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Bush “InteliGate” World Tour Debut

Over at the White House they are starting the process of cleansing themselves and the full administrati on of any evidence that they condoned any crimes. The latest news is that video tapes of severe torture cases were destroyed to protect the identities of the CIA in-terror-ga tors.

Today President Bush stated that he had no recollection of the tapes and their destruction. That is when you take a whiff to the air and ask yourself if you are near a cow farm full of bulls because something just does not smell right.
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Bite Me Big Oil!

For the first time in 32 years the Congress is actually doing something about the real energy crisis here at home in America. I’m not talking about supply and demand. I’m talking about the reality that our nation is ruled by OIL. All hail his Majesty the King paid for by a generous donation by Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Chevron and Shell etc, etc.

America has a demand problem and as the largest market user of all oil based products in the world there is a market to manipulate when the ones producing the product are netting mega billions a quarter. I’m funny that way, billions of dollars in profit’s a quarter, hmm do you think they are using that profit for the greater good? I don’t think so either. Trillions are to be made on the open market and when you have billions of dollars piling up quarter after quarter it posses a ledger problem that becomes an accountants nightmare. If it isn’t spent on “Research and Development or other purposes investing in the corporation then those profits are taxable. Then again, maybe not given all the subsidies to the oil companies under W.
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Follow The Money: Yes To Tainted Toys; No To Cheaper Meds

Time has a way of exposing inconsistenc ies…and when it does, it often shines a bright light upon previously ignored or hidden hypocrisies. For me, Thursday’s Democratic debate helped crystallize my thoughts on one of those situations.

We’ve all heard plenty about the tainted toys being imported from China…toys which have been recalled due to lead content and other dangerous chemicals harmful to America’s children. As the candidates were debating the merits of our trade agreements, it occurred to me that the response of the Bush administrati on to the questionable imports warranted further analysis.
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Joe Biden, Statesman Enough for You?

For the record I kind of like Senator Joe Biden for a couple of reasons for President. He isn’t afraid to put his neck out on the line on any issue and he backs his stance up with the facts needed to do so. There isn’t an “Um, um, (cough, little bit of throw up there in the back of the throat) when he speaks when asked about any topic. His recall of facts immediately come forth and he tells the voters why he has the position he has and then follows up why the voter should have the same thought process.

Of all of the Democrat’s running for President I would have to favor Senator Biden over all of them when it comes to foreign policy. Unlike a former beauty pageant contestant, Joe Biden seems to know all there is about the world conflicts and he does not need a map to know where they are. I tend to doubt that the rest of the candidates other than Bill Richardson could go toe to toe with him on issues to do with conflict around the world.
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Debunking The Myth Of The “Troop Surge”

Everybody’s talking about the surge…is it succeeding…i s it a failure…will it allow the Iraqi government to turn the corner?

Some Democrats have been willing to acknowledge that the additional 30,000 troops has had a positive impact…which has led other Democrats to accuse them of capitulation . Simultaneous ly, these seemingly favorable remarks have also led some within the GOP to conclude that the President’s persistence is paying off and that the Democrats are finally realizing that victory is achievable.
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George W. Bush: Not A “Stickler” For Mine Safety?

I’ve not written about the most recent mining disaster in deference to the feelings of the families who may have lost loved ones. Given the possibility that the rescue efforts are about to halt, I felt it was the right time to address the issue and the ongoing disregard for mine safety…a disregard that has become more evident since the Sago Mine disaster in early 2006.

I’ve previously posted on the differences between safety standards present in the Canadian coal mining industry and those here in the United States…diffe rences that can be directly traced to saved lives in Canada…and lost lives here in the United States. I highly recommend that readers take the time to read that posting which can be found here.
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An Epitaph For Karl Rove

Epitaphs are typically reserved for the dead…but after reading the many views on the passing of Karl Rove…from his role in the George Bush White House…one might conclude that the “Wicked Witch” has had the misfortune of being under a falling house…one of his own mean spirited making. All that remains is to find the correct words for a fitting close.

Ironically, what looked at one point to be an invincible house…a virtual dynasty devised to withstand all efforts to bring about its demise…has seemingly crumbled under the weight of far too many cards dealt by a master of sleight of hand and an illusionist who was one rabbit shy of completing his final hat trick…perpet ual GOP domination. In what one might call Mr. Rove’s house of mirrors, at some point the image that reflected back undoubtedly transformed the once invincible domicile into a house of horrors that became far too frightening to endure.
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