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Politics in the Primaries

There is some confusion in many of the political blogs that we all read when it comes to the brutality that elections and primaries end up being all about. This is an election for President of the United States and no matter who you think you are as a candidate the questions need to be answered more so now during the primaries than when or if they sit behind the desk of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nations capitol. It is simply part of the process and I find myself guilty by a long shot of slamming some of the candidates I simply do not care for with one iota. Republican or Democrat makes no difference to me simply because I do not have an editor over my head telling me what I can or can not write. It’s called blogging. God I do love America! I could be shot for less in some countries.
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Move On Members Endorse Obama

When you think of a political ideology like liberalism then one of the front runners in that thought process is Move On. I like to think of them as my loony friends on the left simply because I love being a moderate liberal. I’m not an extremist but I believe in my heart many of the same thoughts that Move On proposes as they seek a progressive liberal agenda. They give a sense of direction for the political junkies amongst us and in that direction millions more that are not members or affiliated with Move On tend to lean on the fence post and listen, read, and form our own opinion.

Move On is endosing Barack Obama and over at the New York Times they have this little piece on it…
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Politics and Hillary

When it comes to politics and your name is on the ballot there is no female or male distinction on the actual ballot. Democrat, Republican, or Independent, those are the top three initials that will appear next to the candidates name. In politics your life, your history, and your entire past is luggage that you bring to the ballot whether you think it is fair or not. No topic in your public life is out of bounds. No political candidate for President should ever be immune from this process.
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If not Biden then Who?

With the loss of Joe Biden and Chris Dodd in the Iowa caucus comes a fairly large dilemma for those of us in the rest of the nation that have yet to vote. As Democrat’s who in the hell do we have left now that Iowans decided that Biden and Dodd are not worthy of the Presidency. With both of them dropping out of the race and I’m sure that Bill Richardson will be throwing in the towel soon enough, our choices will be somewhat limited.

When looking at the remaining top contenders and considering what all of the polls are predicting it does not bode well for the Democrat’s that simply do not care for Hillary Clinton. Having voted for her husband twice I am guilty of being a Clinton Democrat but not a large Hillary Clinton supporter. Public speaking is not her forte but that is not a true measure of any candidate but it helps one hell of a lot. Inspiration is not something she excels at when it comes to even the debates. It’s by no means that I think that she would not make a great President, she probably would, I simply do not see it happening for her. Realisticall y, I can not see Hillary Clinton beating Huckabee, McCain or Romney in the general election and that is something that has to be considered.
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Huckabee Preacher or President?

Don’t get me wrong because for the most part I think Mike Huckabee is probably one of the more genuine candidates over on the Republican side of the election. His sense of humor is realisticall y enough suited to him when it comes to the non stop religious questions thrown at him. Being a Republican candidate for President you pretty much need to be wearing your religion on your sleeve and if you are not then you better be explaining yourself. Which brings me to the thought process of why Mike Huckabee is not giving a JFK speech like Mitt Romney did just a few days ago? After all, Mitt is only a Mormon faith member, he was never a religious leader of his flock like Mike Huckabee was.

Is Mike Huckabee not concerned about all the people of the Jewish faith that just might also be a Republican. How about all them Catholic Republican s like Bill O‘Reilly? Skip the Catholic’s  , we gave up on Bill O’Reilly when he signed his pact with the devil but don’t tell anyone. Everyone knows that being a Catholic and a Republican too is like taking scuba diving lessons by jumping out of a plane at ten thousand feet, those two things just do not go together.

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Politics, Voting or Not Voting

With the up and coming election for President of these here United but divided United States of America there is a lack of enthusiasm in some circles to not even care to vote. Part of that lack of interest in the election process is the responsibili ty of the current occupant of the office to some degree. The Decider in Chief, that ran on the principal of being a uniter and not a divider, became a total isolationist within his political party post 9/11. As long as he was happy the Congress was let loose on the people with full Republican brutality on the middle and lower classes of America.

Prosperity in America is more smoke and mirrors than reality. If the politics of our government is to protect and defend only the interest of the corporations and the top 5% of income earners then we have a bigger problem than we all think. If running for the highest office in the land is sponsored by corporations and industries that expect the return on their investment then we have a much larger problem. Political donations for most industries have a higher return than any other investment opportunity in America if the legislation they want is passed.
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What do the Democrats for President Offer?

Somewhere in the process of finding out what a Presidential candidate is saying and what the sound bite is, you can sometimes see where the candidates true stance is on any issue. Political writers make a fortune for writing good copy that is read or recited ten thousand times over and over by the same person in just one campaign swing. Being human, even our best political practitioner s do not buy the mush that is supposed to come out of the money making end of a politician.

Right now the fifty or so contenders for the Democrats nomination for President are talking to anyone that will listen. I don’t buy the two minute blurb on the news from any candidate because you know it was a practiced response. Give me the drive by microphone as the relaxed candidates are leaving an event and I’ll believe those unprepared captured comments any single day of the week.
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U.S. Officials Retreat From “Democracy” In Iraq.

From Cnn:

Nightmarish political realities in Baghdad are prompting American officials to curb their vision for democracy in Iraq. Instead, the officials now say they are willing to settle for a government that functions and can bring security.

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You Tube Democrat Presidential Election Debate

For the most part this was the first time that I have ever seen such a great debate because the questions were from real people. I have to give CNN some serious kudos for hosting it and especially the folks that contributed questions to the event through You Tube.I’m not writing this piece to point fingers at who was for what and who had a better plan for any issue. This piece is about the process and what it takes to learn about the candidates you are leaning towards. This was a debate of the candidates like no other before and it was very informative to the voters.I’v e always questioned the strict formats of the past Presidential election debates where a panel of reporters or only a moderator is asking the questions. Events like that seem canned to me and questionable and the questions presented to the candidates are not coming from the people but a reporter thinking that they know what people want to hear.Tonight ’s debate on CNN was all about the questions from the people that want to know where every single candidate stands on issues that actually effect them as an individual. Real people, real lives, real questions that the responses from the candidates showed the differences amongst them all.

I learned a lot and frankly I was shocked on some of the candidates answers. It never occurred to me that some of these folks are not totally against building new nuclear power plants. I didn’t know that some of the candidates are against scrapping the current No Child Left Behind educational program for our children. I did not know that some of the candidates are very green when it comes to our nations future energy policy. I did not know that the games played to fund political campaigns are still on and one of the candidates wrote legislation making that kind of political donation reportable.
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