nation. Get a fringing job you blood sucking pieces of trash. Insert chuck the bird to the Mom with one or two babies as they are also kicked off of the military base as a widow.

I don’t care how Joe Kennedy puts the oil in the poor people of this regions oil tanks, heat and warmth is a Godsend when you don’t have it. Many widows not just from this war but many others that were designed by so called great minds in Washington have been left behind and Joe Kennedy is the only one offering a warm home this winter. Sponsored by Citgo and Hugo Chavez is more relief than any of the Republican millionaires running for President are offering the people left behind and in the cold.

Thank you Joe Kennedy, and thank you Citizen Energy for doing all that you do for the forgotten people of America in the cold. You renew the forgotten faith in human kindness with every oil tank you fill. God bless you Joe Kennedy.


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