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More Bush Assaults on the Environment

Friday, January 18th, 2008

George W. Bush is already known for having more contempt for the environment than any previous president. He makes Ronald Reagan look like a starry-eyed hippie gazing at a redwood forest. It’s probably redundant to even talk about his latest assaults on wildlife. It’s like saying David Duke is a racist, or Grover Norquist hates people who work for a living.

But every time you think Bush couldn’t possibly do anything else to the environment — couldn’t possibly become any more of a douchebag — he does.

Bush has singlehandedly overturned a federal court ruling. I didn’t know he was a judge. Did you? A federal court had ruled that the U.S. Navy has to follow certain precautions so that their high-power sonar equipment doesn’t damage marine life. Bush said Nuh Uh.

We’re fighting a War on Tur; we don’t have time to get all touchy-feely about whales and porpoises. An al Qaeda submarine might sneak past the U.S. Navy and stage another 9/11 attack. Uh, that word again was: 9/11.

Also, Bush’s Interior Department has abandoned efforts to save the few remaining Jaguars in southern New Mexico and Arizona. If any of these areas near the U.S.-Mexican border were designated as critical habitat for Jaguars, it might jeopardize our brand spankin’ new border fence. And we need that border fence. We’ve got hordes of dark-skinned savages pouring into our country from Mexico and you’re getting all maudlin over a few Jaguars?

We have 367 more days of this asshole stenching up the White House. (Or if you’re in the military, that’s 366 and a wakeup.) Whoever takes his place has to be an improvement.

The Bush Legacy Will Live On

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

The Bush MemorialTime is mercifully running out for the duck who shall be named lame. After seven years of steadfastly refusing to seriously reflect on anything he’s ever done, he now seems interested in his legacy. Of course, it’s a lead-pipe cinch that Lil’ Napoleon’s vision of his great gifts to the world will vary considerably from what contemporaries and future historians will see, but that’s quotidian Bush to the core.

He’s off to Israel this week to demonstrate his legacy of peace and democracy in the Middle East - closely guarded by 10,000 police to protect him from the peaceful, loving embrace of a suicide bomber. In preparation, George has launched a charm offensive to let Middle Eastern journos know just what an important cog in the machine of history he will be.

“I would hope, at least, at the very minimum, people would say that George W. Bush respected my religion, and has great concern for the human condition; that he hurts when he sees poverty and hopelessness; that he’s a realistic guy,” he told al-Arabiya. “(And that) he helped present an alternative, and that was one based upon liberty and the rights of men and women in a just and free society.”

Damn! If not for their obvious irony, those words would be almost Lincolnesque. I could easily envision a white marble monument containing a statue of George. He’d wear a cowboy hat, chew a sprig of straw, and be picking cow shit off his presidential boot heel. Ringing the inside of the symbolic marble barn would be the words, engraved in gold, “He helped present an alternative, and that was one based upon liberty and the rights of men and women in a just and free society.” There wouldn’t be a dry neocon eye in the house.

But, George doesn’t have a lot of support for his case legacy-wise. Only one percent of respondents in one poll - presumably the one percent with all the money - consider him a “great” president, and that’s from his own people. Many Middle Easterners are equally blunt, “In Arab streets, many blame Washington for the plight of Iraqis and Palestinians. Bush’s presidency has been disastrous,” said an Egyptian journalist who received a National Endowment for Democracy award from George. It makes one wonder what he would have said had George stiffed him for the award.

There’s no doubt the Bush presidency will be remembered as an important time and there’s no arguing that it won’t influence the world long after he’s gone. His policies, his personal idiosyncrasies, his remaking of the very fabric of the republic are far and deep reaching. However, George makes the same mistake many megalomaniacal despots make - that influential automatically equals good.

And by the yardstick, George W. Bush is a midget among giants.

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Judge orders BushCo to confirm existance of emails.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Three cheers for Judge John Facciola! He has ordered BushCo to provide proof that the missing emails exist.

He has given them five business days to come up with proof “whether the millions of e-mails from 2003 to 2005 that have been deleted from White House servers in fact exist on back-up tapes.”

BushCo has been dancing around this issue for years now. They have consistently refused to answer the question by tossing out that good ol “Executive Priviledge” bullshit. The fabulous folks at CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) have been bull-dogging the living shit out of BushCo about the missing emails with various court cases they have brought, regarding the Firing of the USA’s and originally the PlameGate debacle. From the Jurist writeup:

Facciola’s Tuesday ruling in The National Security Archive v. Executive Office of the President, consolidated with a lawsuit from CREW, requires the White House to reveal whether the back-up tapes are catalogued, labeled or otherwise identified to indicate the period of time they cover and the data they contain.

The order came in advance of a ruling on motions from CREW and the National Security Archive to expedite discovery to determine what relevant email still exists. The US Department of Justice has been unresponsive about what back-up tapes the White House possesses, although it has said that the White House has maintained all back-up tapes since CREW filed suit. The issue of missing e-mails has been an ongoing controversy in the Bush administration, arising first during the CIA leak investigation, and again last year during controversy over the firings of eight US Attorneys. AP has more.

The court order can be read here.

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In 2008 as in 2007

Friday, January 4th, 2008

it’s gonna be ABAT (All Britney All the Time):

Court awards Spears’ kids to K-Fed.

Just two things to say.

1. About friggin’ time;


2. Some people just shouldn’t be parents.

Stepping Up the War on Drugs — Again

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

The Worst President Ever has now combined the War on Drugs with the firing of those eight federal prosecutors.

Kevin Ryan was U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California until he was purged in December 2006. Bush’s replacement is Joseph Russoniello, who’s been one of the most gung ho drug warriors since the early 1980s.

According to this article, the Senate hasn’t yet voted on Russoniello’s confirmation. But according to this story, Russoniello WAS confirmed by the Senate in mid-December. Left hand meet the right hand…

Russoniello was a cofounder of California’s infamous CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) program: Every harvest season, government helicopters come swooping in on California’s pot farmers (and anyone else who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). Where are all those anti-tax “taxpayers’ rights” groups when shit like this happens? The same people who go ballistic over libraries and every other “waste of tax dollars” suddenly develop mass laryngitis when it comes to Iraqmire and the War on Drugs.

Russoniello has been one of the ringleaders of the Republican approach to crime for the past 25 years: Let’s quit dithering over white collar crime and start going after those small-time drug users instead.

In 1994 he told an interviewer that marijuana growers in California were “like an open wound on our prayer hand.” Oooookay.

With the medical marijuana issue heating up in California — most Californians are in favor of it; Dumbya and his puppetmasters are against it — you can guess what this douchebag’s top priority will be. Let’s crack down on these whiny cancer patients; enough of this “waaaaaaahhh!!! I’m nauseous from chemotherapy.” Stand up and take it like a man!

Russoniello is a perfect example of our government’s schizophrenic approach to drugs. He goes for the jugular when it comes to pot growers and small-time drug users, but he’s been surprisingly lenient with major cocaine dealers. In the 1980s he was “investigating” the connection between cocaine and Ronald Reagan’s rightwing terrorists (the “Contras”) in Nicaragua. Several Contra-affiliated dealers were arrested with huge amounts of cocaine. Russoniello “declined” to investigate any further; he insisted these dealers couldn’t possibly have any connection with the Contras.

Check out some of the links here on the Nicaraguan Contras/cocaine connection. It’s a dark chapter in America’s history; one of many.

And so another shitstain joins the Bush Administration; another grain of sand on Jones Beach.

Biggest lies of the year..part deux

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

I decide..all of this is from

Rudy’s Adoption Deception

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani claimed adoptions went up 65 percent to 70 percent when he was mayor of New York City, when in fact adoptions at the end of his tenure were only 17 percent higher than at the start, and they were falling. His manipulation of official statistics was a classic case of using data selectively to create a false impression.

Levitating Numbers May 7, 2007

Rudy’s False Cancer Claim

Giuliani claimed in a radio ad that men suffering from prostate cancer have only a 44 percent survival rate under England’s system of “socialized medicine.” The true figure is 74.4 percent. Giuliani’s bogus statistic was the result of bad math by a campaign adviser with no particular expertise in cancer research. It was denounced by any number of cancer experts including one who called it “nonsense.” Giuliani stubbornly refused to admit his error, claiming the 44 percent figure is “absolutely accurate.” It isn’t.

A Bogus Cancer Statistic October 30, 2007

Bogus Cancer Stats, Again November 8, 2007

Rudy’s Inflated Cop Count

Giuliani falsely claimed that he grew New York City’s police force by 12,000 officers, but 7,100 of those he counted were already housing or transit police who were simply merged into the New York Police Department. The actual increase in the size of the city’s uniformed police officers was about 3,660, or about 10 percent, and the cost of hiring about 3,500 of them was partially covered by the federal government under President Bill Clinton.

Cop-Counting Cop-Out October 9, 2007

Rudy’s Bogus Crime Claim

A Giuliani TV ad falsely claimed New York City experienced “record crime … until Rudy.” In fact, the city recorded its highest rates of both violent crime and property crime years before he took office. The downward trend was well established before he was sworn in.

The Not-Quite Truth About NYC November 27, 2007

Rudy’s Tax-Cut Puffery

Giuliani constantly repeated that he “cut or eliminated 23 taxes” while mayor of New York City, but eight of those were initiated at the state level, with the mayor cheering from the sidelines. A ninth cut, one of the largest, was opposed by Giuliani in a five-month standoff with the City Council, until the mayor finally acquiesced. He can properly claim credit for initiating only 14 of the cuts.

Giuliani’s Tax Puffery July 27, 2007

Richardson’s Job Inflation

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson continually boasted of creating 80,000 jobs since becoming governor of New Mexico. But official figures showed a 68,100 gain when he first started making this inflated boast. He based his claim on a definition of “jobs” that includes unpaid workers in family businesses and freelancers who don’t draw a paycheck.

Richardson also claimed he “made New Mexico 6th in job growth,” when the state already ranked 6th for the 12-month period before he took office and later fell to 17th under Richardson’s stewardship.

Richardson’s Job Boast August 22, 2007

Richardson Flunks Math and Science

Richardson also claimed over and over that U.S. students rank 29th in the world in math and science. Not true. The two leading international assessments of student achievement rank U.S. students better in all cases, and in most cases much better, than Richardson claims. U.S. students do post mediocre scores compared with those of other industrial nations, but Richardson is using a fanciful number that paints too dark a picture.

Richardson Flunks Two Subjects September 12, 2007

Mitt’s Immigration Malarkey

An ad by Romney in New Hampshire claimed that his rival John McCain “voted to allow illegals to collect Social Security.” That’s untrue. Nobody who is in the country illegally could be paid any Social Security benefits under McCain’s immigration bill. What McCain and 10 other Senate Republicans voted against was an effort to strip illegal aliens of a right they currently have: to apply the taxes they paid and the time they worked while in the country illegally as credit toward future Social Security benefits if and when they become citizens or legal residents.

The same ad said one of the differences between the two candidates is that Romney “opposes amnesty” for illegal immigrants. But Romney himself once called McCain’s immigration bill “reasonable” and said it was “quite different” from amnesty. Indeed it was. The McCain bill would have required those here illegally to pay thousands of dollars in fines and fees to gain legal status.

In an earlier TV ad, Romney cast himself as tough on illegal immigration, saying “I authorized the [Massachusetts] State Police to enforce immigration laws.” He doesn’t mention that his order never took effect. It came in the closing days of his administration and was rescinded by his successor

More Mitt Malarkey December 28, 2007

Tough Guy on Immigration? November 9, 2007

Mitt’s Meth Miss

Yet another Romney ad attacked Huckabee in Iowa, claiming Romney “got tough on drugs like meth” in Massachusetts while Huckabee “reduced penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine” in Arkansas. But the legislation Romney supported never passed. Furthermore, convicted meth dealers face prison terms in Arkansas that are four times longer than those in Massachusetts, even after the reductions Huckabee supported. The reductions were drafted with help from Arkansas state prosecutors to ease prison overcrowding.

Romney on Huckabee II December 19, 2007

Mitt Mauls History

Romney claimed that Democratic President Clinton “began to dismantle the military,” but really it was Republican President George H.W. Bush who started making deep cuts in defense budgets years before Clinton took office.

More Mitt Missteps July 9, 2007

Hillary’s Trumped-up Troop Claim

In a TV ad for her presidential campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that members of the National Guard and military Reserve didn’t have health insurance until she and a GOP colleague took action. “You would think that after all the sacrifices and service of the National Guard and Reserve protecting our country, they would have had health insurance. But they didn’t.”

In fact, most of them did. All active-duty Guard and Reserve troops were covered by federal insurance long before she became a senator. Furthermore, four out of five non-active-duty guardsmen and reservists also were covered by their civilian employers or other sources. Clinton did help expand and enhance government health care coverage for reservists but can’t claim credit for creating coverage where none existed, as this ad implied.

Exaggerating Help for Troops December 20, 2007

Huckabee’s Tax Hooey

* Huckabee tried to duck charges of being a tax increaser by claiming an Arkansas gasoline tax hike passed after 80 percent of state voters approved it. But the referendum vote on highway repairs didn’t occur until after the tax was increased.

Huckabee also claimed repeatedly that he cut taxes “almost 94 times,” sliding by the fact that 21 other taxes were raised during his tenure, resulting in a net tax increase.

Huckabee’s Fiscal Record November 21, 2007

“FairTax” Falsehoods

Proponents of the so-called “FairTax,” prominently including Huckabee, claimed that a national sales tax of 23 percent could replace both the federal income tax and Social Security taxes, and eliminate the Internal Revenue Service.

In truth, the actual rate of the proposed tax would be 30 percent, when calculated the same way as state and local sales taxes. And it would have to be 34 percent to raise the same revenue as the taxes it would replace, according to a bipartisan presidential commission. The FairTax would, for example, raise the price of gasoline by roughly $1 per gallon at today’s prices and cause a $150,000 new home to cost at least $195,000 including the 30 percent tax.

And while the Internal Revenue Service might disappear, two new federal bureaucracies would be needed: one to administer the sales tax and another to keep track of sending out hundreds of billions of dollars in checks every year to compensate taxpayers for the regressive nature of sales taxes. The proposal calls for “prebates” to all taxpayers of all taxes paid on purchases up to the poverty level. That of course would require an IRS-like system to validate each person’s income and the amount of “prebate” they are due.

Unspinning the FairTax May 31, 2007

Edwards’ Empty Threat

Former Sen. John Edwards said, both in a TV ad and constantly on the campaign trail, that as president he’d tell Congress to act within six months to make sure all Americans have health insurance or “I’m going to use my power as president to take your health care away from you.” But he would have no such power. Lawmakers have health coverage granted by law, not by executive fiat.

Edwards’ Empty Threat November 13, 2007

McCain’s Supply-side Spin

McCain claimed the major tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 “dramatically increased revenues” and that tax cuts in general increase revenues. Not true. The Congressional Budget Office, the Treasury Department, the Joint Committee on Taxation, the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers and a former Bush administration economist all said that tax cuts lead to revenues that are lower than they otherwise would have been – even if they spur some economic growth.

Supply-side Spin June 11, 2007

McCain’s Impossible Energy Dream

McCain promised that if elected he’d set up a massive government program to develop alternate energy sources and “we will in five years become oil independent.” But the U.S. imports two-thirds of its oil, and dependence is growing. Experts we consulted said McCain’s five-year goal is an impossibility. “There’s just no way,” said Frank Verrastro, director of the Energy and National Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “You can’t institute technological change that quickly.” Studies assessing how to achieve energy independence set target dates ranging from 2025 to 2040.

Republicans Debate in Iowa December 12, 2007

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Biden’s Bogus Labor Boast

Sen. Joe Biden claimed during a Democratic forum to have a labor record equal to or better than all the candidates present that evening:

Biden: Look at our records. There’s no one on this stage, mainly because of my longevity, that has a better labor record than me.

Actually, all the candidates on the stage had a better lifetime labor record than Biden, as measured by the AFL-CIO’s ratings of Senate and House votes. Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Edwards had the best ratings, tied at 97 percent for their congressional careers. Biden’s lifetime rating brought up the rear at 85 percent.

AFL-CIO Democratic Forum August 8, 2007

Democratic Hot Air on Medicare

Democrats made a false promise to senior citizens by claiming that they had a painless way to bring about lower prices on pharmaceuticals. Michigan Rep. John Dingell summed up his party’s empty promise during House debate on their bill, H.R. 4:

Dingell: This legislation is simple and common sense. It will deliver lower premiums to the seniors, lower prices at the pharmacy and savings for all taxpayers.

That claim was contradicted by a number of experts including the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and the chief actuary of the Medicare system. Both said the bill wouldn’t bring the lower prices Democrats promised, because it wouldn’t have allowed the federal government to set up a “formulary” of approved medications for Medicare, such as the one the Veterans Administration uses to squeeze price concessions from drug companies for the drugs it covers. Formularies can be unpopular with patients if preferred drugs aren’t covered. The Democratic bill would require federal officials to negotiate while denying them any leverage. The bill passed the House but the Senate took no action.
Medicare Hot Air January 17, 2007

Bush Baloney on Children’s Health

President Bush falsely claimed that a proposal to expand the 10-year-old federal SCHIP program “would result in taking a program meant to help poor children and turning it into one that covers children in households with incomes of up to $83,000 a year.” That wasn’t true. Nothing in the proposal would have forced coverage for families earning $83,000 a year.

Actually, the Urban Institute estimated that 70 percent of children who would gain coverage under the bill that Bush attacked (and later vetoed) are in families earning half the $83,000 figure Bush used. One state, New York, had proposed (under current law) to allow families of four with incomes up to $82,600 a year to be eligible, but the administration successfully prevented that from happening.

Furthermore, the program wasn’t aimed at “poor” children as Bush claimed. Those in poverty generally are covered under Medicaid already. SCHIP was aimed at children in families without health coverage and with incomes that are above the poverty level.

Bush’s False Claims About Children’s Health Insurance September 21, 2007

Bush’s Iraqi Exaggerations

Bush played loose with the facts in an address address to the nation on Iraq. He said “36 nations … have troops on the ground in Iraq.” In fact, his own State Department put the number at 25. The White House later said the president was counting some nations that had troops in the country temporarily as part of a military exercise. Bush also said the city of Baqubah in Diyala province was “cleared.” But the Washington Post quoted a State Department official as saying the security situation there wasn’t stable at the time.

Operation Iraqi Gloss-Over September 14, 2007

Off-Base About Offshoring

An ad by a labor union PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate Edwards in Iowa implied that the closing of a Maytag factory in the state and the loss of 1,800 jobs were due to “tax breaks to companies that move jobs offshore.” And it said Edwards would end such breaks. But the jobs didn’t move offshore. They were sent to Ohio. And eliminating the “tax breaks” in question probably wouldn’t do much to keep jobs in the U.S.

Not Working 4 Edwards December 19, 2007

“Lawsuit Abuse” Nonsense

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ran a TV ad claiming that “lawsuit abuse” is costing “your family” $3,500 a year. But that figure came from a study estimating the cost of all suits, not just abusive ones. The author of the study called the chamber’s ad “misleading.”

A False Ad About ‘Lawsuit Abuse’ May 11, 2007

by Brooks Jackson, with the staff of

So, there you have it..all the lies and bs from both sides of the’s a doozy ain’t it?

Father Knows Best

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

AT&T Wiretapping Your WorldFinally, a Democrat grew a pair. Instead of Harry Reid, the cajoneless wonder, Chris Dodd stepped up and threatened a filibuster over retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies spying on behalf of the government. The Knight of Shining Hair didn’t put the vote off forever, but he did delay action until after the first of the year, leaving enough time to win a few more rational senators over. But more importantly, he highlighted just how meek and timid the current crop of Reidsters really are. Harry doesn’t just look like the kid who got has ass kicked every day in gym glass, he put the “kick me” sign on himself and dared bully George to kick him. And as bullies are wont to do, George routinely kicks his empty crotch with relish at every opportunity.

Many will claim Chris’s backbone grew as he grasped at straws to keep his woe-begotten Presidential campaign going. My response is “big frickin’ deal”. The man took the right stand and it doesn’t matter to me if it was for all the wrong reasons or not. We are no longer standing on a slippery slope when it comes to eroding our once-sacrosanct civil liberties. We’re sliding hell-bent for leather down the world’s longest mud slide directly toward a brick wall a million times worse than anything America’s Evilest Home Videos has to offer. Someone has to put the brakes on, and strangely, mild-mannered Chris turned out to be the man.


Kevin Martin: Douchebag of the Year

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

We knew exactly how it was going to happen, and it happened exactly that way. The FCC — oblivious to millions of letters, phone calls and e-mails begging them not to — has gone ahead and voted in favor of greater media consolidation. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin thinks there’s been too much diversity in the media. His solution is to have just two or three megalomaniacs controlling everything we read and listen to. (I thought they already did.)

Kevin Martin you’re a flaming douchebag. You’re a motherfucking son of a whore who should have been shot at birth. Eat shit and choke on it. Hope you get an AIDS needle in your Christmas stocking.

As you’ve probably guessed, Heartattackfuck and his dopey sockpuppet are standing firmly behind Kevin Martin’s plan to strangle the media.

Twenty-six senators — Republicans and Democrats — had already written to Martin, warning that they would “immediately move legislation that will revoke and nullify the proposed rule.” These twenty-six senators include several powerful Republicans and all four Democratic presidential contenders. This issue needs to be front and center in the 2008 election. If you listen to the radio, watch TV or follow the news, this FCC action affects YOU.

This is a bipartisan issue. Several rightwing Christian organizations and the National Rifle Association, plus a lot of liberal and non-political groups, are bitterly opposed to the FCC’s attempts to strangle competition and diversity.

Bush has already threatened to veto any bill that attempts to override the FCC’s decision. Congress must be willing to attach this FCC override as an amendment to every — EVERY — bill they send to Bush.

And now, a public service message: Beware of Child Molesters!

Bite Me Big Oil!

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

For the first time in 32 years the Congress is actually doing something about the real energy crisis here at home in America. I’m not talking about supply and demand. I’m talking about the reality that our nation is ruled by OIL. All hail his Majesty the King paid for by a generous donation by Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Chevron and Shell etc, etc.

America has a demand problem and as the largest market user of all oil based products in the world there is a market to manipulate when the ones producing the product are netting mega billions a quarter. I’m funny that way, billions of dollars in profit’s a quarter, hmm do you think they are using that profit for the greater good? I don’t think so either. Trillions are to be made on the open market and when you have billions of dollars piling up quarter after quarter it posses a ledger problem that becomes an accountants nightmare. If it isn’t spent on “Research and Development” or other purposes investing in the corporation then those profits are taxable. Then again, maybe not given all the subsidies to the oil companies under W.

In a recent post here titled Saudi Arabia… Screw you Wall Street I talked about this very issue. Saudi Arabia has the ability to supply the market and the facts were revealed in the linked story that they can produce a barrel of oil for just $2! Supply is not the problem! Saudi Arabia is pissed that Wall Street is pointing the finger at them. Then again it’s a far stretch from $2 to the current market price of oil isn’t it? Who want’s to be the bad guy in this latest news buster, the guy in the white robes or the guy in the nice dark blue or black business suit? Frankly, it’s a toss up there but two guys in whatever form of dress mugging you is still a mugging.

American vengeance is a funny thing and when you as a President threaten our pockets with a veto on legislation that will only hurt the billions of profits of your base big oil supporters then we have a problem with King George once again. Two hundred and some odd years forward of the original American Revolution.

House Brushes Aside Veto Threat, Passes Energy Bill
By Jonathan Weisman and Steven Mufson
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, December 6, 2007; 5:24 PM

The House today brushed aside a fresh White House veto threat and handily approved a sweeping energy bill that would raise automobile fuel efficiency standards for the first time in 32 years while mandating the generation of electricity from more renewable energy sources.

The 235-181 vote sends the measure to the Senate, where Republicans hope to strip it of tax hikes on the oil industry and renewable electricity mandates before a final version goes to President Bush. The White House objected strongly to the bill on multiple fronts, saying Bush’s advisers have recommended a veto.

But with energy prices soaring, lawmakers from both parties expressed strong support for dramatic action, especially on auto efficiency standards that have not changed since the 1970s. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) called the package”nothing less than our nation’s declaration of independence from foreign sources of energy.”

Snippet and flick it…

The bill also includes appliance and light bulb standards that would effectively phase out the incandescent light bulbs invented by Thomas Edison by the middle of next decade.

To finance tax incentives for hybrid cars, ethanol production and renewable energy development, the bill includes $21 billion in revenue increases , including a rollback of $13.5 billion in tax breaks for the five largest oil companies. - Washington Post

King George and his cronies are looking at the death of big oil just decades down the road and they are having to change their shorts. Even though King George Bush has said over and over again that we need to raise the CAFÉ standards he must have done so with his fingers crossed behind his back. It is official with this up and coming veto that this President was never an American President. He has been nothing but a puppet of his friends and screwed his own people for the sake of a dollar. Not his personal dollars but he got to have a neat office that his Daddy had once, nice car, and all the benefits of being the Deciderer in Chief. Vacation benefits are huge too. Take the first seven years off and work the last one. He only has to work the last year because he by accident found the United States on a freaking map finally! He circled it with a Crayola burnt umber if you were wondering.

I laugh at people that say that the price of oil is market driven. While two people at the gas pumps each spit on the pumps, one a Democrat, the other a Republican, one of them is right and the other is just pissed at the market. Both are making the same wage and both are spending more than they can afford just to put gas in the car to get to work. One voted for a Democrat that wanted change eight years ago and the other voted for a self proclaimed American King in disguise. Both have a son in uniform in Iraq. Both are on the edge of losing their homes. It does not matter what either one thinks anymore because we have all been sold out by the King.

Market forces in any field without control will rape all of the people without political recognition no matter what party you vote for in the middle and lower classes. There was a reason why the Democrats held control of both houses for so long. They never sold the middle and lower classes out as well as President Bush has done in two terms. They never trashed the Constitution and used it to wrap the days catch down at the lake because it was yesterdays news.

If maybe really but not for real elected twice President Bush, veto’s this energy bill and his veto is not overturned, then we will all know whom is voting for your future families energy needs. Look to the political Right side of the aisle to find the millionaires club that could care less about you as an individual person coming up with excuses why we still do not need a realistic energy policy. Then check out the largest contributors to their past campaigns and as always follow the damn money.

It all points back to the fact that the Republican servants in our American Congress will protect the money flow from big oil. It’s a huge amount of cash to swallow your pride. George Bush has proven the fact that his time in the White House is a precursor to a President in the steps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. With so many lost under the footsteps of the Bush millionaires now running our nation it is inevitable that this will scenario must change come the next Presidency. It has too! That is why we all must vote.

Just keep repeating $2 to produce a barrel of oil! Voting Republican next election?


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George Bush Tells the Truth…At Least Half of it Anyway

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Chimpy McSmackerlipsIn George Bush’s weird parallel universe, fact and fiction often pass like ships in the night (going on to strike icebergs later, but that’s another post). The knock is that he lies or conveniently forgets important facts when they’re inconvenient. As far as it goes, that theory holds water, but it fails to account for a peachy-keen trick he’s mastered - he can lie and tell the truth at the same time. That’s mighty impressive for a man who probably can’t spell manipulate.

Monday’s NIE estimate revealing that Iran gave up their nuclear weapons program several years ago is a case in point. At first blush it looks like a complete repudiation of Shrubby’s bomb ‘em sooner rather than later bellicosity. “WWIII is a-comin’! They’ll have one of them nook contraptions any day now! Eye-Ran is run by a crackpot who has no respect for the world community!” (Look who’s talking.)

So does he respond by saying, “Gee whillikers folks. I got that whole Iranian weapons thing all wrong”? Of course not, that would be so very unbushian. His response was vintage Bush League after being dealt a stunning political blow - he said the estimate backs him up on almost every count.

Does anyone doubt that Iran is run by a crackpot with few brains and a big mouth? Of course not, it is. Do people know Iran has a nuclear program? Sure, it just isn’t currently geared toward weaponry. Could the Iranians get a bomb quickly? Maybe not next week, but fast enough. And would they use it? Undoubtedly. Will this keep him from sabre-rattling? Of course not. He says he’s going to rattle them louder. And, the list goes on.

His trick is to pop the kernel of truth at the center of a negative into luscious, crispy Jiffy Pop positive. If Shrub was any more chipper and confident in the face of adversity he’d make Tony Robbins look like a clinical depressive. In part, this is why he seems as so Teflon-coated. He goes out and tells the truth - his version of it anyway - and dares the nay sayers to prove him wrong. Of course they can’t exactly prove him completely wrong because he told some partial truth. Not that it matters, because most of his opponents are so cowed by their own sense of his invincibility they’re afraid to try. They live in fear of pointing out Shrub’s non-sensical half-truths in case he rebuts with a perfectly legitimate statement that sounds perfectly rational when framed within his own Orwellian context. This will only stop when we challenge him on the basic immutable truths and no stop awarding debate points for half-truths.

It doesn’t matter if he lied to pump up an Iraq invasion. It doesn’t matter that he runs the war like a no-armed man in a mosquito breeding tent. It doesn’t matter that we’re bleeding money and young lives. What does matter, is that the decision to invade was wrong and dangerous. Don’t claim you were duped. Don’t say he hid information. Don’t say you thought it was a good idea at the time, because it wasn’t and all of those things have some truth to them. How we became entrapped in Simper McBusherstein’s giant suckhole doesn’t matter. What does matter is what we’re going to do about it. It’s time we all pulled up our big boy and girl panties and told the truth. Not some cockamamie half-truth twice removed from this dimension, but a simple and whole truth.

“You sir are an asshat, and this crap has to stop now!”

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