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Another One Bites the Dust

Courtesy of your party of morals. Again. Jeez, people. This ain’t monopoly. Pssst! That whole get out of jail free card thing — it’s not real.jail.jpg

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Our Next President

With the fading days of the Hillary Clinton campaign proven in the latest win in Wisconsin today by Barack Obama it is almost a given fact that Senator Clinton will not be our next President. This is the 9th state in a row to vote overwhelming ly for Obama and that is a hill that Hillary and crew can not overcome. She has lost the inspiration game of politics but that does not count her race for President completely out of the election process. Senator Clinton still controls her delegates to the convention that will decide the Democrat nominee for President.
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W W W?

President George W. Bush has done it once more. He’s taken the Constitution and pretty much shredded it this time. He wiped his backside with it over wire tapping, tromped on it over the Patriot Act and pretty much stuffed it in the trash with his personal war in Iraq. For a man that took an oath to uphold the Constitution before the people on his inauguration as President he sure finds it to be a pesky little thing to deal with. Apparently, none of the photographs showed his other hand that was not on the bible had his fingers crossed. This is not my President, not your President, this man thinks and acts like a damn King!
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Miers and Bolten Going Down For Contempt

One of the nice things about Valentines Day is that you really get to show the love. Congress today showed President Bush exactly how much they love his tossing executive privilege around and at the Congress. President Bush has his executive privilege piled up so high around the nations capitol that it’s like a knick knack junk attack that people cherish and place up on the mantle, on top of the fridge, over the television, the back of the toilet, over the medicine cabinet, in the medicine cabinet, on top of the stereo, on the back of the headboard, all over the bedroom bureaus and on every flat surface in their home.

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The World Has Changed Forever

On September 12, 2001, George Bush stood atop a pile of rubble in New York and announced the world had changed forever. For the most part, it’s changed in ways few foresaw and without many rational, presumptive changes ever quite taking root, but it has changed, just as he promised.

For most of us, the biggest change has been in how little Dear LeaderTM cares for the individual freedoms he swore to defend and protect. For others - most notably families that lost someone that day - the world changed in a more fundamental and visceral way. Now, these seemingly different types of loss have converged.
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The Latino Vote

Being Latino in America today is exactly identical to being Irish at the turn of the century in 1900. You are here, you are there and damn it you Latino’s are everywhere. Much like the Irish immigrants or just having an Irish last name more or less had you looked down upon from the 1870’s on into the 1930’s. It comes with the turf when the established society looks at anyone not like them as a threat to the status quo. This is the 1970’s and into 2008 and we have an election dilemma on our hands. Does the Latino community have a say in the next election? Yes they do but then again they are not the only people voting.
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Who Best To Beat McCain?

With Mitt Romney announcing the end of his presidential bid, it looks like John McCain, the 71 year old senator from Arizona, will be the likely Republican presidential nominee. (Sure, Huckabee or Ron Paul could surge ahead, but it’s not probable that either will unseat McCain from his frontrunner status at this point in the race.)

More than 20 states still have primaries to hold, and for Democrats the focus must now shift to who can best beat McCain- Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
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Vote. It Matters.

I know that not everyone has a chance to vote today, but if your state is holding primary elections today, I seriously urge you to go and cast a ballot. One of the most important rights we have in this country is the right to select our leaders through the vote.
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666: The Earmarks of the Devil

Lobbyists, my heart aches for thee.

The doyens of K Street fear an industry-wid e crisis akin to the subprime mortgage meltdown. With Vito McVeto promising a 50% reduction in earmark spending, K Streeters face a future devoid of 12 martini lunches, strip poker games with hookers, and doling out a lil’ sumpin’, sumpin’ to their Congressiona l marks. Like many other things in Washington, the cesspool is so deep even the recipients of lobbyists’ largess understand someone has to go down for their corruption.
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Move On Members Endorse Obama

When you think of a political ideology like liberalism then one of the front runners in that thought process is Move On. I like to think of them as my loony friends on the left simply because I love being a moderate liberal. I’m not an extremist but I believe in my heart many of the same thoughts that Move On proposes as they seek a progressive liberal agenda. They give a sense of direction for the political junkies amongst us and in that direction millions more that are not members or affiliated with Move On tend to lean on the fence post and listen, read, and form our own opinion.

Move On is endosing Barack Obama and over at the New York Times they have this little piece on it…
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