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An Ode to Halloween

HalloweenThere was a time when kids looked forward to the four most important days of the year - Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, and Halloween. Conservative bucketheads didn’t kvetch about people stealing Christmas right out from under their holier than thou noses. Everyone, regardless of religion, enjoyed a nice secular Easter egg hunt and joyfully biting the ears off a chocolate bunny. Citizens and immigrants, legal or illegal, enjoyed some fireworks and a hot dog. And finally, Halloween was never an occasion for a nutcase to stop burning Harry Potter books long enough to condemn Halloween as some communist, satanic soirée.

Oh, the times - how they’ve changed.

I lived in a neighborhood where 8 and 9-year old kids could wander around in the dark, unattended, wearing dark costumes soaked in toxins and impregnated with highly flammable materials. There was no Halloween Superstore because there was no mall to put it in. If you didn’t buy your costume at Woolworth’s, you wore a DIY affair. Sheets with jagged eye-holes were popular, as were hobos - happier, better-fed versions of today’s homeless. Back then, hoboism was a lifestyle choice, not a crushing social disease.

No Animatronic Ghouls, Thanks
In those days, the extent of Halloween decoration was a crude jack-o-lante rn carved by Mom and a butter knife and costing about a buck if you got rooked at Al’s Market. There were no animatronic ghouls, Las Vegas lighting displays, or professional pumpkin carvers with templates and Henckles’ professional pumpkin knives carving amazing likenesses of Dick Cheney on unlucky gourds. Hell, we even made pumpkin pie out of the innards when we were done.

School day Halloweens were exquisitely lengthy and bereft of any actual learning. They were filled with candy-fueled daydreams and orange and chocolate cupcakes from the school cafeteria. The bell rang and the kids took off like a brace of quail flying in front of an old Republican’s face on a Cheney hunting trip.

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A Rare Sighting in Congress: Vertebrae

No you aren’t hallucinatin g. “Congress and “vertebrae ” in the same sentence — for this brief moment anyway — is not an oxymoron.

There have actually been two — TWO! — spinal sightings in Congress in the past two days. Enjoy the moment. The one that’s really gotten the wingnuts’ panties in a bunch is Pete Stark’s comment:
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Wake up and Smell the Truth, Uber Libs

Ezra Klein posts today about how the right sank to a new low in attacking a couple of sick kids. What, is he new? Sounds like SOP to me. Where are these so called Liberal Opiners coming from?

Attacking a child because the child’s family has a difference of opinion with the right on healthcare benefits is not an aberration for the right wing. It’s a Tuesday. This is what they do, this is how they operate, this is how they have attained power and wielded it like a sledgehammer for years now. This is not new. This is not a recent development. — Oliver Willis

Willis’ post is so great, I could quote the whole thing. Go and read it here. As a lib with her feet firmly on the ground, I couldn’t agree more. The quest for the Whitehouse isn’t a war of niceties, it’s just a war, and war is a dirty nasty business.

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Banning Books in the Good Old USA!

If you ban books then you ban the opportunity for learning. As our society changes and the probability of bad experiences that our children may encounter in their lives, the children are the ones that must understand and learn prevention in books that our schools put on their reading lists.

As parents, we watch the perverts and animals that are child predators on the television magazine programs and are horrified that such people exist. Yes, people are out there that will harm your children and they are closer than you think to your children. Fifteen feet from the television that you just watched one monster after another caught trying to have sex with a child or possibly worse is the family computer that welcomes those same animals into your home.
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Bush Needs to Lose One

The thing about blowhards is, they deflate quicker than an airbag masquerading as Rush Limbaugh. I mean, they go on, and on, and on and on… until something or somebody jams that rhetoric right back at them. I don’t mean the petty argumentativ e positioning BS, I mean, the oh yeah, I’m gonna kick the ever-loving snot right out of you, your position and your posse.

The senate passed the children’s health initiative with 67 votes for, and Bush is “threatening ” to veto it. No real reason but pride here… that, and lots of pissed of campaign donors from the sickness health industry. I think the real problem with this president is, nobody has gotten down to his level and really ’splained stuff to him. As long as he keeps riding herd over the legislative, he’s going to continue to be an impossible asshole who thinks he’s gone out of his way for governmental concession by issuing a signing statement.

Bush needs to threaten a veto and lose. Publicly, with lots of cranky voters speaking up and saying “hey, asshole, remember us? That’s OUR kids you’re fucking with.”

So, for the sake of a LOT of kids, I think it’s time to take this president down a peg. You can’t communicate with a bully unless he’s scared of you. Time to smack George’s ass and call him Sally.

Way past time.

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Where did the gun come from?

The folks at Bring It On! were good enough to invite me to write about our mission to rid the streets of crime guns by asking Where did the gun come from? after every shooting.

The recent execution-st yle shooting of 4 college students in Newark  makes it more important than ever that we track crime guns back to the source, cut off the supply and stop the shootings.
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Bush to Kids: Yo Momma!

Lame DuckGeorge W. Bush, hugely unpopular, widely known to have issues speaking basic english, and the lamest of ducks, has finally found an emeny his size.

Little kids.
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Got Milk?

Gas is going down, which helps, but milk is out of sight.

I paid $4.49 for a gallon last week at my local Winn Dixie. It’s been creeping up 10 cents a week for the last 6 weeks. The net result of this is I’m buying half as much per week and giving the kids Crystal Light instead. Not my first choice, but I’ve got three thirsty kids. What at y’all paying for milk these days? Has the price of milk steered you towards other drink choices?
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Child Predators, Parents Beware

Parents today have to be so much more aware of what their children are doing that it is almost sickening. Children are under attack by anonymous monsters from within your own home and your child’s lost innocence is only a few keystrokes away. While we as parents are laughing at Hollywood’ s version of reality on the television our children are being drawn in by people they do not know into a game that they never should be playing. In some cases the game is deadly to the child.

On line predators are monsters without a face that befriend your child and lull them into a false sense of security where the child believes one hundred percent that the new friend knows better than mom or dad. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how they befriend the child. Telling the child that they are right and mom or dad is a jerk is what they want to hear. Telling the child that they should be treated better and should be able to have more freedoms is all part of the deception that leads to a very dangerous path for the child. That is the path that is easiest to travel for scum bag predators of children.
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