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Bush “InteliGate” World Tour Debut

Over at the White House they are starting the process of cleansing themselves and the full administrati on of any evidence that they condoned any crimes. The latest news is that video tapes of severe torture cases were destroyed to protect the identities of the CIA in-terror-ga tors.

Today President Bush stated that he had no recollection of the tapes and their destruction. That is when you take a whiff to the air and ask yourself if you are near a cow farm full of bulls because something just does not smell right.
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Bite Me Big Oil!

For the first time in 32 years the Congress is actually doing something about the real energy crisis here at home in America. I’m not talking about supply and demand. I’m talking about the reality that our nation is ruled by OIL. All hail his Majesty the King paid for by a generous donation by Exxon Mobil, Texaco, Chevron and Shell etc, etc.

America has a demand problem and as the largest market user of all oil based products in the world there is a market to manipulate when the ones producing the product are netting mega billions a quarter. I’m funny that way, billions of dollars in profit’s a quarter, hmm do you think they are using that profit for the greater good? I don’t think so either. Trillions are to be made on the open market and when you have billions of dollars piling up quarter after quarter it posses a ledger problem that becomes an accountants nightmare. If it isn’t spent on “Research and Development or other purposes investing in the corporation then those profits are taxable. Then again, maybe not given all the subsidies to the oil companies under W.
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Yellow Cake On Bush’s Face

What’s worse than having egg on one’s face? Over blowing the Iran situation to get us into another war we don’t need a la the Iraq Freedom Spreading experiment?

The US intelligence community said in a new report Monday that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, and that US charges about Tehran’s atomic goals have been overblown for at least two years.

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George W. Bush: “Terrorists? What Terrorists??”

It’s so weird, almost scary, when a person just snaps. When you see someone’s entire personality do a Big 180, it really stops you cold.

Imagine the double take you’d be doing if the most uptight, sanctimoniou s person you ever met was standing there with a big fat joint in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, and yelling out “Heeyyy, if it feels good, DO IT! Yeeeaahhh!!!  !
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Politics, Voting or Not Voting

With the up and coming election for President of these here United but divided United States of America there is a lack of enthusiasm in some circles to not even care to vote. Part of that lack of interest in the election process is the responsibili ty of the current occupant of the office to some degree. The Decider in Chief, that ran on the principal of being a uniter and not a divider, became a total isolationist within his political party post 9/11. As long as he was happy the Congress was let loose on the people with full Republican brutality on the middle and lower classes of America.

Prosperity in America is more smoke and mirrors than reality. If the politics of our government is to protect and defend only the interest of the corporations and the top 5% of income earners then we have a bigger problem than we all think. If running for the highest office in the land is sponsored by corporations and industries that expect the return on their investment then we have a much larger problem. Political donations for most industries have a higher return than any other investment opportunity in America if the legislation they want is passed.
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Rumsfeld, Churchill: Separated at Birth?

Rummy InviteDonald Rumsfeld is the cockroach of the Bush administrati on. Despite the fact that even hardcore righties were calling for his head by the time he left, he keeps popping up because some people still hang on his every word.

You can identify them by the Kool Aid stains around their mouths.

The Claremont Institute apparently has a giant-size glass of the stuff. They gave him their 2007 statesmanshi p award at a dinner honoring Winston Churchill (and hosted by Pat Sajak - those statesmen are party animals aren’t they?). I can see where they might confuse the two men. Rummy is Winston’s identical twin, except for the lack of a bowler hat, big stogie, and a pocket watch stretching across an ample belly. Oh yeah, and Rummy is so brainless he wouldn’t know statesmanshi p if it reached up and bit him on his flinty, angular, ass.

Rummy used the opportunity to hold forth on how he’s right and the other 6.5 billion people on the planet are wrong. According to him, the War of Error is like the Cold War, not the month-long jaunt in the quiet Mesopotamian countryside he originally promised. In some respects, he’s right. At the rate it’s going, it’ll last longer than the Cold War, never really end, and have just as hazy and impermanent effect on world peace. But it’s not like the Cold War in it’s most important respect - it’s a Hot War. Hot like blowing things up, shooting people, and torturing your enemies kind of hot. Hot in being far more likely to explode into a bigger mess than two superpowers engaging in a mutually agreeable standoff ever was.

But you can’t say he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. Once he was the champion of a “nuke ‘em till they glow” statecraft that emphasized disdain for “old Europe” and the UN and support for good old American Go-It-Alonei sm. Today? Well today, he’s calling for old Europe (NATO) to come bail our Coalition of the Inept out the global crapper. “A global alliance of free and responsible nations could better focus collective action against the growing threats to the nation-state system,” he now says.

Rummy was that a known known, an unknown known, a known unknown, or a cow? I can never keep it straight.

These days, Rummy’s all about bringing together journalists and political leaders from the Third World, Central Asia, the former Soviet Union, and America. He wants to fund fellowships in foreign policy and seek his rightful place in history. He doesn’t want to be remembered as the crazy old coot so odious that George “I Never Met a Man I Couldn’t Stomach” Bush fired him. He wants to go down in history as something far more important in his mind - the most annoying cockroach ever.

I think he has a lock on it.

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Quote of the Day 11-19-07

“Basically, that’s a potential death sentence, and you know it. Who will raise our children if we are dead or seriously wounded?”

-senior diplomat Jack Croddy, on the State Department decision to force Foreign Service officers to take assignments in Iraq or risk losing their jobs
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Saudi Arabia… Screw You Wall Street

There is not one person that knows the oil business better than the folks in Saudi Arabia when it comes to supply and demand on the world oil market. Even Saudi Arabia is wondering how the world of oil market speculation has the price of a barrel of oil tempting at the hundred dollar mark. With that thought in mind the nation of Saudi Arabia is exploring for new oil fields with all of the new technology available to ramp up production thus saying to oil market speculators in the market, Screw YOU!

Wall Street can play the game and pocket the cash but I’m thinking that the producers of oil in the world are looking at the bigger picture and alternative energy sources are more than attractive with oil at one hundred dollars a barrel. That is and will be a direct effect to the bottom line of all oil producing exporting countries, aka OPEC. Oil has only been the main source of heating and vehicle power because it was cheap and affordable to the masses. That is no longer the case.
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Follow The Money: Yes To Tainted Toys; No To Cheaper Meds

Time has a way of exposing inconsistenc ies…and when it does, it often shines a bright light upon previously ignored or hidden hypocrisies. For me, Thursday’s Democratic debate helped crystallize my thoughts on one of those situations.

We’ve all heard plenty about the tainted toys being imported from China…toys which have been recalled due to lead content and other dangerous chemicals harmful to America’s children. As the candidates were debating the merits of our trade agreements, it occurred to me that the response of the Bush administrati on to the questionable imports warranted further analysis.
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BIO Coverage of Democrat Debate in Vegas

CNN Live Democratic Debate

The fire is in the air and the candidates are no longer being absolute friends and playmates anymore. Two words, About TIME!
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