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Senate Has their First Veto Override

Can I get a big fat meh? I don’t think that the country voted in a Democratic Congress because of a overweening passion for water rights.

It’s the war, stupids.
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The Blame Game: Hey, I Thought W Didn’t Like People Playing It?

You remember a bit ago when people started pointing fingers around the leak situation and Valarie Plame, no?

You remember the W, Rove and Co chastising a wide assortment of people for “playing the blame game” revolving around the Fed response to Katrina, don’t you?
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Dear Mr. President: Private Medicine Means No Medicine If You’re Poor

As expected, George Bush has vetoed the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) which was recently passed by wide bipartisan margins in the House and the Senate. The veto occurred without the fanfare which has typified most of “The Decider’s” actions. There will be no “Mission Accomplished ” banners on this one…no gathering of the snowflake babies as was witnessed in vetoing legislation to expand government funded stem cell research. You see, when the culture of life fits the President’s ideology, babies matter; when it doesn’t, we get statements like the following:

“I believe in private medicine, not the federal government running the health care system.”

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Bush Needs to Lose One

The thing about blowhards is, they deflate quicker than an airbag masquerading as Rush Limbaugh. I mean, they go on, and on, and on and on… until something or somebody jams that rhetoric right back at them. I don’t mean the petty argumentativ e positioning BS, I mean, the oh yeah, I’m gonna kick the ever-loving snot right out of you, your position and your posse.

The senate passed the children’s health initiative with 67 votes for, and Bush is “threatening ” to veto it. No real reason but pride here… that, and lots of pissed of campaign donors from the sickness health industry. I think the real problem with this president is, nobody has gotten down to his level and really ’splained stuff to him. As long as he keeps riding herd over the legislative, he’s going to continue to be an impossible asshole who thinks he’s gone out of his way for governmental concession by issuing a signing statement.

Bush needs to threaten a veto and lose. Publicly, with lots of cranky voters speaking up and saying “hey, asshole, remember us? That’s OUR kids you’re fucking with.”

So, for the sake of a LOT of kids, I think it’s time to take this president down a peg. You can’t communicate with a bully unless he’s scared of you. Time to smack George’s ass and call him Sally.

Way past time.

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George Bush: I Get My Way Or No Children’s Health Care?

The President continues to threaten a veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) should Congress, as expected, pass the measure which expands the program by $35 billion dollars over the next five years. The bottom line for the President centers on his displeasure with the prior rejection of his efforts to expand health care by offering tax cuts to those who will purchase private insurance.

Unfortunatel y, the President’s plan has already been rejected…pri marily because tax deductions do little for those who live in poverty. Giving a tax deduction to those who do not pay taxes is akin to offering fifty percent off on fine jewelry…it sounds like a deal to those who can afford the reduced price but it is meaningless to the customer who can’t even afford to purchase the costume jewelry.
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