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Cheney’s Ticker Behaving Badly


Well, these things are bound to happen when you dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight.
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Saudi Arabia… Screw You Wall Street

There is not one person that knows the oil business better than the folks in Saudi Arabia when it comes to supply and demand on the world oil market. Even Saudi Arabia is wondering how the world of oil market speculation has the price of a barrel of oil tempting at the hundred dollar mark. With that thought in mind the nation of Saudi Arabia is exploring for new oil fields with all of the new technology available to ramp up production thus saying to oil market speculators in the market, Screw YOU!

Wall Street can play the game and pocket the cash but I’m thinking that the producers of oil in the world are looking at the bigger picture and alternative energy sources are more than attractive with oil at one hundred dollars a barrel. That is and will be a direct effect to the bottom line of all oil producing exporting countries, aka OPEC. Oil has only been the main source of heating and vehicle power because it was cheap and affordable to the masses. That is no longer the case.
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Open Thread: Who da Man?

2008conventionlogo_275.jpgThis is for all our conservative commenters. Who’s your pick for the Republican Presidential Primary, and why? I think they’re all awful, but hey, in Florida, I can’t vote in the Republican primary, so who cares? Go to town, kids.

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Acting Locally

Last night I had the opportunity to hang out with folks who think like me. The difference was, this was face time. All my politicking is cyber. I write, comment and chat all the time, but I rarely actually talk to people. Part of that is because I live in a red county, and my mother raised me not to pick fights with strangers. A larger part is that I hadn’t bothered to seek them out. My bad.

The first myth busted, for me anyway, is that people involved in local politics are plugged in, smarter and far too savvy to hang with a newbie like me. Nope. Everybody I talked to was a lot like me, knows some stuff about the local and national scene, but wants to learn more. They ask questions, and listen. It was an information exchange, not a snob fest of know-it-alls . It was a lot of fun.
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The Truth Hurts, Part III

My dad was a republican. By the time Bob Dole ran for president, Dad was done with it. His party was changing from the steely-eyed tight-fisted deliverers of democratic destiny, to something he wasn’t. He would not recognize the Republican Party of today.

Neither does Lincoln Chaffee.

Lincoln D. Chafee, who lost his Senate seat in the wave of anti-Republi can sentiment in last November’s election, said yesterday that he has left the party.

Chafee said he disaffiliate d with the party he had helped lead, and his father had led before him, because the national Republican Party has gone too far away from his stance on too many critical issues, from war to economics to the environment.

“It’s not my party any more,” he said. — Providence Journal

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Why I’m a Democrat

After nearly three years of introspectiv e non-stop blogging, I have a pretty good idea of where my lines in the sand are, and why I won’t cross them. I think this country belongs to all of us, not just a few, and our laws, legislation and policy should be of benefit to the citizenry as a whole, we whose tax dollars make the mare go.

I reject the concept of “class” and the ultimate entitlement. Rich isn’t more entitled to life than poor, well isn’t more entitled to health than sick, white isn’t more entitled to opportunity than brown. My faith is a factor here, since I believe that leveling the playing field and removing human engineered impediments to success is necessary to living a Christian life. That’s what lifting up the poor means. While that’s not the only impetus, a gut check any day tells me that what I feel is right, IS right. As a nation, we will never be our best with a plan to hold down some in order to temporarily profit just a few. America will be her best (and a shining beacon) when we value every mind, use every body, prize contribution regardless of source.
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So You Want Fast, Do Ya?

Hey BIOphytes, word on the street is you like it fast. Naturally, since we love you guys, if it’s fast you want, it’s fast you get. The BIOsphere is upgrading to a dedicated server. This means no more annoying CPU notices, the page WILL be found, and comments won’t disappear into thin air. Grrr. That happened to me yesterday, so I know from where I speak.

All the BIOsites will be offline starting Friday night, and part of Saturday. They may come back one at a time, or all at once, but when they do, it’ll be fast. REAL fast. Hang onto your hats, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
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