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Bush “InteliGate” World Tour Debut

Over at the White House they are starting the process of cleansing themselves and the full administrati on of any evidence that they condoned any crimes. The latest news is that video tapes of severe torture cases were destroyed to protect the identities of the CIA in-terror-ga tors.

Today President Bush stated that he had no recollection of the tapes and their destruction. That is when you take a whiff to the air and ask yourself if you are near a cow farm full of bulls because something just does not smell right.
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Bite Me Big Oil!

For the first time in 32 years the Congress is actually doing something about the real energy crisis here at home in America. I’m not talking about supply and demand. I’m talking about the reality that our nation is ruled by OIL. All hail his Majesty the King paid for by a generous donation by Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Chevron and Shell etc, etc.

America has a demand problem and as the largest market user of all oil based products in the world there is a market to manipulate when the ones producing the product are netting mega billions a quarter. I’m funny that way, billions of dollars in profit’s a quarter, hmm do you think they are using that profit for the greater good? I don’t think so either. Trillions are to be made on the open market and when you have billions of dollars piling up quarter after quarter it posses a ledger problem that becomes an accountants nightmare. If it isn’t spent on “Research and Development or other purposes investing in the corporation then those profits are taxable. Then again, maybe not given all the subsidies to the oil companies under W.
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The Three Horsemen of Shame Finally Retired

There are no tears in my eyes with the sudden announcement that the last of the three horseman for President Bush is leaving public service. He is following in the well respected footsteps of our first horsemen of shame, Tom Delay who never saw anything illegal and you or any court can not prove it. Then of course Trent Lott is also following in the footsteps of shame of former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, the second horsemen of shame who pretended that a congressiona l representati ve (Mark Foley) affection for boy pages was nothing to really worry about. Trent Lott was nothing more than a yes man for anything that would benefit the rich in this nation at the expense of the masses. That makes him the end of the Three Horsemen of Shame. Over at the New York Times they have this little diamond on Trent Lott’s retirement from the Senate…

Lott to Resign His Senate Seat Before Year’s End By ADAM NOSSITER and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN
Published: November 26, 2007
PASCAGOU LA, Miss. Nov. 26 — Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, who was forced to step down as Republican leader in 2002 after making a remark that seemed to support segregation, announced today that he will resign by the end of the year.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters at a televised news conference in Pascagoula, Miss., Mr. Lott said he and his wife, Trish, had decided that they still had enough “time left to do something else” after his 35 years in the House and Senate.

He said he had “nothing definite at this time,” but suggested he might want to teach. He said he had called President Bush and Vice President Cheney last night to notify them of his decision.

He was re-elected in 2006 to his fourth Senate term and had rebounded to become the No. 2 Republican this year after his party had lost its majority in the Senate. But in recent months, Mr. Lott, 66, has made no secret of his deepening frustration in the Senate, not only because his party is in the minority but also because an increasingly bitter partisan divide this year has left little use for his skills as a deal-maker. - New York Times

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Bush Burns the Constitution

If you think that you are safer today than you were eight years ago then you are a fool. Only a fool would believe that our government is looking out for our best interests and personal security. When you here someone tell you that if you have nothing to hide when losing any right guaranteed to you under the Constitution is nothing to worry about. That is someone to be very afraid of. That person is the same kind of person they had in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s that thought the greater good meant some sacrificed lives were for the best. The greater good outweighed the individuals right to exist. Given that fact some six plus million people had nothing to worry about but disappeared off the face of the Earth.

This nation was not built on the principals of a police state to protect its people. It was built on fundamental freedoms. It was founded on an individuals rights. That is something that President Bush and his boys that know what is best for all of us have gambled on to make you forget what true freedom is. For the sake of safety your rights are being stripped away and when it happens from within the government then there is a problem. HUGE PROBLEM! Telling you what to be afraid of and why you need to forsake your individual rights is easy, fighting for your rights is what our cemeteries across this nation is filled with. They died defending the nation they loved and for those of us left to live the American dream it is a shame on our society as a whole to let this continue.
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Iowa and Bill Richardson

While many of the other candidates are going from rally to rally some of the candidates for President are going from Iowan to Iowan. Without the mega check books to buy dozens of commercials, candidates like Bill Richardson stop to meet and greet the people and actually talk to them. Millions of dollars in a war chest is good for the front running candidates but meeting the people is a gold mine of word of mouth. Having a brother in-law from Iowa I know word of mouth way over here in Massachusett s.

Here in New England we are being carpet bombed with political television and radio ads by the big three of each political party and being the third largest city in New England we have yet to see even one candidate. Romney was our former Governor but he didn’t spend much time here back then so I’m going to give him a pass. A full pass as a reputable candidate. Mitt spent his entire time as Governor running for President everywhere else but his home state that he was supposed to be governing.
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Bush Needs to Lose One

The thing about blowhards is, they deflate quicker than an airbag masquerading as Rush Limbaugh. I mean, they go on, and on, and on and on… until something or somebody jams that rhetoric right back at them. I don’t mean the petty argumentativ e positioning BS, I mean, the oh yeah, I’m gonna kick the ever-loving snot right out of you, your position and your posse.

The senate passed the children’s health initiative with 67 votes for, and Bush is “threatening ” to veto it. No real reason but pride here… that, and lots of pissed of campaign donors from the sickness health industry. I think the real problem with this president is, nobody has gotten down to his level and really ’splained stuff to him. As long as he keeps riding herd over the legislative, he’s going to continue to be an impossible asshole who thinks he’s gone out of his way for governmental concession by issuing a signing statement.

Bush needs to threaten a veto and lose. Publicly, with lots of cranky voters speaking up and saying “hey, asshole, remember us? That’s OUR kids you’re fucking with.”

So, for the sake of a LOT of kids, I think it’s time to take this president down a peg. You can’t communicate with a bully unless he’s scared of you. Time to smack George’s ass and call him Sally.

Way past time.

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Bush adds Rove to Untouchables List

Well it looks like lady justice took her blinder off and wiped her back side with it. At least that is the way President Bush interprets executive privilege. Ummm, Houston we have a serious problem here.

Karl Rove has a note from his mom… I mean the President to not appear before the Congressiona l investigatio n of the dirty dealings and firing of the nine U.S. Attorneys.
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Democracy: Decomposing Daily

American democracy is like the floor of a forest. We walk on the spongy mat of dead ideals. Life springs out that decay, some glorious, some poisonous, some just there to feed the cycle. A walk through a forest fills the eyes with the now, what’s growing, blooming, even fading. On rare occasion, we kneel down and lift up the rotten log, surprised by the layers of industry, mildew and decay underneath. A subterranean world exists beneath the showy ferns, the stinging nettles, the watching eyes of the living forest.

Our government lives under that log. Legislative beetles scurry and chew up the tax logs. Lobbyists scavenge the carcasses of the dead. Everything must eat, and it can, when the forest stays in balance. Democracy needs checks and balances. The question has always been “Who benefits?” . Earmarks, entitlements  , pork, policy, programs, you name it. There is always an answer to the question, and never a reason not to ask it. If the reason can’t stand the light of day, chances are it’s not good for the forest.
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Politics from Red State Perspective

I’m not sure if I could ever understand the mentality of the ever popular Red State blog? I like to see what other people are thinking and I honestly like to see what people that don’t think like I do have to say. This is America after all and voices in politics come from every direction.Fo r the most part I understand what a Conservative is and what they stand for. Less government, less waste, and less spending. What I’m not sure of is if you can be a Democrat with Conservative thoughts and Liberal thoughts? I’m not sure if Red State allows thoughts like that.
Red State has a post on a phone conversation with Congressman Roy Blunt (R) of Missouri and I found it interesting just how splintered our nations government really is.

I asked Congressman Blunt how they were holding up in minority, how the party was doing for unity. He told me that being in the majority was better, but he wasn’t thinking only in terms of his job. It was better for the country when the Republicans were in charge, he explained, because we were safe from the reckless nature of the Democrats: taxes, regulation, and spending. But the GOP minority are learning from being in the minority.


The Democrats are the party of defeat, the Congressman told me. Listening to Jim Clyburn, their number three guy, talk, the Democrats have banked everything on defeat. In order for the Democrats to be successful, the mission must fail. That’s a tough position to find yourself in, he observed. - Red State

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