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Bush tries to push through Justice Dept appointment..Senate says not so fast frat boy.

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

From AP via TruthOut:

A nine-second session gaveled in and out by Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., prevented Bush from appointing as an assistant attorney general a nominee roundly rejected by majority Democrats. Without the pro forma session, the Senate would be technically adjourned, allowing the president to install officials without Senate confirmation.

The business of blocking Bush’s recess appointments was serious. It represents an institutional standoff between Congress and the president that could repeat itself during Congress’ vacations for the remainder of Bush’s presidency.

Way to go Webb! Warms the cockles of my little black heart don’t you know? The individual in question is Steven Bradbury, acting chief of the Justice Department’s Office of Legislative Counsel. Bush nominated Bradbury for the job and asked the Senate to remove the “acting” in his title. Seems Bradbury signed two secret memo’s in 2005 that allowed the CIA to use “harsh interrogation techniques” on those damn terrorists.

Another interesting part of this cat and mouse game is that a bill sent to a president automatically becomes law 10 days after he receives it, excluding Sundays of course, unless he vetoes it:

That could be the fate of two bills Congress passed last week. One growing out of the Virginia Tech massacre makes it harder for people with mental illness records to buy guns. The other makes it easier for journalists and others to obtain government documents through the Freedom of Information Act. The FOIA bill, for example, would become law on New Year’s Eve if not vetoed before then, according to Senate Judiciary Committee officials.

The gun bill is H.R. 2640. The Freedom of Information Act bill is S. 2488.

USA Is #1 (In Arms Sales That Is)

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Chalk up another victory for the U.S. of A. According to a congressional study to be released today, the United States once again was the world’s largest supplier of weapons to developing nations, just edging out Russia for the much vaunted title. With over $10 billion in sales (compared to Russia’s $8 billion) the United States again proves that democracy and warfare are very close friends. Or is it capitalism and warfare that go hand in hand? Sometimes I’m just not sure.

But hey- it’s great to be number one, isn’t it? So what if being number one means that you are exporting the tools that will kill and maim hundreds and thousands of people around the world? That’s just the sacrifice one has to make to be at the top of the heap.

(Oh- and it probably doesn’t hurt to have a bunch of warmongers leading the political charge either. After all, if we weren’t out there blowing the hell out of people, places, and things, how could we prove how good our weapons really are? After all, people like to test drive a car before they buy one…)