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Finally a Realistic Energy Policy

It only took 32 years for the Congress and the White House to finally realize that the sacrifice American’s need to make is in our energy consumption. All of the SUV’s that are gulping down the Go-go juice will have to change and that is just the beginning of the end of the oil monopoly in the world. President Bush has stated that he will sign the bill into law and frankly I thought he would have vetoed it based on some ridiculous facts. I am frankly and apologetical ly stating that I was wrong about President Bush and this issue. Stuff that up your back side Haszinski! That is another story from another post.

Through all the arguments in the House and in the Senate over the last few weeks we now have a compromise and an energy policy that just might reverse the madness that is our energy usage. Over at the New York Times they have this coverage on the only real energy policy change in 32 years in America…
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Jim Gooch: National Embarrassment

The bright people in Kentucky are all apparently suffering from voter apathy. That’s the only reason I can surmise that explains why a raving starkers buffoon like Jim Gooch got into the Kentucky House. Check this out:

“You can only hear that the sky is falling so many times,” said Kentucky Representati ve Jim Gooch, explaining why he only invited global warming skeptics with no scientific background to address state legislators on climate issues. Gooch, the Kentucky Democrats’ chief environmenta l strategist, is “a longtime ally of the coal industry.” His invitees were James Taylor, a fellow with the Heartland Institute, a think tank partially funded by ExxonMobil; and Lord Christopher Monckton, an adviser to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who once suggested that HIV / AIDS patients “be locked up for life.” During the Kentucky hearing, “Monckton quoted the Bible and quickly recited math formulas as he accused [Nobel laureates Al] Gore and IPCC scientists of lying to make warming seem worse than it is.” Taylor claimed that “most scientists don’t believe in global warming,” and that hotter weather would allow “our children” to “enjoy an Earth with far more plant and animal life.” After protests by legislators, Gooch allowed “two environmenta lists in the audience talk about global warming … for about five minutes each.”

Shorter Gooch: “I can’t hear you! La la la la la la la la!!!”

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Bush Rewrites Global Warming Disease Possibilities

Do you trust the Associated Press? Would the Associated Press make up a lefty driven bashing claim when it comes to the White House censoring scientific reports? I’m thinking that they might face a real credibility issue and loose the newspapers and main stream media that depends on them for the truth in reporting.

Bush and his crew have done it again. Due to national security reasons, all sharp objects have been removed from the White House and the Capitol. Taking a pair of dull kindergarten scissors to the latest and greatest scientific report the administrati on deleted six pages from Dr. Julie Gerberding s report for the Congress from the CDC. I’m thinking those six pages of information might have been kind of important but then again who the hell am I? Over at the Houston Chronicle they have this latest snip and tuck procedure by the President…
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Clinton on Science, Energy and Stem Cells

I’ve been watching many of the candidates on the Democrat side of the election process for President and I’m finding myself surprised that Senator Clinton has my interest raised. I’ve known since her husband was President that she was a believer in science and understandin g our bodies and our world is a never ending investigatio n, I did not know that she was so committed to unleashing our nations brainiacs and scientists to solve many of the ills that the current President silenced.

Stem cell research needs more than just the private sector to make considerable progress. Stem cell research needs the freedom of our universities and colleges to experiment without fear of losing federal grants or funding. Stem cell research is the science of our human future and without it many of the debilitating or life ending diseases will shorten the life span of many Americans.
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