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Finally a Realistic Energy Policy

It only took 32 years for the Congress and the White House to finally realize that the sacrifice American’s need to make is in our energy consumption. All of the SUV’s that are gulping down the Go-go juice will have to change and that is just the beginning of the end of the oil monopoly in the world. President Bush has stated that he will sign the bill into law and frankly I thought he would have vetoed it based on some ridiculous facts. I am frankly and apologetical ly stating that I was wrong about President Bush and this issue. Stuff that up your back side Haszinski! That is another story from another post.

Through all the arguments in the House and in the Senate over the last few weeks we now have a compromise and an energy policy that just might reverse the madness that is our energy usage. Over at the New York Times they have this coverage on the only real energy policy change in 32 years in America…
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Quote of the Day 120607

“I get bored easily, and that’s a great motivator,” said Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s. “I think everybody should have dyslexia and A.D.D.”

That explains a lot — particularly why over 1/3 of entrepenuers are dyslexic. Might as well play to your stengths.

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George W. Bush: “Terrorists? What Terrorists??”

It’s so weird, almost scary, when a person just snaps. When you see someone’s entire personality do a Big 180, it really stops you cold.

Imagine the double take you’d be doing if the most uptight, sanctimoniou s person you ever met was standing there with a big fat joint in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, and yelling out “Heeyyy, if it feels good, DO IT! Yeeeaahhh!!!  !
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Meat by the Month

As you wander the grocery aisles this holiday season, bemoaning the price of meat, think about the true cost of the Bush administrati on’s ease up on FDA enforcement.

For example:
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Housing Bubble Burst!

With the never ending boom in housing foreclosures comes the reality of what the biggest players in the bust did wrong or were victim of. Owning a home is the biggest goal of every up and coming generation and the market that served that dream ripped many of those same people off. While the President gave the green light to lenders to have a “Free Market” he also enabled them to run wild without care as to whom would get burned down the road.

Buying a home knows no political philosophy when the lender tells you can afford the mortgage. Provided you do not plan to eat in five or so years. Small print, really small print.
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An Historic Day For The US Economy?

A friend of mine from Canada sent me this comment in an email. Thought I’d share it with folks in the blogosphere.   Let me know what you think:

Today the Canadian dollar is trading on par with the US dollar, something not seen since 1976. That’s bad for me as I used to buy Canadian dollars for much cheaper. A little more than 5 years ago the cost was as little as 62 cents. Now I would be better off working in Canada to better afford living expenses and mortgage. I think this is just the first strong economic signal revealing how badly Bush has lead the country. Now I’m curious to see how the US will manage to finance its debt as foreign investors continue to dump the US dollar.

Interesting when you open your window to perspectives not driven by the US spin doctors. And of course, The W is on rapid fire with the Presidential Propaganda Catapult fully loaded:

Q Mr. President, economists say that the nation is at increasing risk of recession. What do you say?

THE PRESIDENT: I say that the fundamentals of our nation’s economy are strong.

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Cheney Defends Bush’s Economic Record in WSJ Op-Ed

After Alan Greenspan took the Bush administrati on to task for “irresponsib le” economic and budgetary policies, Vice President Dick “Above the Law” Cheney felt the need to retort in the Wall Street Journal (hmm doesn’t the Veep have better things to do?). Of course it isn’t long before he brings up 9/11…

Another crisis was looming, though none of us knew it at the time. Less than eight months into our administrati on the nation came under terrorist attack. The events of 9/11 are the defining moment of the era from the standpoint of national security; they were equally significant from an economic perspective. Aimed at our country’s financial sector, the attacks were followed by the suspension of stock trading, the closing of stores and shopping malls and the cancellation of thousands of flights. In the three-and-a- half months between 9/11 and Christmas, nearly a million Americans lost their jobs.

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Trickle Down Theory: The Sub-Prime Version

Some 57 percent of mortgage broker customers were unable to refinance their adjustable-r ate loans to avoid higher monthly payments in August, suggesting the U.S. housing slump may worsen, according to a national survey on Tuesday. — Reuters

What a mess. People who took these subprime mortgages were probably told if they paid their notes on time and built their credit, they’d be able to refinance before the ARM’s kicked in and their payments skyrocketed. Now they’re finding out they’re screwed, becaue lenders have tightened their guidelines in the wake of the subprimes mortgage scandal. There are no loan vehicles in place to deal with the glut of ARMs.

Broker customers with subprime, or weak, credit faced the most problems, with 64 percent unable to refinance their ARMs in August, the survey said. Half of prime borrowers were turned away from ARM refinancing, it said. — Reuters

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Why I’m a Democrat

After nearly three years of introspectiv e non-stop blogging, I have a pretty good idea of where my lines in the sand are, and why I won’t cross them. I think this country belongs to all of us, not just a few, and our laws, legislation and policy should be of benefit to the citizenry as a whole, we whose tax dollars make the mare go.

I reject the concept of “class” and the ultimate entitlement. Rich isn’t more entitled to life than poor, well isn’t more entitled to health than sick, white isn’t more entitled to opportunity than brown. My faith is a factor here, since I believe that leveling the playing field and removing human engineered impediments to success is necessary to living a Christian life. That’s what lifting up the poor means. While that’s not the only impetus, a gut check any day tells me that what I feel is right, IS right. As a nation, we will never be our best with a plan to hold down some in order to temporarily profit just a few. America will be her best (and a shining beacon) when we value every mind, use every body, prize contribution regardless of source.
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The Answer Not Given Yields A Most Revealing Question

Many of you know that W was busy trying to paint some lipstick no the economic pig that’s been growing because the lenders are no longer dolling out bad loans to bad risks. Of course, the usual propaganda spew comes a day late and a dollar short. Remember, this is the Administrati on that supported the change in Chapter 11 policy that forced a large number of people into very difficulty places.

Even so, I thought the one question that managed to get asked today was rather revealing.

Q Sir, what about the hedge funds and banks that are overexposed on the sub-prime market? That’s a bigger problem. Have you got a plan?


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