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Banning Books in the Good Old USA!

If you ban books then you ban the opportunity for learning. As our society changes and the probability of bad experiences that our children may encounter in their lives, the children are the ones that must understand and learn prevention in books that our schools put on their reading lists.

As parents, we watch the perverts and animals that are child predators on the television magazine programs and are horrified that such people exist. Yes, people are out there that will harm your children and they are closer than you think to your children. Fifteen feet from the television that you just watched one monster after another caught trying to have sex with a child or possibly worse is the family computer that welcomes those same animals into your home.
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The Truth Hurts, Part IV

Republican aren’t Racists. They get VERY cranky when that label is in play. They hold up Condi, Keyes, Powell. Then, they do shit like this:

But Sosa (Hispanic marketing guru), who last worked for Bush in 2004, has also been dismayed by the way many GOP candidates have handled the illegal-immi gration issue, advocating policies like building a border wall and employing rhetoric that he says is venomous and xenophobic: “It’s just an exaggerated, unfriendly position that needlessly turns away Latinos.” — Newsweek

And this:

Yet that appears to be what the GOP is doing. Unlike the Democrats, all the Republican presidential candidates, except Sen. John McCain, declined to participate in a debate on the Spanish-lang uage channel Univision, possibly to avoid hostile immigration questioning. — Newsweek

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Why I’m a Democrat

After nearly three years of introspectiv e non-stop blogging, I have a pretty good idea of where my lines in the sand are, and why I won’t cross them. I think this country belongs to all of us, not just a few, and our laws, legislation and policy should be of benefit to the citizenry as a whole, we whose tax dollars make the mare go.

I reject the concept of “class” and the ultimate entitlement. Rich isn’t more entitled to life than poor, well isn’t more entitled to health than sick, white isn’t more entitled to opportunity than brown. My faith is a factor here, since I believe that leveling the playing field and removing human engineered impediments to success is necessary to living a Christian life. That’s what lifting up the poor means. While that’s not the only impetus, a gut check any day tells me that what I feel is right, IS right. As a nation, we will never be our best with a plan to hold down some in order to temporarily profit just a few. America will be her best (and a shining beacon) when we value every mind, use every body, prize contribution regardless of source.
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The Clergy’s Role in Martial Law

The Bush administrati on and some clergy leaders are putting their heads together to plan how the clergy can help in getting people to submit quietly if/when the administrati on declares martial law in response to another terrorist attack or major natural disaster - see the story here .

According to the police chaplain quoted in the story, “the government’s established by the Lord, you know. And, that’s what we believe in the Christian faith. That’s what’s stated in the scripture. “
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Brainwashing the Troops (or trying…)

Separation of church and state, my ass - the Bush administrati on has included a whack-job fundamentali st group called the OSU (Operation Straight Up) in its official program to “support the troops”, and in this case the support consists of evangelical care packages including copies of a so-called Christian video game based on the Left Behind books - see the URL http://redto ry.blogspot. com/2007/08/ creepy-care- packages.htm l -

In this game, the player is an American soldier fighting the forces of the Antichrist, who by an astonishing coincidence look just like UN peacekeeping troops.  Every time one of the “good guys” kills a UN soldier, the soundtrack says “Praise the Lord!”  This is being endorsed and assisted by the DOD, along with sending an evangelical troupe on a USO-like tour to “entertain” the troops.
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